Alfa AWUS036H Installation Instructions Windows XP, Vista

Alfa AWUS036H Installation Instructions Windows XP, Vista
Alfa AWUS036H Installation Instructions 1 To install the adapter for any operating system other than Windows 8 or 10, install the dvd first, do not plug in the adapter until after loading the driver. If you are installing the adapter on a laptop or computer with another wireless adapter, you will have to remove or disable the other wireless adapter after installing this one. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac and Linux driver installation Insert the dvd, in a few seconds you will be presented with a screen that has three options. Select the first one, Indoor USB Wireless: You will then be presented with two options; select the first one, Adapter Series: Alfa AWUS036H Installation Instructions You will then be presented with three options, select the first one, IEEE 802.11 b/g /n: You will then be presented with a list of seven model options; take the first one, AWUS036H: PLEASE NOTE: If your screen resolution is low, you may only see 3 or 4 choices. If so, press the NEXT button at the bottom for the rest, and select the AWUS036H. 2 Alfa AWUS036H Installation Instructions On the next screen select the second option, Windows driver (MAC or Linux if you have that): Select Windows XP/Vista or 7 as desired. 3 Alfa AWUS036H Installation Instructions You may then be prompted for a language (English), then press Next at the bottom: Press Next on the following screen: Then Install: 4 Alfa AWUS036H Installation Instructions It should take 20‐60 seconds to install: Press Finish to complete: 5 If asked, restart the computer. If returned to the opening screen, press the red X in the upper right corner. You can then remove the dvd and plug in the adapter. After rebooting, you should have a new icon on your desktop for the client utility program, called “Realtek RTL8187 Wireless LAN Utility”. You can use this utility to attach to wireless networks (if not, click the “Windows Zero Config” option at the bottom of the General tab). If you wish to use the utility, click the “Available Networks” tab at the top, select the network you wish to attach to, then “Add to Profile”. PLEASE REMEMBER TO TURN OFF YOUR EXISTING WIRELESS DEVICE If you have any problems or questions call Camplink at 877-785-4657
Alfa AWUS036H Installation Instructions 6 Turning Off Your Existing Wireless Device This applies to ALL versions of Windows. There is more than one way to turn off your internal wireless, but there is one way that works on all computers and all versions of Windows. That is the method we will describe here. You will need to navigate to the Network Connections screen. This method works for all versions of Windows. Press and hold the WINDOW key in the lower left corner of your keyboard between the <Ctrl> or <Fn> key and <Alt> key. It looks like one of these: While holding down the WINDOW key, press the letter R and let both go. That should bring up a run dialog like this: Type in: ncpa.cpl and press the OK button or the ENTER Key on the keyboard. Alfa AWUS036H Installation Instructions That should load the Network Connections screen which should look something like this: You may have other connections, but typically there is an Ethernet or local area connection that will say network cable unplugged. There should be two or more wi‐fi connections if the driver loaded properly. One will probably be connected to a Camplink access point, and usually has a name associated with it‐ Atheros, Intel, or even Realtek. The highlighted connection above, Wi‐Fi7, is connected to CamplinkMiddle and is an Atheros network device. The alfa antenna will identify itself as a Realtek RTL8187 Wireless USB 2.0 Network adapter. In the screen above it is the “Wi‐Fi” connection, not connected. To disable the internal connection right click on it, you will get a menu. Left click on Disable: It should then show up as disabled. 7 Alfa AWUS036H Installation Instructions Right click on the Realtek, then left click on Connect/Disconnect: Connect it to the Camplink access point that gives you the best signal. When finished it should look similar to the picture below, with your internal adapter disabled and the alfa (realtek) connected to a Camplink Access point: You will have to log in to Camplink with the new adapter, so open a browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, etc.) and log in. Windows 8 and Windows 10 driver installation Instructions with screen shots can be found at Insure that your computer is attached to the internet. Plug in the adapter. Windows will search for a driver for the adapter. It should find a Realtek RTL8187 Wireless USB Adapter and install the driver for it. PLEASE REMEMBER TO TURN OFF YOUR EXISTING WIRELESS DEVICE Instructions for turning off your internal wireless begin on page 6 above If you have any problems or questions call Camplink at 877-785-4657 8 
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