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The lightest, ultra-quiet 2Perf/3Perf camera,
made for the 35mm Digital intermediate age.
Penelope is a versatile 2Perf/3Perf 35mm camera offering the only
instant mounting magazine that runs for almost nine minutes when
shooting 2Perf @ 24fps. Sync sound, emitting just 22dB in
2Perf and 23dB in 3Perf, it’s also an elegant and lightweight camera.
The slanted magazine base perfectly fits the shoulder. With its allnew bright and sharp viewfinder, Penelope is the epitome of all the
features camera operators and rental companies were looking for.
The only 2Perf-native camera,
swappable to 3Perf in approx
Extremely bright viewfinder with generous peripheral coverage.
PL mount allowing lens data
transfer to the camera. Penelope can also be equipped with
Panavision PV mount. (Cooke
I-technology or the like).
Large assistant LCD displays
all parameters including video
Operator LCD displays speed
and remaining footage. Also provides quick access to speed,
footage and Aatonite glow settings.
Heating eyepiece cup easily
connected to the camera body.
Removable eyepiece for
extension viewinder use.
A generous junction box adding
two BNC and two Fisher 4 video
outputs, two lemo6 and a Lemo8
The Penelope Top Handle can
be used to carry and/or handling
the camera. Easy and quick installation, multiple 3/8 inserts.
A fully progressive video assist.
With a 1:1 correlation between
progressive video frame and film
frame, there is no resolution lost
in pull-down, delivering crisp images.
Extremely easy-loading, instantmounting camera magazine , totally open loopmaking area, easy to
check and keep clean. Automatic
loop placement. Almost nine minutes when shooting 2-perf @ 24fps.
Permanent recording of image
proxies provides end-of-day
‘image report’ printouts via USB
Penelope 3P camera shoot in Forbidden City (Beijing ROC Nov.2008)
Penelope 3P on «Staline»
«Production F» (Paris Jan.2009)
Penelope 3P on «Staline».
Dop Yves Angelo (Paris Jan.2009)
Penelope 2P at Pinewood Studios
BSC cameras tests (UK Feb.2009)
Photo : Arnaud Borrel
Penelope 2P on «Braquo»
Dop Denis Rouden (Paris Feb.2009)
Penelope 2P on «Who is
She ?» Dop Rick Roos
(Amsterdam Jan.2009)
Technical specifications
Crystal speed control to .000 from 1fps to 50fps.
Frame accurate to 1/1000th of a frame.
Noise Level
22 dB noise level (0+1dB) in 2-Perf.
23 dB noise level (0+1dB) in 3-Perf.
Reflex Mirror
The 4-position shutter defaults to 180° but can be set to
the following angles: 172.8°, 150° and 144°.
8 Kg (17,63 lbs) with loaded 400’ magazine, 12V battery,
rods and handgrip with no lens.
Twin battery power supply, 900 mA w/film at 25°C/77°F.
With the video on, it will pull 1.5Ah under normal circumstances. Built to withstand extreme climates (-10°C to
Accessory Inputs
2 XLR, 2 BNC, 1 Fischer 2, 2 Fisher 4, 1 Lemo2, 1 Lemo5,
2 Lemo6, 1 Lemo8, 1 USB, 1 RJ45.
On-Board Support
Top-mounted motor support rod is adaptable for 15mm
and 19mm rods. Front mounted, optically centered 15mm
screw-in-rods available in different lenghts.
122m/400ft. Extremely simple-to-lace, instant film-magazines, nine minute autonomy at 24fps in 35mm 2-Perf.
Automatic loop placement.
Color Video Assist
The Penelope video assist is available in fully progressive
PAL or NTSC. Includes VITC insertion, timecode burn-in
as well as frame-overlay and a fully customizable frameline
Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.
AATON tel +33 4 7642 9550 2 rue de la Paix 38000 Grenoble, FRANCE
In the Odyssey, Penelope waited 20 years for her husband Odysseus. She unraveled her work every night, remaining faithful the entire time, despitead vances by numerous suitors.
Penelope at work
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