Traco TR-2000 Series Thermal Windows

Traco TR-2000 Series Thermal Windows
Traco TR-2000 Series Thermal Windows
Durability, Adaptability and Thermal Performance
in an Architectural Grade Window
475 Ninth Avenue, New York, New York, USA
Architect: H. Thomas O'Hara, PLLC, New York, New York, USA
Window Installer: Liberty Architectural Products, Inc., Woodside, New York, USA
Architects and building owners today look for products that merge
form with function, beauty with performance. Traco TR-2000
Series Thermal Windows’ combination of strength and beauty
joined with thermal performance meet those needs. A streamlined
appearance and a range of configurations allow for increased
design flexibility. And, proven performance and built-in durability
make this window series ideal for new construction or retrofit and
historic applications.
Made from aluminum, this high-performing window series offers
numerous finish options, installation flexibility and sustainable
benefits such as recyclability. Additionally, the window will not
rot, warp or buckle due to moisture and weather exposure. With
Traco TR-2000 Series Thermal Windows, nothing is sacrificed for
beauty or performance.
Aesthetics and Versatility
Traco TR-2000 Series Thermal Windows deliver increased strength
and durability. A number of installation options are available, and
standard factory glazing assures high-quality glazing methods,
procedures and materials are used. Vent members are double
tubular extrusions and vent corners are reinforced with gussets
before crimping. Hardware is fastened with screws through .125"
walls. And for added strength, framed corners are joined with two
stainless steel screws.
Available in several configurations including casement, projecting
and fixed, this versatile architectural grade window features a 2-1/4"
frame depth and delivers an appealing look for any application type.
An optional flange frame eliminates the need for separate panning.
Thermal efficiency makes the windows ideal for buildings seeking
to earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®*)
certification points with the U.S. Green Building Council. Adding to
the thermal performance of these windows is 1" insulating glass,
which enhances energy efficiency.
White bronze cam handles and strikes lend strength and beauty to
Traco TR-2000 Series Thermal Windows. Concealed stainless steel
hinges allow for a streamlined appearance on most Traco TR-2000
models. Traco TR-2800 Fixed Thermal Windows have an interior snapin glazing bead and internal weep systems. Integral mullions as well
as exterior, internal or true muntins, insect screens and internal blinds
are also available options for several models.
Traco TR-2000 Series Thermal Windows meet the minimum
requirements for the Architectural Window (AW) performance class
and have been life-cycle tested to the AAMA standard. In addition, this
window series delivers excellent air, water and structural performance,
making it ideal for new and retrofit applications.
Traco TR-2100
Casement Flush Outswing
Traco TR-2200
Casement Flush Inswing
Traco TR-2400
Projected Flush Project In
Traco TR-2500
Projected Flush Project Out
Traco TR-2800
Traco TR-2100 / Traco TR-2200
Casement Flush Outswing /
Casement Flush Inswing
Thermal Aluminum Window
Traco TR-2400 / Traco TR-2500
Projected Flush Project In /
Projected Flush Project Out
Thermal Aluminum Window
Traco TR-2800
Fixed Thermal
Aluminum Window
1" Insulating
1" Insulating
1" Insulating
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