DV8 Year at a Glance
Southminster Presbyterian Church Student Ministries
Middle School at a Glance, 2011-2012
DV8(Grades 6-8)
Second and Fourth Sundays -- 5:30-7:30pm
Typically -- Adult and Student Leaders meet at 5:00pm
Games and Fun begin at 5:30 -- Dinner at 6:00 p.m.
Sunday Evenings in September
 September 11 (11:30-3:00 pm)
 Student Leadership Meets w/ Pizza:
 September 25 (11:30-5:00 pm)
Topic(s): All are Welcome!
Potluck / Lazer Tag / Peace Rally
Saturday, September 17 – 11:00-1:00pm
Clackamas Water Park! ($6 and sack lunch)
Sunday Evenings in October
 October 9 (5:30-7:30 pm)
 Fri.-Sat. October 28-29 –
 October 30 (4th Sunday)
Topic(s): Courageous Fear!
Game Night! Flying Shoe & Protect President!
The Best ever Halloween All Nighter!
No DV8 due to Halloween All Nighter!
Sunday Evenings in November
 November 13 (Off Site) –
 November 27 (4th Sunday)
 Small Group Service Learning:
Topic(s): Attitude or Gratitude?
Progressive Fast Food Scavenger Hunt!
NO DV8 – Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!
Small groups to schedule accordingly!
Sunday Evenings in December
 December 11 (5:30-7:30 pm)
 December 18 (3rf Sun. 5:30-8:30 pm)
 December 25 (Fourth Sunday)
 Small Group Service Learning:
Topic(s): Possessions and Priorities!
White Elephant Gift Exchange! Place TBD!
All Youth Zoo-Lights and Hot Chocolate!
NO DV8! Merry Christmas!
Southminster Christmas Tree for needy family!
Sunday Evenings in January
 January 8
 January 22
 Special Event
Topic(s): Moral Anger!
Trash Can In the Middle & Nights Crossing!
Strobe-light Volleyball in the Sanctuary!
Ice-skating at Lloyd Center Ice arena - TBD
Sunday Evenings in February
Topic(s): Unconditional “Agape” Love!
 February 5
o Service Learning Project: SuperBowl for Hunger!
 February 12
Valentines “If you love me…” Party!
 February 25-26
30 Hour Famine Event TBD! Brunch on Sunday!
Sunday Evenings in March
Topic(s): Celebrating our Uniqueness!
 March 9-11
Spring Beach Retreat in Manzanita!
o Service Learning Project: SOLV cleanup at the Beach!
 March 25
Service Project - TBD
Sunday Evenings in April
 April 1 (4:30-9:00 pm)
 April 8
 April 22
 Silent Auction
Topic(s): New Beginnings!
All Youth Blazers Game vs. Sacramento Kings!
NO DV8! Happy Easter!
Earth Day event! TBD
April 15, 22 or 29 - TBD
Sunday Evenings in May
 May 13
 May 25-28
Topic(s): Be the CHANGE you want to see!
Mini Golf at Caplan’s and Subway Sandwiches!
Small Group Celebration Weekend! TBD
Sunday Evenings in June
 June 10
 Service Learning:
Topic(s): All are Welcome!
5th – 6th Grade Inductee and Lazer Tag!
Small Group PLAN and DO!
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