performer intake manifold

performer intake manifold
For 1970 & Later AMC-70 304-360-401 CID V8,
Catalog #2131 (Non-EGR) & 3731 (EGR)
Please study these instructions carefully before installing your new manifold. If you have any questions or problems, please
call our Technical Hotline at: 1-800-416-8628, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday, Pacific Standard Time or e-mail us
at Please fill out and mail your warranty card.
#2131 Only - This manifold will not accept stock EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) equipment. EGR systems are used on
some 1972 and later model vehicles and only in some states. Check local laws for requirements. This manifold is a stock
replacement/street legal part on 360-401 V8s with OEM carb; 1970-72; except stock equipped EGR.
#3731 Only - Edelbrock EGR-equipped Performer manifolds are intended as a direct functionally identical replacement
for their O.E.M. counterparts. All exhaust emissions or emissions related stock components are intended to be retained
and functional. Check local laws for requirements.
• MANIFOLD: Edelbrock Performer manifolds have been designed to replace stock manifolding and to accept stock parts
(in most cases) as long as you retain your stock carburetor or use carburetors recommended. Thus, Edelbrock manifold
installations are among the simplest of bolt-on conversions.
• ACCESSORIES & INSTALLATION ITEMS: Major recommendations are listed below. However, due to the variety of years,
makes and models to be covered, please review each part listed in the Installation Items section of the Edelbrock catalog
to decide whether more items are required for your specific vehicle than are mentioned in these instructions.
• POWER PACKAGE: Edelbrock Performer manifolds are part of a Total Power Package system that can be completed
with the use of dyno-matched Performer-Plus camshaft #2132, springs, chain set, rockers, carburetors, and related parts
specifically designed to give you maximum results. Please refer to the Power Package Guide in the Edelbrock catalog to
select all the components you need. To order our catalog, please call 1-800-FUN-TEAM.
Performer #1400 (600 cfm)
Performer #1405 (600 cfm)
Performer #1406 (600 cfm)
Performer #1805 & #1825 (650 cfm)
Performer #1806 & #1826 (650 cfm)
B, F, H, N (For 3731)
A, F, I, K, N, O
A, F, I, N
A, F, I, K, N, O
A, F, I, N
Installation Notes: For manual choke carburetors, use manual
choke cable kit. Manifold has two center high bolts raised.
Manifold height: A - 4.200", B - 5.500"
A - Carburetor will work with non-EGR or pre-emission control
B - Carburetor will work with EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
F - Use carburetor-to-manifold base gasket same year and
model as vehicle unless base gasket is supplied with
H - Carburetor has provision for evaporative canister.
I - Carburetor has no provision for evaporative canister.
K - Carburetor requires #8008 or #8024 stud, nut and washer
kit. Determine length before installation.
O - Carburetor has manual choke only.
N - Carburetor acceptable to factory cruise control.
Note: When using Performer Series carburetors, Square-Bore
Adapter, # 2732 is required. See Figure #1.
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#8034, #2732 Square-Bore Adapter
#8034, #2732 Square-Bore Adapter
#8034, #2732 Square-Bore Adapter
#8034, #2732 Square-Bore Adapter
#8034, #2732 Square-Bore Adapter
Figure 1 - #2732 Square-Bore Adapter
Catalog #2131 & 3731
Brochure No. 63-0183
1. Some vehicles with 4-bbl carburetors will require a throttle
bracket extension plate to move the throttle bracket forward.
See Figures 2A and 2B for bracket assembly. This part is
available as Edelbrock #8034.
2. On vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission, a kickdown stud is required at the lower carburetor lever to operate
the transmission kick down rod. This stud is supplied with each
manifold and will bolt directly to the Performer #1405, #1406,
#1805, #1806, #1825, and #1826. See Figure #3.
3. Remove tin pan from bottom of stock manifold and reinstall on
new manifold with drive pins supplied with kit. THIS IS VERY
IMPORTANT! See Figure #4.
CAUTION: Do not use high performance or competition type
intake gaskets for street application. Due to material
deterioration under street conditions, internal leakage of both
vacuum and oil may occur.
1. Use only OEM steel shim intake manifold gasket for this
2. Due to restricted amount of metal separating this manifold’s
Figure 2A
water inlet ports (left and right side port flange) and #3 front
Throttle Cable Adapter
base holes, very little gasket purchase area exists. For a
Edelbrock #8034
complete seal, when using metal-type gasket, lay a 1/4" bead of
Can be fabricated using drawing for reference
RTV silicone gasket sealant around water port and coat base bolt
threads with RTV. Apply Edelbrock Gasgacinch, #9300, sealant
to both sides of the manifold as well as head surfaces. This procedure ensures a good seal.
3. We advise eliminating the end seals. Use RTV silicone gasket sealant instead. Apply a bead of sealant approximately 1/4"
high across the block end seal surface, overlapping the intake gasket at the corners. This procedure eliminates end seal
slippage and deterioration.
Stock Bracket
Hex Head Bolt
Star Washer
Throttle Lever
Figure 2B
Figure 3
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Shoulder Stud
Throttle Bracket
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Catalog #2131 & 3731
Brochure No. 63-0183
6 - #8 x 3/8" drive screws
1 - 10-32 x 1/2" hex cap screw
1 - 1/4" x 1/8" sleeve
1 - 1/4" star washer
1 - 1/4" shank 3/16" hole shoulder stud
1 - 1/16" x 1/2" cotter pin
Lifter Valley Heat Shield
1. Torque all circled in Figure #5 to 25 ft./lbs.
See Figure #5 for proper sequence.
2. Use #8534 Edelbrock Intake Manifold Bolt Kit.
Figure 4
Underside of Manifold
Figure 5
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Catalog #2131 & 3731
Brochure No. 63-0183
• FIRING ORDER AND CYLINDER NUMBERING: For firing order and cylinder numbering, see Figure 6.
Some engines use a PCV valve that is clamped to a hose between the carburetor and manifold. The stock AMC manifold
has a 3/8" pipe port at the manifold rather than a hole to accept a rubber grommet which the Edelbrock manifold uses. To
re-install the PCV valve to our manifold, you may purchase a grommet from your local AMC/Chrysler dealer, (#J4006019)
and 10" of 3/8" vacuum hose. See Figure #7.
NOTE: Local emission laws must be checked for legality of any carburetor or ignition changes.
1. Due to design, the fuel/air mixture and cylinder charging are very efficient with Performer manifolds. Generally speaking,
the stock jetting for the OEM and recommended aftermarket carburetors will not need changing. Specific applications may
show an increase in power by richening the secondary jetting .003 from the stock setting.
2. Performer manifolds deliver excellent driveability and power utilizing the factory OEM distributor settings. Again, specific
applications may benefit from resetting the initial timing ± 2 degrees from the factory specifications.
3 6
1 2 7
3/8” Vacuum
PCV Valve
Figure 6
Firing Order
Turn Distributor Counter Clockwise
To Advance Timing
Figure 7
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Catalog #2131 & 3731
Brochure No. 63-0183
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