HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press

HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press
HP Indigo 10000
Digital Press
A 29 inch format Indigo press
Break digital barriers and grow your business
The 29 inch format HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press produces virtually any commercial job—with
Indigo quality, substrate versatility, and production flexibility. This robust press is an easy fit for
offset print service providers, printing large volumes of high-value pages and a wide variety of
Print any commercial job
With its 29 inch format and built-in duplex mechanism, the press makes it possible, for the
first time, to digitally print any size application, including pocket folders, six-page brochures,
posters, and large lay-flat books.
Offset-matching print quality
Enabled by HP Indigo’s liquid ElectroInk technology and unique digital offset process, HP Indigo
prints are of the highest quality. They match or even exceed offset, allowing them to be used
interchangeably. ElectroInk also provides the widest digital color gamut using up to 7 ink
stations on the press.
High productivity
Printing 3450 full size 29 inch sheets per hour (4/0) or 4600 sheets per hour using Enhanced
Productivity Mode (EPM), the press is capable of producing over two million color sheets per
month. The 29 inch format enables highly efficient imposition of jobs and lowers the cost per
copy, pushing the digital breakeven point vs. offset to new heights. The combination of press
speed with the high number of copies imposed per sheet delivers at least two and a half times
the productivity of any digital sheetfed press in the market today.
Widest media range
Supporting the largest media range in the industry, the press is compatible with more than
2800 certified substrates—from 50 lb text to 150 lb cover and 3-18 pt. in thickness—including
coated, uncoated, and colored papers, and paperboard for folding cartons.
To learn more, visit hp.com/go/graphic-arts
or hp.com/go/hpindigo10000
Easy fit for offset printers
The 29 inch format facilitates quick ramp up and easy integration for offset printers. The press is
compatible with standard sheet size, offset palette feeding, and conventional finishing devices.
Multiple drawers enable on-the-fly changeovers of media and continuous printing.
A 29 inch digital press for any
commercial application
Automated consumable replacement. The Photo Imaging Plate (PIP) is changed by an
automated system freeing operators to do other tasks and increasing press uptime.
Intuitive on-press software. Operators enjoy ease of use with 3D navigations, helpful drill
downs, and multi-touch gestures.
Large volume supplies. High capacity, high concentration ink cartridges support the high
quantities of ink consumed by the press, while minimizing the number of replacements
required by the operator.
Leading print quality and color
Like all HP Indigo presses, the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press delivers offset-matching quality.
Robust paper handling system. Designed for 29 inch sheets, the press enables easy
loading by palette and/or drawers. The robust system enables seamless switching between
jobs and media types, as well as printing of multi-substrate jobs.
High image quality. ElectroInk and the HP Indigo process deliver crisp linework, attractive
images and smooth vignettes with a very thin ink layer that gives uniform gloss between ink and
Print Care. Maximize productivity and uptime with a fast diagnostic process and step-bystep guidance for problem solving, independently or through remote support.
Color flexibility. Up to 7 ink stations for the extended color gamut, including HP Indigo ElectroInk
White and special colors.
Designed for the environment. The press is designed for environmental sustainability and
features energy efficiency techniques.
Pantone on press. 4, 6, or 7 process colors for vivid printing and optimal on-press Pantone
Imposition efficiency. Print 5.83 x 8.27 inch event flyers
10 up on a 29 inch sheet.
Accurate spot colors. True spot colors can be mixed off press for outstanding Pantone-approved
solids. Covering up to 97% of the PANTONE® color range, the HP IndiChrome Ink Mixing Service
uses CMYK as well as orange, violet, green, reflex blue, rhodamine red, bright yellow, and
End-to-end workflow
Both the press and its workflow are designed to produce virtually any application end-toend including with digital finishing.
Powerful DFE. HP Indigo SmartStream Production Pro is specifically designed to support
29 inch imposition and high-volume production of large quantities of jobs, including variable
Quality Automation Suite. This embedded system makes it easy to achieve the highest possible
Indigo quality within jobs and between jobs, and includes three different capabilities. Registration
cameras maintain tight image registration between sheets, front-to-back, and in color plane
registration (CPR); a Vision System performs automatic hands-free press calibrations and validates
uniformity; and the spectrophotometer calibrates color automatically.
Open JDF workflow architecture. Supports both upstream and downstream JDF
connectivity, including inline and near line finishing. Enables integration with thirdparty production systems through Software Development Kits (SDKs) and leverages HP
SmartStream products including Production Center and Production Analyzer.
High productivity, high usability
Inline and near line finishing. Digital inline and near line finishing devices with automatic
setup, instant make-ready, and automated error recovery leverage digital capabilities to
achieve higher levels of productivity. Solutions include the Horizon Smart Stacker and MBO
signature folder.
Extensive automation enables high press uptime and productivity, freeing operators from routine
HP Indigo Worldwide Services—
Driving your production excellence A comprehensive system of tools, knowledge
and support ensures you are able to print
what you need, when you need it, at the
highest level of efficiency and Indigo print
quality. Our certified service teams are
committed to meeting your end-to-end
needs for accelerated ramp-up, increased
system utilisation and maximum uptime. Learn more at hp.com/go/indigoservice
Direct mail. Large-sized poster pieces
New marketing collateral possibilities.
Pocket folders and 6-page folded brochures.
Use HP SmartStream products and partner solutions with
the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press to improve production
efficiency and support digital growth.
To learn more visit hp.com/go/smartstream
1. Palette feeder
2. Two drawer feeder
3. High-speed laser writing head
4. Charge roller
5. Photo Imaging Plate (PIP)
6. PIP Automatic Replacement System (PARS)
7. Binary Ink Developers (BIDs)
8. Blanket
9. Impression cylinder
10. Registration cameras
11. Perfector
12. Vision System & Spectrophotometer
13. Operator platform
14. Stacker
15. Proof tray
16. Ink cabinet
Technical specifications
Printing speed
3450 sheets per hour 4/0; 4600 sheets per hour in EPM
1725 sheets per hour 4/4; 4600 sheets per hour 1/0 and 2/0
Image resolution
812 dpi at 8 bit, addressability: 2438 x 2438 dpi HDI (High Definition Imaging)
Line screens
175, 180, 180m , 180EPM lpi, HMF 200 lpi
Sheet size
Maximum sheet size: 29.5 x 20.8125 in. (In-house cutting: 29.527 x 20.866 in)
Minimum sheet size: 20.1 x 11.7 in for simplex; 20.1 x 13 in for duplex.
Image size
29.1 x 20.1 in maximum
Paper weight*
Uncoated media: 50 lb text to 150 lb cover. Coated media: 60 lb text to 150 lb cover; Thickness 3-18 pt
Palette feeder 33.4 in of media. Drawer feeder: Two drawers, each with 11.8 in of media.
Main stacking tray with 33.4 in stack height supporting offset jogging
Print servers (DFE)
HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server
Press dimensions
Length: 320 in; Width: 185 in; Height: 94 in
Press weight
24,250 lb
HP Indigo ElectroInks
Standard 4-color printing
Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black
HP IndiChrome 6-color printing
Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, orange, and violet
HP IndiChrome Plus 7-color printing
Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, orange, violet, and green
Special effect inks
White, light cyan, light magenta
HP IndiChrome off-press spot inks
HP IndiChrome Ink Mixing Service for spot color creation using CMYK as well as orange, violet, green, reflex blue, rhodamine red,
bright yellow, and transparent
PANTONE® colors
HP Professional PANTONE Emulation Technology using CMYK on-press; HP IndiChrome on-press; HP IndiChrome Plus on-press;
HP IndiChrome off-press for achieving up to 97% of the PANTONE® color range
Print server (DFE)
HP SmartStream Ultra Print Server
Expanded color capabilities
5, 6 or 7 ink stations
Operator Control Station
Proof jobs, control the press, DFE remote station
*Media characteristics vary. If the media you are about to use is not listed in the Media Locator, HP cannot guarantee performance and we recommend that you test it prior to use.
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