How do I Perform a Factory Reset?

How do I Perform a Factory Reset?
How do I Perform a Factory Reset?
A factory reset on a router returns all settings to default settings as the router was when leaving the factory
floor. It is particularly important to perform a factory reset after upgrading the router firmware to ensure the
firmware install is completed correctly.
There are two methods that can be used to perform a successful factory reset:
using the router's graphical user interface (GUI) to complete a factory reset.
performing a factory reset manually using the reset pinhole at the back of the modem.
This guide will explain both methods to complete a successful factory reset.
Navigate to in a web browser.
Enter “admin” (no quotations) as both the username and password and press the Login button.
Select the “Switch to Advanced View” option from near the bottom of the screen.
Please continue on the next page.
Select the “Reset to Default” option from the Toolbox menu.
Press the Ok button to confirm and begin the factory reset.
After the modem has reset you will be prompted to log back into the modem interface. The default
username and password is “admin”.
For information on performing a factory reset manually please continue to the next page.
1. Ensure the NB16WV is powered on.
2. Depress and hold in the WPS/Reset button for 10-15 seconds until the modem lights flicker to
indicate the reset has occurred.
Once the modem lights return to their normal configuration you will need to login to the modem at using an ethernet cable connection. The default username and password is
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