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Brio’s compact size means it is extremely
portable and quick to install, making it
ideal as a general purpose workhorse that
can be used as and when needed.
Brio, the most powerful
and compact digital
broadcast audio console
in its class.
Brio’s comprehensive broadcast feature set supports a wider breadth of
broadcasters, while retaining the same market-leading levels of quality and
customer support which Calrec is renowned for.
The smallest in Calrec’s Bluefin2 family, Brio’s control surface is unlike any
other console. At only 892mm wide, the 36 fader dual-layer surface
provides more faders in a given footprint than any other audio console.
Based on Calrec’s 20 years of digital development, Brio’s uncluttered,
compact and configurable surface gives instant access to a large number
of audio paths, whilst an intuitive 15.6” HD touchscreen UI provides quick
access to more in-depth control. A bank of illuminating hardware rotary
controls give fast and precise control over parameters displayed in the
touchscreen UI.
Brio is a mixing console completely focused on the needs of broadcasters.
This level of scalable and managed I/O, comprehensive monitoring,
surround sound and high bus quantities provides a level of dedicated
broadcast functionality that has never been available at this level.
As the market calls for more and more audio mixes to support online
content, smaller consoles that possess pure live broadcast features are
increasingly desirable. Products in this sector have traditionally had basic
capabilities and are not ideally suited to broadcast environments. Brio is
the first application-specific alternative.
Brio’s compact size means it is extremely portable and quick to install,
making it ideal as a general purpose workhorse that can be used as and
when needed, and its connectivity with other Hydra2-compatible
equipment makes it even more versatile.
Brio is entirely self-contained with analogue and digital I/O, and GPIO,
built into the surface. Additional expansion I/O slots are also fitted to allow
for further I/O to be connected. A Hydra2 module can also be fitted to
connect to and share audio over Calrec’s Hydra2 network.
This means Hydra2’s sophisticated management facilities can be utilised
for network-wide control, including interfacing with multiple IP networks.
This protects the system against any future formats that may emerge and
allows the console to sit on multiple networks simultaneously if desired.
− 36 x dual layer faders - 100mm, motorised, with PFL overpress
− 1 x user assignable rotary control per strip
− 2 x user assignable buttons per strip
DSP, freely configurable on the fly, operates at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and
− 64 legs assignable as mono, stereo, or 5.1 Input Channels
− 24 legs assignable as mono or stereo Auxes
− 64 legs assignable as Insert sends and returns
− 64 legs assignable as Direct, or Mix-Minus Outputs
− Automatic Mix-Minus
− Off-Air Conference for Mix-Minus
Every Input Channel and Group path:
− Expander/Gate/Ducker, with key input and sidechain EQ
− Compressor with key input and sidechain EQ
− Multiband Compressor
Every Aux:
Every Main:
− Single Band Compressor
− Multiband Compressor
2 x Automixers available to all mono Input Channels and Groups
6 band EQ available on every Input Channel, Group, Aux and Main path:
− 4 band full PEQ
− 2 band LF/HF filters, 12 or 24dB/octave
− Delay available on every path
− Additional 64 legs assignable as output delay
− 64 legs assignable as input delay of up to 5s
3 x Monitor outputs
Surround capable metering within each strip
Configurable meter screen output (DVI)
Loudness meters
Multiple Sample Rates
− Functions at 48, 96, 44.1 or 88.2kHz
− All DSP facilities are available at all sample rates
More information at
Remote/Automated Control
Remote/Automated Control
8 x GPI + 8 x GPO built in
AutoFaders for Audio Follows Video style control
CSCP mixer control protocol interfaces with a variety of video
switchers and production automation systems
− SW-P-08 ‘Pro-Bel’ router control protocol
24 x Mic/Line inputs
16 x Analogue outputs
8 x AES3 digital inputs
8 x AES3 digital outputs
3 x Expansion slots to increase standard built in I/O, or to provide
interface to other formats, including SDI, MADI, Dante etc.
− Optional Hydra 2 Module allows for further I/O to be connected, and
to network audio with other consoles
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