Model 8940 Thru-Wall Skimmer INSTALLATION
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Model 8940 Thru-Wall Skimmer
1. If pool wall IS factory pre-cut for a skimmer and return fitting follow these
instructions, otherwise go to step 2 below.
a. Locate the wall opening, and punch out the twelve 1/4" holes, and
rectangular cut out.
b. Find the pre-cut area for the return fitting and knock out the cut out.
c. With a file or piece of sandpaper remove any metal burrs that may
cut the liner or yourself during the assembly.
d. Skip step 2 and go directly to step 3
2. If the pool wall is NOT factory pre-cut for a skimmer and return follow
these instructions.
a. Using the Hole Template Guide, locate the area against the
metal wall at your desired position. (The water level should be
approximately at the mid point of the face plate.) Be careful that
the skimmer body and face plate will not interfere with the top
coping or the lip of the pool structure.
b. Using the Hole Template Guide drawing for spacing details,
drill (12) 1/4” holes. With a pair of tin snips cut a 6” wide x 5-5/8”
high opening in the wall, again using the drawing as a guide.
c. Next, find a desired location for the return fitting. The cutout should
be approximately 8" below the desired water level. Cut a 2-3/8"
diameter circle at the location.
d. With a file or piece of sandpaper remove any metal burrs that may cut
the liner or yourself during assembly.
3. Skimmer Housing Installation procedure:
a. Select one of the 8905 hose adapters and screw into the bottom of
the skimmer housing using the Teflon tape. Caution, these are
pipe threads and over tightening can crack the housing.
Never use any type of glue or sealant on these threads.
b. Place one of the 8946 skimmer gaskets on the 8919 skimmer face,
making sure that the holes in the gasket align with the holes in the
skimmer face.
c. Align the skimmer face and gasket with the drilled holes in the wall
panel and fasten with two pan head screws. These are the 2 short
screws in the 8947 hardware set. The holes are located on each
side of the housing and are the middle hole in the set of the 3 holes
on the right and left sides.
d. Install the vinyl liner according to the swimming pool manufacturer’s
instruction. Do not cut any holes in the liner at this time. Fill the
pool to approximately 2" below the return fitting before proceeding
to the next steps. Adjust the liner as necessary as pool is filling.
e. Align the second 8946 gasket and face plate and fasten tightly to
the skimmer face with the 10 remaining stainless steel Philips
head screws.
f. You should have a sandwich of materials between the face plate
and the skimmer housing as follows: the 8919 Face plate, 8946
gasket, the vinyl liner, the metal wall panel, 8946 gasket and finally
the skimmer housing.
g. Connect the filter hose on the suction side of your filtration unit to
the 8905 hose adapter on the bottom of the skimmer housing.
Secure with a hose clamp. (If air is getting into your pump system
while you are filtering or vacuuming your pool, check the hose
connections between the skimmer housing and pump inlet for an
airtight fit and that you have a good seal with the hose adapters by
using the Teflon tape on all pipe threads, or check water level to
make sure it’s at least midway up on the face plate) Cut the vinyl
liner along the inside edges of the face plate with a razor blade or
sharp knife.
4. Return Fitting Installation Procedure:
a. Gently press the vinyl liner at the circular wall-fitting opening to
locate the exact position. Make a circular cutout in the vinyl
approximately 3/4" smaller than the opening in the wall.
b. Disassemble the 8949 return fitting.
c. Screw the remaining 8905 hose adapter into the return fitting
opposite of the flange end. Use the Teflon tape for a sealant.
Use caution not to over tighten as it may crack the fitting. Never
use any type of glue or sealant on the pipe threads.
d. Place one of the rubber gaskets, from the 3 pc gasket set, on the
fitting and insert through the vinyl liner and wall panel. The eyeball
side should be inside the pool. Next, place the cork gaskets
followed by the rubber gasket over the rear of the fitting and screw
the locknut hub up tightly.
e. Screw the adjustable directional ball fitting into the flange side of
the fitting. Direct the flow of water away from the skimmer opening.
f. Connect the return hose to the pressure side of your filtration
system. Secure with a hose clamp.
Operating Instructions
1. Make sure you keep the water level in the pool midway up the face plate.
If the water level falls below the recommended level, water may cavitate in
the housing and cause the pool pump to lose its prime.
2. To adjust the inlet flow direction loosen the knurled outer ring of the
"eyeball" portion and move the ball to the desired position.
3. To clean the 8928-skimmer basket, remove the 8927 top cover;
and remove the basket. It is recommended that the pool pump be shut off.
4. To vacuum the pool follow these directions:
a. Remove the top cover or fold the 8926-weir flap forward and
squeeze pins toward the center and remove. It is not necessary to
remove the 8928 basket.
8940 Instructions:8940 Instructions 12/7/09 10:33 AM Page 2
8940 Thru-Wall Skimmer Exploded View
b. Fill your vacuum hose with water by temporarily inserting the hose
cuff into the return fitting while the pool pump is on. Make sure all
the air is removed from the hose.
c. Take the 8929 Vac adapter, which consists of the plate and elbow,
and attach to the hose thru the opening of the wall and place down
inside the housing. Try to keep the hose cuff submerged during
this process so no air gets back into the hose to cause the pump to
cavitate and lose its prime.
8927-Locking Top
8929-Vac Adapter
& Top Plate
Winterizing Procedure
8948-Teflon Tape
Drain pool level approximately 2" to 4" below skimmer opening. Remove the
"eyeball" fitting in return and securely plug wall fitting with 1-1/2" plugs from your
dealer. Disconnect filter hoses from the skimmer and wall fitting. Be sure that
the skimmer is kept free from water accumulation. Your warranty does not cover
damages caused by the formation of ice in the skimmer housing.
Parts List
Model 8940 Thru-Wall Skimmer System includes:
Skimmer Housing
8919 Front Plate
8927 Locking Top Cover
8926 Flap Weir
8928 Basket
8929 Vac Adapter Plate & Elbow
8949 Return Fitting including "Eyeball" and Gaskets
(2) 8905 Hose Adapters 1-1/4” and 1-1/2”
8946 Skimmer Gasket Set
8947 Stainless Steel Philips Screw Set
(12) #10 x 1” flat Philips heads and (2) #10 x 5/8” short pan heads)
8948 Roll Teflon Tape
8946- Gasket (2 Supplied)
Use (1) Outside Of Steel Pool Wall
Use (1) Inside On Vinyl Liner
Use (10) 1 Inch
Flat Head Phillips
SS Screws
Use (2) 5/8 Inch
Pan Head SS Screws
(Center Hole Left & Right,
8926-Flap Weir
8919-Front Plate
8905-Hose Coupler
2 Pieces Supplied
8949-Return Fitting,
“Eyeball” & Gaskets
8940 Instructions:8940 Instructions 12/7/09 10:33 AM Page 3
6” WIDE x 5-5/8” HIGH
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