≥IDEAL 4850-95

≥IDEAL 4850-95
14.15 power operated guillotines
≥ IDEAL 4850-95
Safety guard
475 mm cutting length I electro-mechanical blade and clamp drive I optical cutting line I spindle guided
backgauge with hand crank I measuring scale (mm/inches), located on front table I two side lays each on front
and rear tables I high-quality blade made from “Solingen steel” I solid steel blade carrier and adjustable blade
guides I blade depth adjustment from the outside of the machine I easy blade change from the front of the
machine without removing covers I automatic clamping system, guided on both sides for evenly distributed
clamping pressure (clamp can be lowered or raised independently from blade) I comprehensive ”SCS“ safety
package as described on pages 8/9 I adjustable backgauge with narrow separations and plastic gliders I solid
all-metal construction I complete with stand and storage shelf
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz / 1~1, Motor performance (input capacity): blade drive 1.1 kW, clamp drive 0.32 kW,
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1230 x 755 x 970 mm, Weight: 209 kg, Colour: pearl grey.
The electronically secured
front safety guard swings out
of the way easily and allows safe
and convenient cutting.
other voltages available
Push buttons allow the
automatic clamp to be moved
up and down independently of
The precise measuring scale
(mm/inches) for the backgauge
positioning can be read easily
and is located on the front
≥IDEAL 4850-95
Cutting length
475 mm
Cutting height
80 mm
Narrow cut
30 mm
Table depth
458 mm
Power supply
230 V / 50 Hz1
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