battery tester and diagnostic charger

battery tester and diagnostic charger
October 2010
Technical Service Bulletin
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This bulletin provides information relating to the introduction of the Midtronics GR8-1299
Diagnostic Charger. The GR8-1299 Diagnostic Charger will improve dealer battery,
alternator, and starter diagnostic capabilities. This unit provides state of the art technology
for battery maintenance to reduce expense and improve sales opportunities.
With wireless connectivity, multitasking capabilities, and a full-feature battery analyzer, the
GR8-1299 is a battery diagnostic station that’s twice as productive as other battery chargers
or analyzers.
The GR8-1299 Features
GR8 Control Unit provides:
• Kia specific custom software developed to
improve functionality
• Full suite of new diagnostic capabilities
including advanced battery testing as well as
full starting and charging system testing with
updated Kia warranty codes
• Quick-disconnect to allow fast multi-tasking
with Control Unit and Charger base operating
• Integrated printer
• Quick testing of Parts Department inventory
GR8 Charging Unit Provides:
• C o n d u c t s a D i a g n o s t i c C h a r g e t h a t
incorporates Temperature, Conductance, Load,
Voltage and Charge Progression for the best
possible results
• Diagnostic Charging which helps diagnose
questionable batteries during the charging
process. Diagnostic Charging can also recover
some batteries that would otherwise be replaced
• Multiple charge modes including ECM flash power supply, jump start, and manual charge
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The GR8-1299 Features
Dealership and customer satisfaction benefits:
• Battery validation at vehicle delivery to the dealer ensures battery meets specifications
• Properly maintain vehicle inventory to improve new vehicle sales experience
• Validating the battery at delivery to the customer educates the customer on battery maintenance and provides confidence in the purchase
• Efficient, complete, and correct diagnostic service improves customer satisfaction with their
service experience
Add battery diagnosis to vehicle service check-in routine
• Maintain/improve service departments CSI and Fix Right First Time
• Builds value in the service experience for the customer
Maintain inventory batteries in the parts department
• Healthy batteries are worth more and reduce costs
• Reduction of overhead for maintaining batteries at the dealership
The GR8-1299 Diagnostic Charger Users Guide and Quick Reference Guide are included with
the GR8-1299 Diagnostic Charger. Optionally, these materials can be found on KGIS under Tools
& Equipment / Tool Information.
While the Micro-570 is no longer an approved Kia tool, it remains very useful within a dealer’s
service department.
Specifically, consider the following usages for the Micro-570
• In the service drive at vehicle write-up. This builds value in the service experience, educates
the customer about battery maintenance, and allows greater upsell opportunities.
• In the quick service (fast lube) at a dealership. This provides additional value during vehicle
inspection and creates more upsell opportunities.
• To supplement the GR8. When the GR8 is already multi-tasking, the Micro-570 can be used
for many non-warranty evaluations.
• For the used-car department or to check trade-in vehicles- as these vehicles do not require a
warranty code, quick inspections can be performed with this easy hand-held unit.
Get the most value possible out of multiple battery diagnostic systems while leveraging them both
to help meet the needs of dealer.
Additional GR8-1299 Diagnostic Chargers may be ordered by contacting the Kia Tool and Equipment program at (888) 541-1011.
TSB: SST 022 All Models
October 2010
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