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Cockpit to Cabin Communications
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Satellite Communications Solutions
for Business Aviation
WHO IS SATCOM DIRECT®?…………………………… 1
U.S. Government Contracts…………………… 2
TRAINING………………………………………………… 5
Inmarsat………………………………………… 7
Iridium…………………………………………… 9
Yonder® by ViaSat…………………………… 10
FlightDeck Freedom®………………………… 11
SD Flight Tracker……………………………… 13
Aero X®………………………………………… 14
AeroV TM……………………………………… 15
SkyShieldSM…………………………………… 16
Global One Number®………………………… 17
OneViewTM…………………………………… 18
Plane Simple®………………………………… 19
SkyTicketSM…………………………………… 20
SDRTM ………………………………………… 24
UnityTM /Unity AirTM…………………………… 25
Satcom OnSiteTM Service…………………… 26
Tele-Medical Support……………………… 27
Satcom Store………………………………… 28
ndtHOST……………………………………… 29
Who is Satcom Direct®?
Satcom Direct is a privately-held company founded in 1997, headquartered
in Satellite Beach, Florida, with locations around the world. We provide
global satellite communications to corporate, business, military and
government aviation, land-mobile and maritime industries.
From left to right: Jim Jensen, Founder and CEO; David Greenhill, President; Kevin Finegan,
VP of Sales-Americas; Scott Hamilton, CSO; Wayne Hundsdorfer, COO; Curt Gray, CTO;
Paul Newman, CFO.
Satcom Direct pioneered 10-digit dialing service to aircraft in flight,
known as our Global One Number® service. Today, we provide nose-to-tail
value-add services to aviation, including cockpit datalink service, accelerated
high-speed data, real-time traffic monitoring, VoIP services, ATS position
reporting, mobile applications and unified electronic billing. Satcom Direct
is a premier Inmarsat Distribution Partner, Iridium Service Partner and ViaSat
Yonder’s® preferred reseller.
We offer training classes and technology seminars on industry trends,
understanding Inmarsat and Iridium networks, hardware configuration and
troubleshooting techniques. Our dedicated in-house software engineering
team designs new technologies and continually tests onsite in the company’s
satcom lab. As we grow, we continue to maintain our team commitment to
advancing all available services from the flight deck to the cabin.
Satcom Direct’s mission is to keep people connected to their world in the air,
on the ground or at sea, providing the best user experience possible.
U.S. Government Contracts
Satcom Direct Communications® (SDC)
provides U.S. government users with
aeronautical, land-mobile and maritime
Inmarsat, Iridium and Ku-band services,
and customized support within a MACIII, Information Assurance-compliant
architecture. SDC provides aeronautical
Inmarsat services via DISA/DITCO contract
HC1013-13-A-0003 and GSA contract
Where We Are Located
With office locations in multiple countries worldwide, no matter where your travels take
you, Satcom Direct® is there. Offering sales, service, on-site support and training, our
international reach ensures your satcom solutions are operating 24/7.
Seattle, WA
Freedom Ops
Sales Office
Support Office
+1 321.777.1435
Satellite Beach, FL
Primary Ops Center
Training Lab
Satcom Store
Sales Office
Support Office
Secured Data Center
P +1 321.777.3000
F +1 321.777.3702
24/7 Technical Support
United States
+1 321.777.3236
+1 888.448.9003
Savannah, GA
Gulfstream Lab
Sales Office
Support Office
+1 912.508.1661
Alexandria, VA
Sales Office
Support Office
+1 703.549.3009
Montreal, Quebec
Sales Office
Support Office
+1 514.900.3009
São Paulo, Brazil
Sales Office
Support Office
Farnborough, UK
Training Lab
Sales Office
Support Office
Geneva, Switzerland
Support Office
Moscow, Russia
Support Office
Dubai, UAE
Sales Office
Support Office
Hong Kong, PRC
Sales Office
Support Office
SD Training
Satcom Direct IA Training –
Inmarsat Services
Satcom Direct’s® Cabin Communications
Technical Training Class is a two-day
training course covering all aspects of the
Inmarsat satellite system and associated
aeronautical services.
Geared towards maintenance personnel,
this course provides 16 credit hours
towards Inspection Authorization renewal.
In addition, the course provides all aircraft
personnel with an understanding of what
system is onboard their aircraft and how
the system(s) operate. Attendees will
also gain the necessary knowledge to
gather fault information, and properly set
up and utilize classic voice, Swift 64 and
SwiftBroadband aeronautical services.
Certified Foundation Course
for Satcom Aviation
Learn about the basic fundamentals
of Satellite communications in aviation
from Inmarsat, Iridium and ViaSat.
This course covers the networks in
satellite communications with a detailed
introduction on all satcom constellations.
It will also give you the compulsory
checks for troubleshooting satcom from
using Satcom Direct’s Unity to checking
error logs for common faults on various
satcoms. This course comes with Satcom
Direct certification, valid for 3 years per
delegate upon passing exam (training
qualified approved).
Other Certified Courses Available
• Introduction to Satcom Direct
Products and Services
• Introduction to Basic IP and Voice
• Introduction to Satcom Direct
Inmarsat Services
Gulfstream Cabin
Communications Training –
Flight Safety International
In partnership with Flight Safety
International, Satcom Direct offers satcom
technology training classes specifically
for operators of Gulfstream aircraft. The
classes provide comprehensive training
on aircraft cabin communications for
maintenance technicians, corporate flight
attendants, and pilots, along with datalink
training for pilots.
Products and Services
Workshop – International
Seminar Series
SD Webinars
Our International Workshops are a new
series of half-day seminars focused on
satellite cockpit and cabin communication
trends, industry updates and emerging
products and services from Satcom Direct.
Rolling Lab
Satcom Direct’s mobile lab travels around
the U.S. to provide free training to
flight departments who utilize Satcom
Direct products and services, updating
customers on new products and features
including new mobile applications and
troubleshooting techniques.
Satcom Direct® offers webinars on
fundamental knowledge comprising the
backbone of the In-Flight Connectivity
Industry. Each session is intended to give
attendees a better understanding of how
each service is used and how Satcom
Direct can help flight departments gain
the necessary knowledge to provide
connectivity services to their aircraft.
Previous Webinar Topics
Available for Viewing at
• SDR™
• Exclusive Services
• Mobile Applications
Connecting with Customers
Annual Conference
• MYflightSM
For ten years, Satcom Direct has
hosted the industry’s premier satellite
communications technical event known
as CwC. Our annual Connecting with
Customers conference brings together
the best and the brightest for satcom
products, training and trends. Customized
technical tracks. IA renewal. Hands-on
training. Mobile lab demos. And a little
bit of fun. It all adds up to the number
one event in satellite communications.
to c
Inmarsat Aero
The Aero Standard
Swift 64 Features
Inmarsat Aero solutions are the standard
for business and military aviation. The
Inmarsat network is utilized worldwide
for providing seamless voice, Internet
and ICAO-approved flight deck safety
services. From the flight deck to the
cabin, Satcom Direct’s® Inmarsat services
provide communications solutions to
support pilots and passengers.
• Provides 64 kbps data per channel
• One, two and four-channel avionics
• Standalone or simultaneous
operation with Inmarsat H/H+
through the same high-gain
• Acceleration accomplished
via Aero X®
Classic Aero Voice Options
Aero H, Aero H+ and Aero I provide
global multi-channel voice and flight
deck datalink communications.
Swift 64 and SwiftBroadband
Swift 64 and SwiftBroadband aero services
are NSA Type 1 securable via STE, KIV-7
and HAIPE devices, compatible with
existing government networks.
Classic Aero & Swift 64 Coverage
coverage areas subject to change
SwiftBroadband Features
SwiftBroadband 200 Features
• Designed for medium & heavy jets
• Designed for light jets &
• Coverage over major flight routes
• Coverage over major global land masses down to 20° elevation
• IP data rates up to 432 kbps & X-Stream™ AMBE2 Voice telephony
• Acceleration accomplished via Aero X
• IP data rates up to 200 kbps
• Streaming IP up to 16 kbps
• AMBE Voice telephony
• 4” blade antenna
SwiftBroadband Coverage
East, Africa
SwiftBroadband 200 Coverage
coverage areas subject to change
Iridium Aero
Iridium Everywhere
Satcom Direct® is a tier one service
provider for Iridium, allowing us to
provide global voice, fax and flight deck
datalink communications to business
and military aviation. Single and
multiple channel Iridium transceivers
are supported.
Iridium Features
• Voice & messaging services
• Flight deck datalink solutions available exclusively from
FlightDeck Freedom®
• Fax capabilities
• ATS position reporting, available only from Satcom Direct
• Global One Number® option available
Iridium Coverage
Iridium’s fully meshed orbiting satellite network provides
an interconnected L-band “canopy over the earth.”
Affordable Mobile
Broadband Service
Yonder® Ku-band Service is an affordable,
high speed Internet service which delivers
network performance similar to typical
cable modem and DSL technology.
Truly Global Service
Yonder Features
• AeroV TM compatible
• Browse the web
• Send & receive email in real-time
From the moment you board until the
moment you step off the plane, you can
use your laptop, smartphone or other
Wi-Fi-enabled devices to connect to
your onboard wireless “hot spot.”
• Access your company’s network through a secure VPN
• Conduct video conferences
Yonder Toolkit app available
Yonder Coverage
FlightDeck Freedom®
The Freedom to Choose
FlightDeck Freedom® (FDF) provides
aircraft operators the flexibility to select
the most cost effective mode of datalink
communications without sacrificing
data security. FDF is the only datalink
service to integrate flight deck and cabin
communications and allow connections
to the leading international trip planning
services around the world, providing the
ultimate user experience.
FlightDeck 360TM mobile app available
SD Flight Tracker mobile app available
FDF VHF coverage
FDF Trip Planners
FDF Features
• Pre-departure/oceanic clearances
• Digital ATIS
• Automatic delivery of takeoff/
landing reports
• Text & graphical weather
• Flight plan & winds upload to Flight Management Computer (FMC)
• Text messaging via email, mobile devices or fax
• Cabin systems monitoring available exclusively with FDF
• Secure communications via
Inmarsat & Iridium
• Aircraft Performance Group (APG)
subscribers uplink runway analysis
calculations directly to the flight
deck display
• FANS (CPDLC & ADS-C) Air Traffic Services (ATS) messaging
FDF Portal Features
• Aircraft Performance Group (APG)
calculations for runway analysis
and emergency procedures
• Manage distribution lists for
messages from aircraft, takeoff/
landing reports, CAS/CMC reports
& engine trend reports
• Set up short codes to simplify sending of messages from the aircraft
• Designate who is authorized to send messages & emails to the aircraft
• Select unique service features including automatic Pre-Departure Clearance uplink, automatic receipt of service advisories & other
aircraft-specific features
SD Flight Tracker
Flight Tracking Solution
Satcom Direct’s® SD Flight Tracker is
the world’s first global flight tracking
solution. Precise fleet coordinates are
displayed using data transmitted via
Inmarsat, Iridium, Yonder and SITA VHF,
as well as Satcom Direct’s FlightDeck
Freedom® service.
You can also track aircraft via email
using Satcom Direct’s exclusive
TrackerMail service on your PC, tablet
or mobile device.
SD Flight Tracker Features
• Real-time flight status: departure,
destination, ETA, altitude and
speed info
• At-a-glance status board
• No plug-in needed
• NEXRAD & satellite weather
• Full-screen mode for enhanced worldview
• Real-time aircraft log on/off status
• Aircraft configuration & profile
• Send messages to the flight deck
• TrackerMail email function
SD Flight Tracker Mobile app available
SD Flight Tracker
Aero X®
Cruising at Higher Levels
Aero X® provides unparalleled levels
of global high-speed data exchange
by utilizing acceleration technology via
Inmarsat’s Swift 64 and SwiftBroadband
networks. Aero X is compatible with the
EMS Cabin Network Accelerator (CNX),
the Honeywell CG-710 Communication
Gateway Unit and the Satcom Direct
Router (SDRTM).
How Aero X Works
Aero X Features
• Utilized compression &
acceleration technology
• Reduces operational costs
• Incurs no additional costs from
Satcom Direct®
• Used by the U.S. military, business aviators & international governments
• Customized router configuration
AeroV TM
Voice Over Internet Protocol
Satcom Direct’s® AeroV TM service was the
first Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
solution designed and built specifically
for aviation. AeroV offers unlimited
calling using any aircraft broadband
Internet connection—no computer
needed. Anyone with a landline, mobile,
aircraft or VoIP phone can receive your
call. And when someone calls you direct
or through your Global One Number®,
your phone rings as usual.
How AeroV Works
AeroV mobile app available
AeroV Features
• Integrates with Global One Number
• Supports Cisco handsets
• Supports SIP protocols
• Premium sound quality
• Caller ID, call waiting & call hold
• 3-way conference calling
• 24/7 customer support via 7-7-7-7
SkyShield SM
SkyShield allows you to control your
in-flight Internet usage by blocking
unneeded processes that slow down your
connection and increase your data costs.
SkyShield acts as a filter for certain
software processes and applications
that use large amounts of data, such as
program or software updates that run in
the background, streaming audio and
video websites, and social media feeds.
Free up your in-flight data connection for
what is most important to your mission.
You can choose from three preconfigured
options or request a custom filter built
by Satcom Direct.®
Store Features
• Tier 1: Mainstream software
• Tier 2: Tier 1 + Mainstream
audio and video
• Tier 3: Tier 1 + Tier 2 +
Mainstream social media
• Custom filter
Global One Number®
Simplified Calling
Satcom Direct’s® Global One Number®
(GON®) utilizes patented technology,
providing you with quick, easy voice
and faxing to your aircraft.
+1 3 2 1 .7 5 7 .0200
AirCare ACCESS® Assistance
& MedAire® Medlink
Customers can utilize AirCare ACCESS
Assistance or MedAire Medlink Service
by dialing the aircraft Global One Number
and pressing “0” during the customized
demo number
ATS Positioning
In place of the HF radio, pilots can dial
their Global One Number from the flight
deck phone and press “#” any time after
hearing the customized greeting.
New York
Santa Maria
San Francisco
To ensure that ATS can contact your
aircraft if required, pilots are encouraged
to reference the aircraft GON in the
“REMARKS” section of their flight plan.
GON Features
• Simple dialing to the aircraft anywhere in the world
• Domestic & international
Global One Numbers available
• Quick, dependable connections
• Voice & fax through the same
Global One Number
• Customized multi-lingual greetings
& menu prompts
In-Flight Television
With OneView TM service from Satcom
Direct®, you can access DIRECTV®—
America’s #1 satellite television service.
OneView service is available throughout
the continental United States and includes
up to 150 channels. International freeto-air programming is also available in
Europe, the Middle East and India.
OneView service is compatible with
Honeywell’s AIS-2000 Multi-Regional
Airborne Information System and Rockwell
Collin’s Tailwind 100 and 300 systems.
OneView Coverage
United States
Eastern Europe: ASTRA
Eastern Europe: HOTBIRD
Eastern Europe: EUTELSAT W4
Middle East: NILESAT
Middle East: ARABSAT
India: INSAT 4B
DIRECTV Networks Available
Standard Channels
Premium Movies
Sports Packages
Copyright 2013 DIRECTV Inc. DIRECTV logo is trademark of DIRECTV, Inc. and is used with permission. All other marks
property of their respective owners. All programming and pricing subject to change at any time. Eligibility for local channels
based on service address.
Plane Simple®
24/7 Admin &
Troubleshooting Tool
Plane Simple is an online account
management tool for all Satcom Direct
customers which provides aircraft
communications data in real time.
PS mobile app available
Plane Simple Features
• View aircraft communications
systems status & traffic
• View satcom configuration, maintenance information
& technical support documents
• Email alerts
• View voice & high-speed data activity
• Online invoicing & payment
• Aircraft Internet speed test
• SwiftBroadband usage calculator
& threshold monitoring
• Message Center
SkyTicket SM
Aircraft owners and operators now have
the choice to bill selected passengers for
data consumed in flight. Designed and
built to fit customer needs, SkyTicket
provides an online account management
system via Satcom Direct’s® Plane Simple®
website where administrators can specify
the amount of data each passenger
can use as well as configure a variety
of flexible billing options. Plane Simple
also enables administrators to view
time thresholds, transaction history and
connection history.
SkyTicket Features
• Supported by Inmarsat’s
SwiftBroadband network
• Data traffic usage can be separated
& billed to selected passengers
• Manage each passenger‘s data
usage via Plane Simple
• Flexible billing options
Mobile Applications
AeroV TM: In-Flight Softphone
AeroV Mobile Features
• In-flight softphone that works with Yonder®, Inmarsat & Iridium satellite networks
• Secure connection for easy & efficient communication during flight
• Supplies a pre-configured provider list for most manufacturers
• Intuitive interface for multiple call management to utilize phone contacts, swap, merge, split & transfer calls
FlightDeck 360™: Tablet-Based Flight Deck Data
FlightDeck 360 Features
• Pre-departure & oceanic clearances
• Digital ATIS
• Monitor cabin communication status & usage
• Request / view Aircraft Performance Group (APG) performance calculations
• Request technical support from Satcom Direct® in flight
• View coverage areas for Inmarsat, Yonder, OneViewTM & SITA VHF satellite networks
getORT+SM: Mobile Satcom Support with Unity
getORT+ Features
• Upload ORT & other configuration files
• Load ORT+ files onto Honeywell SDU
• Support loading AIS-2000 SatTV systems with channel listing & receiver information
• Includes preloaded ORT files from Satcom Direct
• Ability to load ORT files received via email
• Included with the Unity kit
Get SatcomSM: Mobile Satcom Support with Unity
Get Satcom Features
• Easily connect to variety of satcom equipment for troubleshooting, diagnostics
& maintenance information
• Share serial console with remote web users over Wi-Fi or 3G for support & training
• Upload log files to cloud-based server
• Send log file data to Satcom Direct’s 24/7 technical support team
• Included with the Unity kit
MATA: Mobile Access Troubleshooting Application
MATA Features
• Troubleshoot connectivity & configuration of satcom systems onboard your aircraft
• Networking commands include Ping & Traceroute
• Results can be sent via email or SMS to the Satcom Direct® support team
MYflightSM: Moving Map Service
MYflight Features
eal time flight information including position reports, aircraft information,
weather data and more
• Completely mobile – no additional hardware is required
• Compatible with all IP-based aviation broadband connectivity solutions
PS Mobile: Account Management
PS Mobile Features
• Access detailed records for all of the active services available onboard your aircraft
• Configuration summaries, daily & monthly usage records, as well as in-depth call traffic information
• View most recent &/or current flight leg information
SD Flight Tracker Mobile: Global Flight Tracker
SD Flight Tracker Mobile Features
• Displays precise fleet coordinates using data transmitted via Inmarsat, Iridium,
SITA VHF, Yonder & other Broadband networks, as well as Satcom Direct’s ®
FlightDeck Freedom service
• Standard, satellite or hybrid map overlay options
• NEXRAD, time zone & communications network overlay options
• Display settings are synchronized with the SD Flight Tracker web account
to automatically reflect changes in both accounts
Mobile Applications
SDR Features
• See satcom connectivity status and data usage
• View onboard phones & handset status
• Use the moving map to view your current location and ETA
Yonder Toolkit: Real-time Yonder
Terminal Management
Yonder Toolkit Features
• Monitor & manage the ViaSat Yonder satellite terminal & service
in real time onboard your aircraft
• Moving map display with service coverage maps
• Capture log data to send via email for maintenance analysis
• Monitor & collect real-time diagnostics
The SDR is an aircraft network router that
simplifies cabin communications and allows
simultaneous use of multiple satellite
Using intelligent traffic control, the SDR
allows multiple systems to operate on the
aircraft without additional wireless access
points, creating the ability for separate
guest or dedicated VVIP networks. While
on the ground, 3G/4G connectivity is
possible through the SDR, and data plans
for domestic and global roaming with the
SDR’s Dual-SIM module are available to
provide the best roaming rates around
the world.
The SDR also supports mobile applications
onboard cabin services such as a moving
map and Flight Tracker, command and
control of satellite links, and real-time
connection status reporting.
• Size:
10.9”L x 9”W x 3.7”H
(276.86mm L x 228.6mm W x 93.98mm H)
• Weight: 8.6 lbs.
• Power: 28V DC
• Certifications:
–DO-160G, DO-178B Level E
SDR Features
• Satellite-ready solution for L-band,
Ku-band, Ka-band, and X-band
• Gigabit Ethernet Support – 8 ports
for WAN, LAN and cabin
• 802.11n Dual band (2.4 +5.0 GHz) Wi-Fi
- Multiple Wi-Fi network support
allows for separate guest and/or
VVIP networks
• ISDN Support – 2 ports providing
4 channels of Swift 64 and voice
calling using AeroV®
• 3G Data Support for Internet access
on the ground & remote support
• ARINC 429 Support – 4RX, 2TX
interfaces for location services
and/or engine trend monitoring
• Discrete I/O Support – 4 input
& 4 outputs available
• Aero XR® allows acceleration,
compression & optimization of
multiple satellite links
SDR mobile app available
Unity™/Unity Air™
Unity TM
Unity enables your avionics technicians
to connect to various satcom systems
via a personalized selection of terminal
adaptors and mobile applications
for troubleshooting, diagnostics and
configuration information.
getORT+ mobile app available
Unity TM Features
• Interface with satcom equipment
through your iPhone, iPad & iPod
• Share serial console with remote
web users over Wi-Fi or 3G for
support & training
• Upload log files to cloud-based
• Send log file data to Satcom
Direct’s® 24/7 technical support team
Get SatcomSM mobile app available
Unity Supported Equipment
• MCS (3000/4000/6000/7000/7200
• HD-710
• CG-710, CR-710
• AIS-2000 Sat TV
• Aspire 200
Satcom Direct
EMS Aviation (Honeywell)
• HSD (400/440)
• CNX (100/200)
• CCU (100/200)
Rockwell Collins
• SAT (2100/2200
Thrane & Thrane (Cobham)
• Aviator Series (200/300/350/700)
iPad optional (4G/LTE optional)
Unity Air TM Features
• Unity without the wires!
• Download logs and upload
ORT files from the comfort
of the cabin
• Provides a wireless connection for
the Get Satcom and getORT+ apps
• Built in rechargeable battery
• 4 hours of wireless connectivity,
or plug it in for more!
Satcom OnSite™ Service
OnSite Technical Support
Satcom Direct’s® premier service—
Satcom OnSite™ (S.O.S)—provides
technical services and support at the
customer’s location for any aircraft in
distress. Satcom Direct proprietary
software tracks satellite systems statuses
and triggers alerts and notifications when
connectivity issues arise. Our specialists
then contact customers to perform
system and configuration checks,
resolving any problems.
The S.O.S. program was developed and
is supported by our Microsoft, Network+
and Cisco certified personnel. Our
technical support team is the best in
the industry and specializes in satcom
systems, cabin and flight deck avionics
and network engineering.
S.O.S.™ Features
+1 3 2 1 .7 7 7.3236
Satcom Direct Technical Support
• On-site technical support
& customized training
• Real-time monitoring of aircraft satcom systems
• Satcom hardware troubleshooting for all avionics types
• New aircraft communication
systems consulting
• 24/7 technical support by phone
• Up-to-date satcom system
& router configurations
• Full activation & system set-up
Tele-Medical Support
A Plan for the UnplannedTM
Satcom Direct® has teamed up with
Aircare ACCESS® Assistance to provide
an affordable, comprehensive medical
program that includes 24/7 worldwide
tele-medical and tele-support services
that flight departments of any size can
use every day.
Satcom Direct’s FlightDeck Freedom®
datalink service enables the Aircare
ACCESS Assistance team to track
your aircraft in real time, prepare for
emergency situations that may occur
along your route of flight, and contact
the aircraft via text message or voice.
When a medical emergency strikes
in flight and timing is critical, Aircare
ACCESS Assistance could be the most
important call of your life. Peace of mind
starts here.
Medical Assistance
Travel Assistance
Universal Assistance
• Medical Examiner Consults
• TravelerALERTS
• Embassy Referral
• Medical Referrals
• Immunization Requirements
• Cultural Reports
• Medical Monitoring
• Passport/Visa/Customs
• Legal Referrals
• Prescription Replacement
• Lost Document Assistance
• Financial Guarantees
• Evacuation Coordination
• Emergency Travel
• Translation Services
• Hospital Admission
• Flight Tracking via FDF
• Urgent Message Relay
Exclusive Partner
Browse, Learn, Purchase Online
Satcom Store is your one-stop-shop for
all global satellite voice and data needs
with a complete line of handhelds,
BGAN terminals, aeronautical and
maritime equipment. With 24/7 technical
support and an emphasis on superior
customer service, Satcom Store has you
covered no matter where you are.
Satcom Store Features
• Satellite phones for purchase & rent
• BGAN for the ideal mobile office
• Maritime broadband
• Domestic and international
Global One Numbers®
• Disaster preparedness kits &
satcom accessories
• Online account management
with Satcom Simple
• Secure checkout
• 24/7 technical support
Exclusive Partner
Cloud Computing
Satcom Store
ndtHOST adheres to a philosophy
uncommon among cloud service
providers—crafting custom solutions
for individual customers is better
business than promoting one-sizefits-all products aimed at the masses.
The team at ndtHOST helps decision
makers cut through the cloud hype.
Not every business process can move to
the cloud—at least, not yet. Find out if
going cloud is right for your business.
• 25,000 sq. ft purpose-built facility
• SSAE 16/SAS 70 II certifications
• Tier III data center
• Fully redundant systems
• Private access suites
• Caged areas
• Racks, cabinets & per rack units
• Secure fiber connectivity
• Custom-engineered solutions
ndtHOST is Satcom Direct’s® exclusive
cloud service provider partner.
ndtHOST…your business, your cloud.
[ ]
Cloud Computing Diagram
Satcom Direct
World Headquarters
1901 Highway A1A
Satellite Beach, FL32937 USA
P +1 321.777.3000
F +1 321.777.3702
Satcom Direct
International Headquarters
Farnborough Airport, Hangar 2
Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 6XA, UK
P +44.1252.554.460
24/7 technical support: +1 321.777.3236
© 2014 Satcom Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A. 04/14
Registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Satcom Direct’s®
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