Chenbro RM214xx
Product Information
Model#: RM214xx
Size: (DxWxH in): 24” x 16.9” x 3.46”
Size: (DxWxH mm): 609 x 430 x 88
5.25” Bays: 1
3.50” Bays: 6 HDD bays, 1 FDD
Cooling: 3 x 80mm
Power Supply: 460W
Other Information:
Note: The above information is provided by the chassis
manufacturer and is the sole responsibility of the
manufacturer. Intel assumes no responsibility for any
inaccuracies in this data or any changes made by the
Additional Information
Associated Model #s: RM21400
Options: 2 x 40mm fans
Chassis Configuration Intel® Server Board SE7501CW2
Tested Chassis List Based On Mechanical and Thermal
Regression Testing of Chassis Posted on Server Board
SE7500CW2 and SHG2 Reference Lists
Model tested: RM214XX
Fans (qty x size): 3 x 80mm SEI* 2 Sanyo Denki
109R0612G4031 Processor fans.
Hard drives: 3 x Seagate * ST318406LC
Processor: Two 2.4Ghz Intel ® Xeon  processors
Memory: 6 X Samsung* 128M DDR200 DIMM
Power Supply: EMACS* 460W P2G-6460P
Additional Information:
* Third party names and brands are the property of their respective owners.
Note: Modifications to the tested configuration may cause
variations in actual performance.
List of Intel®
Server Boxed Boards
Mechanically Compatible with:
SHG2, SE7500CW2 & SE7501CW2
Thermally Compatible with:
SHG2, SE7500CW2 & SE7501CW2
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