GFR-S Series Currency Counters/Discriminators

GFR-S Series Currency Counters/Discriminators
Glory GFR-S Series
Currency Counters/Discriminators
Mixed, (Mixed2), Count, and Denomination Detect (DD)
Counterfeit detection/
Suspect note detection
Dual magnetic sensor
Dual magnetic sensor
Dual LED ultra-violet sensor
Count speed
Up to 1,000 notes per minute
Feed method
Roller friction type
Hopper capacity
Up to 300 notes
Reading currency
4 directions
Stacker capacity
Up to 200 notes
Reject pocket capacity
Up to 50 notes (20 notes default)
Jam clear
3 area open
12.2”(W) x 10.8”(D) x 11.6”(H) 310 x 275 x 295mm
26.6 lbs (11kg)
10-keypad for manual input (only available w/printer)
PC I/F RS-232C; I/F to PC terminal via RS-232C
Printer I/F RS-232C- CitizenTM IDP-3550 or compatible printer required
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GFR-S Series
Currency Counters/Discriminators
Unstoppable! GFR-S Series
The GFR-S Series are the most productive currency
counters/discriminators being used today in banks,
GFR-S Series
credit unions, retail cash rooms and casinos. Designed
for durability and ruggedness, the GFR-S Series, with
tank tough metal construction and innova-
Three Choices for Better
Productivity and Counterfeit
GFR-S60: The essential S60 features the basic functions
of the GFR-S Series, including four operating modes—
tive reject pocket, are features placing them
Mixed, Mixed2, Denomination Detect and Count—and an
above all the competition.
impressive counting speed by all three machines of up to
1,000 notes per minute. They read currency in four direc-
Reject Pocket
Counting mixed denominations up to 1,000
tions and have a stacker capacity of 200 notes. All provide
notes per minute, all three GFRs divert sus-
easy operation and count reporting by a conveniently posi-
pect notes to a separate reject pocket with-
tioned LED screen.
out interrupting the counting process. Glory
GFR-S80: Technology is advanced with the GFR-S80's
is the first company to make this feature available in a
counterfeit/suspect note detection. Dual magnetic detectors
desktop counter/discriminator. Within seconds, the
survey each note as it passes through the machine.
operator is provided the deposit's total value, piece
counts, and the value of each denomination
GFR-S80V: For increased counterfeit detection, the S80V
processed. Many GFR-S Series users report productiv-
provides new cutting edge counterfeit/suspect note detec-
ity throughput gains up over 30%, attributing this to
tion capability with the addition of dual LED ultra-violet
superior reliability and the unstoppable feature of the
sensors. Most suspect notes will not escape this advanced
reject pocket.
detection technology. The new ultra-violet detection, along
with all the other exceptional standard features of this series,
provides the industry with an advanced processing solution
GLORY: Experience the
World Counts On
Glory's leadership and experience is an integral
part of all our cash handling products. Every one
Currency Sorter
GFR-S Series—In Pursuit of Perfection
Glory products are recognized for their ability to exceed customer expectations.
GFR-S60, S80 and S80V offer four operating modes which provide the flexibility
needed for the busiest cash rooms.
is designed with top priority for rugged construc-
1) Mixed Mode - Mixed denomination notes are counted and displayed as total
tion and durability. A full line of processing solu-
tions, including multi-purpose compact coin
2) Mixed2 Mode - Allows two-user count processing and provides independent
sorters, currency sorters, cash dispensers, coin
totals for each user. Counts mixed denomination notes and displays total amount.
wrappers and coin counters, provide superior
3) Denomination Detect Mode - Automatically sets denomination via first note
performance day-in and day-out for countless
detection. The GFR-S Series off-sorts unlike notes and continues counting the speci-
loyal customers.
Coin Wrapper
not found in any other machine.
Cash Dispenser
fied denomination without stopping.
4) Count Mode - For non-currency processing, provides accurate piece counts when
denomination sensor is turned off
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