Dear Cookshack Customer

Dear Cookshack Customer
2304 N. Ash St.
Ponca City, OK 7460-1100 USA
June 3, 2010
Version 10.1
Dear Cookshack Customer:
This manual has been compiled especially for Cookshack Smokette users. Your
Cookshack oven will produce great barbecue and smoked foods. Use this manual
to familiarize yourself with the Smokette and its operation. Always observe safe
operating practices when using the Smokette. It is an electrical appliance, and is
therefore potentially dangerous!
COOKSHACK, INC. assumes no responsibility for
results of careless and dangerous operation of
COOKSHACK smokers or other products. All
warranties are null and void if the practices
described in the Operator’s Manual are not
Read the following instructions thoroughly and completely before using your
Smokette. Be certain that you understand completely how it operates before
attempting to use it.
If you have any questions or problems not covered in this manual, contact us so we
can help you solve your problem. An excellent source of information, day or night,
is our website at We especially recommend the website’s
Smoker Sales
Customer Service
24 Hr. Fax
(580) 765-3669
(800) 423-0698
(580) 765-2223
Cookshack Smokette 009-2 Operator’s Manual, v. 10.1
Page 1
Read all instructions.
For household use only
Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles or knobs.
To avoid electrical shock, do not immerse cord, plugs or any part of unit in water
or other liquid.
Do not leave hot oven unattended with door open.
Unplug from outlet when not in use and before cleaning. Allow to cool before
putting in or taking off parts.
Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or near children.
Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or after the appliance
malfunctions or has been damaged in any manner. Contact manufacturer at
580/765-3669 if repairs are needed.
The use of accessory attachments not recommended by the appliance manufacturer
may cause injuries.
Do not expose to rain.
Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter, or touch hot surfaces.
Do not place on or near hot gas or electric burner, or in a heated oven.
Extreme caution must be used when moving an appliance containing hot grease or
other hot liquids.
Use caution when moving unit. Tipping too far toward back could cause the unit to
fall, causing serious injury.
Do not use appliance for other than intended use.
Do not operate a wet smoker.
Do not use fuel such as charcoal briquettes with this appliance.
CAUTION - to ensure continued protection against risk of electric shock, connect
to properly grounded outlets only.
CAUTION - To reduce the risk of electric shock, keep extension cord connections
dry and off the ground.
Store this product indoors and out of reach of children when not in use.
Do not clean this product with a water spray or the like.
Service should be performed by an authorized service representative only.
Extension cords are available and may be used if care is exercised in their use.
Cookshack Smokette 009-2 Operator’s Manual, v. 10.1
Page 2
If an extension cord is used a) the marked electrical rating of the extension cord
should be at least as great as the electrical rating of the appliance, b) the extension
cord should be of a grounding-type, 3-wire cord, and c) the longer cord should be
arranged so that it will not drape over the countertop or tabletop where it can be
pulled on by children or tripped over unintentionally.
Outdoor extension cords should be used with outdoor use products and are
surface marked with suffix letters ―W-A‖ and with a tag stating ―Suitable For Use
With Outdoor Appliances‖.
Do not let cord touch hot surfaces
Cookshack Smokette 009-2 Operator’s Manual, v. 10.1
Page 3
PV555 Thermostat
PV211 Knob
LA158 label
Vent assembly
Side racks PM021
Grill PV011
Latch PV159
Woodbox PA011
Element PV311
Smoker Oven
Model 009-2
Casters PV161 Front
PV162 Back
Cookshack Smokette 009-2 Operator’s Manual, v. 10.1
Page 4
Check the contents of your Smokette. You should have 2 side racks, 3 grills, and 1
wood box. If you do not have these, call Cookshack Customer Service at (800)4230698.
Choose a Location
Choose a dry, sheltered and well-ventilated location. Do not expose the Smokette
to rain. You can purchase a cover for your Smokette by calling Cookshack at
(800)423-0698. Do not place flammable or combustible materials on or adjacent to
the Smokette.
A small amount of smoke will escape from the vent hole in the top of the Smokette
and from around the door. For this reason, operation indoors is not recommended
unless adequate ventilation is provided, such as a professional quality restaurant
hood. If you store the Smokette in a garage or storage building, it is a good idea to
move it outside when smoking.
Do not cover the vent hole. This will cause
thermostat failure and void your warranty.
Electrical Power Connections
Your Cookshack Smokette has a single burner system which uses 120V AC power.
Connect the Smokette to the power supply by plugging the power cord into a
standard, 3-prong, 120V receptacle that is protected by a breaker or fuse rated at 15
A long or light-duty extension cord will reduce the efficiency of the heating
element. Food will take longer to cook.
“I use one of those orange heavy-duty extension cords. It is 6’ long and seems
to work just fine.” Donna Johnson, Cookshack Marketing Director
Cookshack Smokette 009-2 Operator’s Manual, v. 10.1
Page 5
The interior of your smoker needs to be ―broken in‖ or seasoned before you cook
your first load of meat.
Remove the strap that holds the wood box to the
heating element bracket during shipping. Cut it
with a knife or scissors. This will free the wood
box for loading the wood.
Place 6 ounces (3 pieces) of properly sized wood (see Wood Selection) in the wood
box and close and latch the Smokette door. Never place more than 6 ounces of
wood in the Smokette.
DO NOT use the Smokette without the wood box
in the proper position. The wood box lid must
close completely. The back of the wood box
must touch the back wall of the smoker.
Set temperature to 200°F. Let the Smokette smoke, without meat, for a minimum
of 4 hours.
“Find some cheap, really fat meat at the grocery store, and put it in your
Smokette. This helps to give the smoker that black seasoned effect that we
are after.” John Shiflet, Cookshack Sales Manager
Wood Selection
Caution: The maximum amount of wood to be
used in a Smokette is 6 ounces DO NOT overload
wood box. Lid must close all the way down.
As you learn how to use your Smokette, you will become comfortable with
choosing the amount of wood to use. At first, use only a small amount, and
increase the wood with subsequent loads until you have the flavor you want.
Personal taste dictates the amount of wood you use and this varies from person to
person, hence the lack of hard and fast rules.
“I use this formula when measuring wood when smoking food in my smoker.
2 chunks of wood for 20 lbs. or more meat in my smoker
1 chunk for less than 20 lbs.
No wood at all when doing fish or vegetables.
Karen Hoogendoorn, Cookshack Sales
Try starting with these amounts and adjust upward if you want more smoker flavor.
Two ounce of wood measures approximately 1-½ x 1-½ x 1-½‖.
Cookshack Smokette 009-2 Operator’s Manual, v. 10.1
Page 6
Start with this amount:
2 oz. increasing to 6 oz.
1 oz. increasing to 2 oz.
2 oz. increasing to 4 oz.
½ oz. increasing to 1 oz.
You may use any fruit or nut hardwood in your smoker, as long as it has good
flavoring abilities. The most popular woods for smoking are hickory, mesquite,
apple and cherry. All of these are available from Cookshack at (800)423-0698.
Other regional favorites are alder, beech, pecan, maple, oak, buttonwood and
mangrove. Use local woods only if logs are selected and sized properly.
Use only dry wood. Wet wood will release acids that will damage heating elements
and reduce the length of their life.
“I have seen heating elements come back to us that have bubbled up and
blown out because people exposed them to wet wood.” Tony Marlar,
Cookshack Customer Service
Cookshack Smokette 009-2 Operator’s Manual, v. 10.1
Page 7
Preparing the Oven for Cooking
Line the bottom of the Smokette with aluminum foil and punch a hole in the foil
corresponding to the drain hole located on the floor of the Smokette.
Cover the lid of the wood box with foil for easy cleaning. Discard the foil after
each cooking and replace with fresh foil.
“I use the heavy duty aluminum foil instead of the light weight because the
light weight sticks to the wood box and floor of the smoker.”
Karen Hoogendoorn, Cookshack Sales
Place a small pan beneath the drain hole located on the Smokette’s floor and in the
trough at the bottom-front of Smokette. This pan will catch any meat drippings,
and can be discarded or re-used as you choose.
Place the properly loaded wood box in the Smokette. Do not change the wood
box’s position during cooking cycle. It covers the burner and wood and prevents
grease from dripping onto the heat source and creating strong fumes.
Loading the Oven with Meat
The maximum cooking capacity of your Smokette is 22 lbs. of heavy cuts of meat
or 10 lbs. of ribs. Do not overload your Smokette.
Keep meat approximately 1‖ from the back and side of the oven walls at all times.
Arrange load with less meat on lower grill. Heavy loading of the bottom grill will
block heat and smoke from traveling to the top of the Smokette. This will result in
undercooked meat on the upper grill.
Load only half full the first time you cook, and gradually increase to a full load with
successive batches. Monitor closely to determine what cooking time and load
amount produce the results you desire.
When the Smokette is loaded according to the above instructions, close and latch
the door. Fasten latch securely.
Setting the Cooking Temperature
Turn the Temperature Control Knob to the desired temperature. Heat up will take
from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the load.
Do not preheat the Smokette unless preheating is specified in the recipe you are
Cookshack Smokette 009-2 Operator’s Manual, v. 10.1
Page 8
“We recommend that you put the product in and leave it until the
recommended time has passed. You will get great results that way. We also
know that some people want to monitor the internal temperature of the
product, and we recommend that you use a probe-type thermometer,
sometimes referred to as a Polder, a popular brand.” Donna Johnson,
Cookshack Marketing Director
When you think the product is finished, unplug the smokette. If the product is
done to your satisfaction, remove from Smokette. If the product is not done to
your satisfaction, continue to smoke-cook, checking for doneness at intervals.
When the product is finished, you may also turn the temperature setting to 140°F
for a maximum 6 hours for holding.
“It’s done when it’s done.” The Smokin’ Okie
Cookshack Smokette 009-2 Operator’s Manual, v. 10.1
Page 9
Your Smokette does not require pre-heating.
Try lots of different seasonings until you find the one you like
the best.
Use a meat thermometer, following the manufacturer’s
instructions, to determine the internal temperature of smoked
Your Smokette is an excellent slow cooking oven, without
wood. Use it for slow-roasting meats and poultry. Cooking
times are the same as for smoke-cooking.
To keep product warm for a up to six hours until ready to eat,
double-wrap in foil, wrap in a towel or several layers of
newspaper, and place in an ice chest. (This tip is compliments
of The Smokin’ Okie, Cookshack Barbecue Forum Moderator,
friend, and great BBQ cook.)
Open the door of the smoker as little as possible while cooking.
(Joey Z, Forum Member)
“Don't put to much wood in the wood box of your Cookshack.
I rarely use more then 4 - 5 oz. for a brisket or pork butt, 3 - 4
oz. for ribs, and 2 oz. for turkey breast or chicken.” (Bobby
Que, Forum member)
“Do not boil ribs in water before smoke-cooking!” (sfentman,
Forum member)
Cookshack Smokette 009-2 Operator’s Manual, v. 10.1
Page 10
If oven is to be left unattended with the door open, the following steps should be
 The power cord must be unplugged.
 Carefully remove the wood box from the oven and douse the
contents with water. Remove any wood remaining on the
burner. Rake it on to the foil bottom. Remove the foil from the
oven immediately.
Your Cookshack smoker must be kept clean. Loose grease and scale should be
removed regularly to prevent buildup, which may cause strong fumes. It is desirable
to allow seasoned coating, such as that found on a well-seasoned cast iron skillet, to
remain on the walls. For this reason, we do not recommend attempting to restore
the oven wall to a ―like new‖ state after each cooking. The use of detergent,
chemical cleaners or oven cleaners is not advised.
“You want the walls to turn black like an old skillet. I wipe out my smoker
with paper towels, and scrape “chunks” off with a scraper.” Stuart Powell,
Cookshack CEO
IMPORTANT: Caustic oven cleaners may damage
heating element and grills. Use of oven cleaners
or other caustic cleaners will void the warranty
on the heating element and grills.
Cookshack Smokette 009-2 Operator’s Manual, v. 10.1
Page 11
After Each Load
Disconnect oven from power supply.
Allow the oven to cool.
Remove the grills and racks; scrape and wash with soap and water.
You can put them right in the dishwasher. Do not use any caustic
oven cleaners as they will destroy t he plating on the grills.
4. Empty wood box using extreme caution – it will be hot if your
smoker has recently been turned on.
5. Brush wood remnant ash from burner. Wood, coals and ashes are
hot—dispose with care.
6. Discard aluminum foil.
7. Remove all grease from interior of oven, using paper towels or cloths.
8. Empty drip pan.
9. Leave door slightly ajar when oven is not in use. Refer to shutdown
safety precautions mentioned in the previous pages.
10. Scrape loose grease and scale from walls with flat edge scraper.
11. Replace racks and grills.
“About once a month I clean the bottom of my smoker with paper towels
and a general purpose cleaner like 409. I re-season it for a few hours with a
few chunks of wood afterwards.” Stuart Powell, Cookshack CEO
Bottom of oven must be kept clean. Change foil
in bottom of oven and from top of wood box after
each cooking and remove all excess grease from
interior of oven. Be sure that drain hole is open
at all times. If drain becomes plugged, oven
bottom can fill with grease and a fire hazard may
Periodically check electrical plug and wire for any type of wear
or damage.
Twice annually put two drops of lightweight oil on the hinge
pins to prevent binding.
Check casters for free movement.
Cookshack Smokette 009-2 Operator’s Manual, v. 10.1
Page 12
Product, type, cut
Temperature when
placed in smoker
Rub and/or marinade
recipe (ingredients and
how much)
Smoke-cooking cycle
Cooking time
Any adjustments made
during cooking
Amount and type of
wood used
Climactic conditions
(hot, cold, windy,
humidity, etc.)
Internal product
temperatures and smoker
temps during cook cycle
Description of final
appearance and taste of
“At first I didn't do was easy to forget what I did the last time and
minor differences made an impact on the finished product.” PrestonD,
Forum Member and Cookshack award-winning barbecue cook
Cookshack Smokette 009-2 Operator’s Manual, v. 10.1
Page 13
Cookshack Smokette 009-2 Operator’s Manual, v. 10.1
Page 14
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