DocuCentre-III C7600 / C6500 / C5500 Digital Colour Multifunction

DocuCentre-III C7600 / C6500 / C5500 Digital Colour Multifunction
DocuCentre-III C7600 / C6500 / C5500
Digital Colour Multifunction Device
Powerful devices with exceptional speed
DocuCentre-III C7600 / C6500 / C5500
Multifunction Devices
Print. Copy. Scan. Fax. These powerful office multifunction devices handle your
document needs with exceptional speed, optimal efficiency and worry-free security.
Their innovative use of Fuji Xerox technology makes it easy to customise and optimise
your workgroup’s unique job processes — helping you find better ways to get your
best work done.
If you’re used to black and white only, consider the benefits of adding a splash of
colour to your office documents and marketing materials. Colour captures attention,
enhances productivity, improves communication and could help boost sales. With
many businesses competing for a share of the market, companies can greatly
enhance their business image by using colour in business documents.
Features at a glance
Print, copy, scan and optional faxing
Print up to 75 ppm black and white, 60 ppm colour
True 2,400 x 2,400 dpi print resolution
Intuitive, easy-to-use colour user interface
Security features for demanding office environments
High impact colour with built-in
control andprint
accounting features
DocuCentre-III C7600 with optional High Capacity Feeder and C-Finisher with Booklet Maker
DocuCentre-III C7600 / C6500 / C5500
Versatility from start to finish
Add features and options to the DocuCentre-III C7600 / C6500 / C5500 to make
it the perfect fit for your office.
Configuration Options
High Capacity
2,000 Sheets
Base Unit
with Colour User
Simple / Offset
Catch Tray
Stacker / Stapler /
Hole Puncher
C-Finisher with
Booklet Maker
Stacker / Stapler /
Hole Puncher /
Booklet Maker
D-Finisher, Booklet
Maker and Folder Unit
Stacker / Stapler / Hole
Puncher / Interposer /
Booklet Maker /
Folder (Optional)
Large paper capacity. For high-volume
Professional finishing options.
Colour user interface can be
workgroups, the 3,260 sheet paper
capacity can be boosted to 5,260 sheets
with the optional High Capacity Feeder.
DocuCentre-III C7600 / C6500 / C5500
is available with the following four paper
trays as standard:
Create professional presentations and
attractive manuals or proposals. This range
of optional finishers gives you efficient,
finish-on-demand versatility. These high
performance finishers feature stapling,
hole punching, saddle stitching and
many other finishing tasks.
customised to feature only the most
frequently used features. For easier
document viewing, colour previews of
scanned documents can be shown on
the display as thumbnail images .
Two fully adjustable paper trays
(A5 to A3)
Two high capacity paper trays
(A4 only)
Fully customisable colour touch
screen layout
Flexible document handling.
The single pass DADF option allows
both sides of a document (black and
white only) to be scanned simultaneously
at up to an incredible 100 pages per
minute for exceptional productivity.
Convenient access to advanced
functions such as copying, network
scanning, faxing and email
Assign frequently-used features
to the custom hard buttons
DocuCentre-III C7600 / C6500 / C5500
From paper to digital to anywhere
The DocuCentre-III C7600 / C6500 / C5500 devices turn your paper documents
into intelligent digital files and opens the door to more possibilities – more ways
to organise, store and share your information than ever before.
Cutting-edge scanning functionality.
Super-fast copy and print speeds
USB direct printing is possible with
Increase efficiency with Scan to Email for
quick document distribution to multiple
email addresses, Scan to Folder to store
on the device, plus Scan to Network
Folder or FTP.
of up to 75 ppm in black and white and
60 ppm in colour, for a quick turnaround.
the optional Media Print Kit. It can save
time for users by printing PDF and TIFF
files directly from a USB flash memory
drive or JPEG files from a camera media
without having to boot up a PC. A perfect
solution when the need to print is urgent.
Scan to Searchable PDF format
for easy archiving, organising, searching
and sharing. Creating a text searchable
PDF file is as easy as choosing a file
format when programming a scan job
– it can even be designated the
default format .
Optional Searchable PDF Kit is required.
Store frequently printed documents.
Increase employee efficiency with robust
scanning features that store frequently
used forms and documents in the device’s
hard drive for subsequent reprinting.
Light directory access protocol
(LDAP) takes the time and effort out
of scanning a document to email by
providing users with search access to the
email address of an intended recipient
from the address book on the server.
Streamline network traffic and
create greater operational efficiency
by sending information via a URL link.
Send a URL link that brings you directly
to a file’s location rather than the
document itself.
Easily scan single files into one
merged document or split one large
document into single files.
4 DocuCentre-III C7600 / C6500 / C5500
Nothing gets noticed like colour.
2,400 x 2,400 dpi output print resolution
gives your documents optimum clarity
and impact.
Automatic colour sensing technology
JPEG files retrieved directly from the DCIM folder
can be printed.
Using built-in image sensing technology,
the DocuCentre-III C7600 / C6500 / C5500
automatically recognises when colour is
used and will capture this information in
the device meters.
Run at gigabit speeds. The DocuCentre
controller supports optional Gigabit
Ethernet connections.
Increase efficiency with
Scan to Email for quick
document distribution to
multiple email addresses
Performance to increase productivity
Why crowd the office with multiple devices when one can meet all your needs?
The DocuCentre-III C7600 / C6500 / C5500 multifunction devices have the
features you use everyday and the power to be true multitaskers.
Breakthrough print driver platform that can significantly
reduce costs and increase the efficiencies of printer management
and support. A Fuji Xerox common print driver provides users
and network administrators with a single driver interface that
communicates with multiple Fuji Xerox devices .
Available for specific models only.
WHQL certified PCL (standard) and PostScript (optional)
print drivers provide a consistent, easy-to-use interface for
Electronic fax (with optional Internet Fax Kit). If there
is a concern about faxes getting lost in piles of other documents,
this feature eliminates paper wastage and provides peace of
mind. The optional Internet Fax Kit will route incoming faxes
to a nominated email address, as a TIFF file for retrieval and
further distribution on demand.
Incoming fax
end-users that can greatly simplify your printing operations.
Save time by storing the settings of frequently printed
documents as favourites in your print driver. Settings include
paper sizes, covers, duplexing, finishing and more.
Advanced copy and print features. Plenty of support for
specialised print applications, such as Annotation, Delayed
Print and Watermark right from the print driver.
Restrict users from sending faxes to numbers not listed
in your address book. This security feature will help protect the
leakage of confidential information and reduce costs by
preventing users from using the fax function for non-business
related purposes.
Capture and store undelivered faxes sent directly
from the device. The fax number can be edited at the
user interface and re-sent if required, without rescanning
the document(s).
Block unwanted (junk) fax numbers. This allows you to
block specified fax numbers, so it does not print faxes received
from those numbers in the future.
Drop down menu for secure print,
fax, save to mailbox and more
Paper selection summary window
Favourite print settings
Help function for feature descriptions
and driver assistance
DocuCentre-III C7600 / C6500 / C5500
Maximum manageability and security
Flexible, scalable tools and a high degree of control ensure that your DocuCentre
devices are easy to deploy and maintain on your corporate network.
Latest in Internet standards and protocols
DocuCentre-III C7600 / C6500 / C5500 multifunction devices support the new IPv6 standard, which opens up additional IP addressing opportunities across the
Internet and inside enterprise firewalls. IPv6 provides additional
network security, better network routing and configuration, and
improved support for high volume printing and larger print jobs.
Remote fleet configuration. CentreWare Internet Services
allows for simplified device configuration and administration,
and lets you easily clone configurations to other similar devices
on the network.
IPSec. IPv6 support includes full enablement of the
IPSec standard, one of the strongest and most versatile
security standards.
802.1x Port Based Network Access Control ensures
that devices that are connected to the network have the
proper authorisation.
Secure Print helps prevent unauthorised viewers from seeing
documents by holding jobs in the print queue until the user
is authenticated, eliminating paper wastage and securing
confidential information.
Configure auditron
Upload email / fax address
books as CSV files
Monitor paper tray /
consumables status
Monitor job queues
Submit driverless print jobs
The optional Secure Watermark Kit can help prevent the
unauthorised reproduction of sensitive material. Documents
featuring this secure watermark cannot be copied, scanned
or faxed using similarly equipped devices.
Data security kit available as an option with DocuCentre
devices provides administrators with three security options:
Data overwrite
Data delete
Data is encrypted
Data is overwritten
by single or triple
method with “O” or
random number
Data is completely
Manage colour printing to minimise costs. Control costs
by nominating when colour could be used and by whom. This
helps to ensure that colour is available to those individuals who
truly leverage its power - such as the sales teams and
marketing department.
Manage and track device usage using Xerox Standard
Accounting. Device usage reports can be obtained and
presented as a CSV file for greater cost control of printing,
copying, scanning and faxing.
CentreWare Web management tool makes it easy for
administrators to install, configure, manage, monitor and
report on all SNMP compliant devices on your network,
regardless of manufacturer.
Prevent losing your settings after a fatal system failure
with the Setting Restore Tool. This tool will backup the settings
stored on your hard drive and easily restore these settings .
DocuCentre-III C7600 / C6500 / C5500
Settings can only be restored after changing the hard disk of the device.
Fuji Xerox and environmental sustainability
Fuji Xerox technology and services are designed and managed to improve
sustainability performance for its customers. Our equipment features environmentally
responsible design and energy efficient enhancements.
Our document software and digital technologies help reduce paper wastage and
our services enable clients to improve the efficiency of document intensive business
processes and optimise their equipment infrastructure to save costs and cut
carbon emissions.
Design for the environment.
Every piece of Fuji Xerox equipment is designed with the
environment in mind and our achievements include:
Eliminating the need to use hazardous material such
as lead-based solder;
Enabling low energy consumption during use of
the machine;
Utilising innovative and energy efficient toner;
Minimising the use of new resources; and
Facilitating the remanufacture or recycling of used machines and parts at end of life
A leader in product stewardship. Fuji Xerox was first in the
industry with products made from reused components and takes
responsibility for all end-of-life products. We achieve over 99%
resource recovery from the products returned to us at end of life.
Integrated Recycling System is based on three concepts:
Closed loop system - we ensure used products are thoroughly and effectively used as resources;
Inverse manufacturing - products are designed to minimise environmental impacts and maximise parts
reuse; and
Zero emissions - parts that cannot be reused are separated and recycled, and used as new materials again
Carbon calculator. Fuji Xerox Australia has developed a
carbon calculator that estimates the energy consumed through
the operation of an office document infrastructure. We can
demonstrate how replacing and / or consolidating devices
may reduce your carbon footprint while providing enhanced
functionality and a platform for future innovation.
DocuCentre-III C7600 / C6500 / C5500
Specifications of DocuCentre-III C7600 / C6500 / C5500 Series
Copy Function
Scanning Resolution
Warm-up Time
Original Paper Size
Output Paper Size
Output Paper Weight
First Copy Output Time
Continuous Copy Speed
Paper Tray Capacity
Output Tray Capacity
Power Supply
Power Consumption
Machine Weight
Used space: 66 GB.
Print Function
Print Resolution
Operating System
DocuCentre-III C7600 DocuCentre-III C6500 DocuCentre-III C5500
Console type
1,024 MB
160 GB1
600 x 600 dpi
95 sec or less (at room temperature 20ºC)
Max: A3 for both sheet and book originals
Max: A3 (11 x 17”) [For Bypass Tray: 13 x 19” (330 x 483 mm), 12.6 x 19.2” (320 x 488 mm)]
Min: A5 [For Bypass Tray: Postcard (100 x 148 mm)]
Tray: 64 - 176 gsm, Bypass Tray: 64 - 280 gsm4
4.1 sec or less <BW> 4.1 sec or less <BW>
6.6 sec or less <Colour> 7.5 sec or less <Colour>
A4: 75 ppm <BW> 65 ppm <BW> 55 ppm <BW>
A4: 60 ppm <Colour> 50 ppm <Colour> 50 ppm <Colour>
A3: 37 ppm <BW> 33 ppm <BW> 28 ppm <BW>
A3: 30 ppm <Colour> 25 ppm <Colour> 25 ppm <Colour>
Standard: 500 sheets x 2Tray + 870 sheets + 1,140 sheets + Bypass Tray 250 sheets
Optional: High Capacity Feeder: 2,000 sheets
Max: 5,260 sheets [Standard + High Capacity Feeder]
500 sheets (Simple Catch Tray)
AC 220-240 V, 10 A, 50 / 60 Hz
Running: 1148 W, Standby: 235 W, Low Power: 148 W, Sleep Mode: 7 W
Middle-size Operational Panel: W 700 x D 817 x H 1,154 mm
Large-size Operational Panel (L): W 1,011 x D 781 x H 1,370 mm
Large-size Operational Panel (R): W 1,195 x D 781 x H 1,451 mm
Up to 252 kg
DocuCentre-III C7600 DocuCentre-III C6500 DocuCentre-III C5500
Built-in type
2,400 x 2,400 dpi
PCL6, PCL5 (Standard), Adobe® PostScript® 3 (Optional)
Standard (PCL): Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows® XPx64, Windows Server® 2003,
Windows Server® 2003 x64, Windows Vista®, Windows Vista® x64, Windows Server® 2008,
Windows Server® 2008 x64
Optional (PostScript): Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows® XPx64,
Windows Server® 2003, Windows Server® 2003 x64, Windows Vista®, Windows Vista® x64,
Windows Server® 2008, Windows Server® 2008 x64, Mac OS X 10.3.9-10.4.11 (except 10.4.7), Mac OS X 10.5
Standard: Ethernet 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T, Optional: 1000BASE-T, USB2.02
Supports Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows Server® 2003, Windows Server 2008, MacOS 10.3.
Scan Function
Scanning Speed
Scanning Resolution
Scan Destinations
DocuCentre-III C7600 DocuCentre-III C6500 DocuCentre-III C5500
Colour Scanner
Black: 100 ppm, Colour: 50 ppm
600 x 600 dpi, 400 x 400 dpi, 300 x 300 dpi, 200 x 200 dpi
Ethernet 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T / 1000BASE-T(Option)
Scan to Email, Folder, PC / Server (using FTP / SMB protocol)
Fax Function (Optional)
Send Document Size
Transmission Time
Transmission Mode
No. of Fax Lines
DocuCentre-III C7600 DocuCentre-III C6500
Max: A3, 11 x 17”
Less than 3 seconds
1 line or 3 lines (Max.)
Duplex Automatic Document Feeder
Original Paper Size
Output Paper Weight
DocuCentre-III C7600 DocuCentre-III C6500
250 sheets
Max: A3, Min: A5
38 - 200 gsm (Duplex: 50 - 128gsm)
DocuCentre-III C5500
C-Finisher with Booklet Maker (Optional) 3
Paper Size / Paper Weight
Stacker Capacity
Paper Size
Paper Size / Paper Weight
Number of Holes
Booklet Finishing
Paper Size
Paper Weight
DocuCentre-III C7600 DocuCentre-III C6500 DocuCentre-III C5500
Exit Tray: Max. 13 x 19”, 12.6 x 19.2” (320 x 488 mm), Min. (100 x 148 mm), 64 - 280 gsm
Finisher Tray: Max. 13 x 19”, 12.6 x 19.2” (320 x 488 mm), Min. B5 LEF, 64 - 176 gsm
Booklet Tray: Max. 13 x 18”, Min. A4, Letter (8.5 x 11”), 64 - 90 gsm4
Exit Tray: 500 sheets (A4)
Finisher Tray: up to 1,500 sheets or 200 stapled sets
Booklet Tray: 20 copies
50 sheets (Max 90 gsm)
Max: A3, 11 x 17”, Min: B5 LEF
1 position (Front, Rear / Corner), 2 positions (Parallel)
A3, 11 x 17”, B4, A4, Letter (8.5 x 11”), B5 LEF, 64 - 176 gsm
2 / 4 holes (Option US 2 / 3 holes)
Booklet: 15 sheets, Bi-Fold: 5 sheets
Max: 13 x 18”, Min: A4, Letter (8.5 x 11”)
Booklet: 64 - 90 gsm, Bi-Fold: 64 - 105 gsm
Non Booklet Maker C-Finisher is available with stacker capacity A4 up to 3,000 sheets.
D-Finisher with Booklet Maker (Optional)
Paper Size / Paper Weight
Stacker Capacity
Paper Size
Paper Size / Paper Weight
Number of Holes
Booklet Finishing
Paper Size
Paper Weight
Paper Size
Paper Weight
DocuCentre-III C7600 DocuCentre-III C6500 DocuCentre-III C5500
Exit Tray: Max.13 x 19”, 12.6 x 19.2”(320 x 488 mm), Min. Postcard (100 x 148 mm), 64 - 280 gsm
Finisher Tray: Max. 13 x 19”,12.6 x 19.2” (320 x 488 mm), Min. B5 LEF, 64 - 280 gsm
Booklet Tray: Max. 13 x 18”, Min. A4, Letter 8.5 x 11”) , 64 - 90 gsm4
Exit Tray: 500 sheets (A4)
FinisherTray: Up to 2,000 sheets or 200 stapled sets
Booklet Tray: 20 sets
100 sheets (64 - 90 gsm)
Max: A3, 11 x 17” Min: B5 LEF
Single (Front / Corner, Center / Parallel, Back / Parallel, Corner), Dual (Parallel)
A3, 11 x 17”, B4, A4, Letter (8.5 x 11”), B5 LEF, 64 - 176 gsm
2 / 4 holes
Booklet: 15 sheets, Bi-Fold: 5 sheets
Max: 13 x 18”, Min: A4, Letter (8.5 x 11”)
Booklet: 64 - 90 gsm, Bi-Fold: 64 - 105 gsm
Paper size: A3, 11 x 17”, B4, Paper Weight: 64 - 90 gsm
Paper size: A4, Letter (8.5 x 11”), Paper Weight: 64 - 90 gsm
200 sheets
Max: A3, 11 x 17” Min: B5 LEF
64 - 220 gsm
High Capacity Feeder (Optional)
DocuCentre-III C7600 DocuCentre-III C6500 DocuCentre-III C5500
Paper Size / Paper Weight A4 LEF, Letter (8.5 x 11”) LEF, B5 LEF, 64 - 176 gsm
2,000 sheets
Performance may vary when using coated, heavyweight or special stock.
Customer Expectation Document (CED)
For detailed product specifications, optimum performance parameters and service clearances
refer to the Customer Expectation Document.
DocuCentre-III C5500
Protecting the environment is a fundamental component of our company’s commitment to
corporate citizenship. At Fuji Xerox Australia, we supply products that have been designed with
both our customers and the environment in mind. As a world leader in the development of parts
and components Remanufacturing Programs, we have made Eco Manufacturing an integral part
of our business. All our sites have achieved ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System
Certification, as a demonstration of our commitment to protecting the environment.
ISO 14001
Reproduction Prohibitions. Please note that the reproduction of the following is prohibited by law: domestic and overseas
bank notes, government-issued securities, national bonds and local bond certificates; unused postage stamps and some post
cards; certificate stamps; and copyright material (literary works, musical works, paintings, engraving, maps, cinematographic
works, photographic works etc) except where and to the extent that the local law provides otherwise. This product is equipment
with anti-counterfeit feature. This feature is not intended to prevent illegal reproduction. Descriptions in this material, product specifications and / or appearances are subject to change without prior notice due to
improvements. Please note that the product colour appears differently from the actual colour as a result of properties of
papers or printing ink. Windows and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Macintosh, Mac OS
and Ether Talk are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated
in each country.
For Your Safe Use
Spares for the standard configuration of installed machines are supported for up to 7 years from the date of the end of
machine production.
Before using the product, read the Instruction Manual carefully for proper use.
Use the product with an appropriate adequate power source and voltage displayed. Be sure to establish a ground.
In the case of a failure or short circuit, an electric shock may result.
For more information or detailed product specifications,
call or visit us at
Fuji Xerox Australia 101 Waterloo Road,
Macquarie Park NSW 2113
Tel. (02) 9856 5000 Fax. (02) 9856 5003
w w w . f u j i x e r o x . c o m . au
XEROX, and the sphere of connectivity design are trademarks or registered trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the U.S. and or other countries. DocuCentre is a trademark or registered trademark of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
July 2009
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