ROBO SCOOTER® 400 and 600 - WOLF

ROBO SCOOTER® 400 and 600 - WOLF
400 and 600
Sit back and relax – mowing
has never been so easy
Perfect cut. Perfect timing.
The WOLF-Garten robotic lawn mowers are remarkable
allrounders, capable of handling even spacious terrain all by
themselves. Besides being fun to watch, they do a great job
grooming your grass areas to perfection.
Mowing, mulching, trimming – all in a days work. Once the
basic data such as lawn size and contour cutting has been
entered, the battery-powered ROBO SCOOTERS® are ready to
mow, no further help needed. As power levels decrease
and the battery needs to recharge, the ROBO SCOOTER®
independently pilots back to the charging unit. Fully charged,
the ROBO SCOOTERS® continue mowing immediately, the
trimming of the edges included.
Lawn care – the reliable and safe way. The perimeter wire
is easily laid out, serving as an invisible barrier which keeps
the ROBO SCOOTERS® from leaving the designated mowing
areas. When they bump into something, they promptly change
direction and continue mowing. In addition, all models are
equipped with numerous sensors, which immediately halt the
blade/-s, when the ROBO SCOOTER® is either lifted, tilted, if
it bumps into rigid obstacles or in the event of a downpour.
An integrated alarm system also keeps thieves away.
Intuitive installation and
The perimeter wire which defines the mowing area is easily
layed out in no time. The easy-to-use display facilitates the
initial operation. At the beginning of each mowing cycle, the
ROBO SCOOTER® leaves the base station and then starts
mowing the edge along the perimeter wire until he finally
returns to the base station (yellow arrows). Then he immediately leaves the base station again and starts mowing with a
random offset (red arrows).
Scan the QR code to find additional information about the
installation and set-up of your ROBO SCOOTER® in the video.
Connect your
ROBO SCOOTER® with your
Smartphone/ Tablet PC
The ROBO SCOOTER® 400 and 600 come with a
Bluetooth connectivity which enables programming and
settings through your Smartphone or Tablet PC.
Battery status
of your ROBO
Start mowing
with or without
edge cutting
» Pilot back to the
charging unit
» Stop mowing
» Enable/disable
Next mowing
time of
your ROBO
The advantages at a glance:
»Remote control function
»Simplified programming
»Useful mowing plan creation
»Programming of the sub zones
»Simple connection via Bluetooth
General status (Docking in the base, mowing/edge mowing,
stopped or winter charge)
Connectivity status
Remote control function
The top advantages
of a WOLF-Garten
Intuitive handling and
easy installation
Decide when you don’t want to have the ROBO SCOOTER®
on the lawn. This facilitates the initial operation. The
perimeter wire which defines the mowing area is easily
layed out in no time.
No more timeconsuming edge
In the edge-cut mode the lawn edges are trimmed so
precisely that you can save yourself a manual, timeconsuming rework, for example along footpaths or beds
(see shaded area in picture).
More time to enjoy
your garden
Due to its large cutting width and latest battery tech­
nology the ROBO SCOOTER® has a shortend mowing
time. Therefore it can cope with a very large terrain
­before the battery requires a recharge and you have
more time left to enjoy your garden.
No blade change
during the season
The blades of the WOLF-Garten ROBO SCOOTER® offer two
immediate advantages: they are made of highly durable
steel and the cutting height can be adjusted to the desired
grass length. This enables you to go an entire season without servicing the blades and also allows you to easily mow
higher grass, e.g. after holidays or at the beginning of the
season. You don’t need a conventional lawn mower. Thus,
you not only save space in your garage, but also money.
High level of safety
Specially developed sensors guarantee a high level
of safety. An electronic key lock system prevents
unauthorized use, e.g. by kids. A tilt/lift sensor stops
the operation of the ROBO SCOOTER® when lifted off the
ground and a touch sensor prevents damage to the
machine and the environment. Blades and wheel drive
will stop immediately in the case of an event.
Trackless return to
the charging station
The ROBO SCOOTER® returns to the base station automatically, as soon as the battery needs to recharge.
It seeks the shortest way to the boundary wire and drives
back to its base station counterclockwise. To avoid
tracks on the grass, an intelligent program lets the
ROBO SCOOTER® drive alongside the cable with a random
offset every time it returns to the station.
Enabling perfect
cutting patterns –
the rain sensor
When cutting wet lawns, clippings tend to clog up the
cutting deck resulting in uneven cutting patterns. The rain
sensor prevents this from happening by monitoring the
surrounding moisture level. Is the preset humidity level
exceeded, the ROBO SCOOTER® immediately returns to,
or remains in the base station, minimizing the cleaning
effort and keeping your lawn in perfect condition.
The mulching mode –
the convenient alternative to collecting
and disposing
With the ROBO SCOOTER® you no longer have to dispose
of grass clippings.Due to the enclosed cutting deck and
the extremely high rotation speed of the blades the
grass is chipped into small pieces and spread on to the
lawn. The grass cuttings consist of 90% water and
therefore resupply the sward with additional water.
“Winter charging
The power maintenance function keeps the battery healthy
after the mowing season. Hooked up to a ­standard power
source, the ROBO SCOOTER® is safely stowed away for the
winter season in your basement or garage. No more risk of
overcharging, overheating or battery power loss.
Remote control
With the remote control (Bluetooth) you can mow or
manoeuvre from the main mowing zone to any other
designated zone, e.g. in hard to reach angles of your
garden. You can also navigate it from the garage to the
mowing area or into a second mowing area.
Perimeter switch for
separate zones
Battery for perimeter
switch, if no 230V is
Extra ­perimeter wire
(150 metres)
Extra plastic pegs for
securing perimeter
wire (50 pieces)
Extra connectors
for perimeter wire
(10 pieces)
Remote control
The ROBO SCOOTER® models:
For lawn areas
Up to 400 m²
Up to 600 m²
Cutting width
28 cm
28 cm
15-60 mm
15-60 mm
running time
50-65 min
50-65 min
50-70 min
50-70 min
60.5 / 44 / 27 cm
60.5 / 44 / 27 cm
26V Lithium Iron-Phosphate
battery, 2000 cycles
(LiFePO4), 3Ah
26V Lithium Iron-Phosphate
battery, 2000 cycles
(LiFePO4) 3Ah
Blade motors
1 x 200 W
1 x 200 W
Sub zones
1 (via App), separate
zones possible
1 (via App), separate zones
10.5 kg (incl. battery
10.5 kg (incl. battery
Mulch system
Rain sensor, bump sensor,
lift sensor, tilt sensor
Rain sensor, bump sensor,
lift sensor, tilt sensor
Edge cutting
PIN code and alarm
PIN code and alarm
Scope of
200 pegs, 4 metal pegs for
the base station, 150 m
perimeter wire, signal
module, 15 m extension
cable, Roboruler, operating
manual, installation DVD,
optional remote control
250 pegs, 4 metal pegs for
the base station, 150 m
perimeter wire, signal
module, 15 m extension
cable, Roboruler, operating
manual, installation DVD,
optional remote control
Special long-term lawn fertiliser
for the use in combination with
robotic mowers
… and lawn care is almost done by itself!
You never have to mow again by yourself but nevertheless
always have a perfectly cultivated and neatly cut lawn –
thanks to the ROBO SCOOTER® and the corresponding
special fertiliser.
The use of your ROBO SCOOTER® changes the life conditions
of your lawn. It is cut every day and spreaded-finely chaffedonto the lawn again. Soil organisms then decompose the
grass and release important nutrients and water back to the
lawn. This process of transformation depends i.e. on the soil
temperature and -humidity. Especially at the beginning of
vegetation and during summer a lack of nutrients can occur.
For a healthy and dense growth your lawn regularly needs a
special and balanced mix of mineral nutrients. A combination
of immediately effective nitrogen and long-term nitrogen
compensates the insufficient nitric release from the cuttings.
This guarantees a consistent and appropriate nitrogen
supply over a long period of time and prevents deficiency
symptoms. Application: During the first year when you start
using your ROBO SCOOTER® in your garden, you should apply
the fertiliser in spring and in midsummer. In the second year
a single application in early summer can already suffice.
The result is a real eye-catcher:
A lush and rich green dream lawn!
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