- Vantage LED

- Vantage LED
with Dynamic LED Message Signs
for Medical
The Answer Is Simple:
LED Signs are a One-Time Investment for On-Premise Targeted Advertising
that advertises & brands your practice with custom content that speaks to your community
to promote your expertise, services, and specials to grow your clientele.
When Compared To:
Print, Radio, or TV advertising at a one-time expense for an ad that only appears once;
costs more per exposure to a broader audience that, hopefully, is interested in your practice,
sees or hears your ad, and knows where you are located.
We’ll help determine the proper LED sign size for your location
Simply login from any PC, Mac, or iPad and start controlling your own advertising.
Use the online message editor, create schedules, assign multiple users, & more.
Display Dynamic Messages and Increase Awareness
“Get Your Flu Shot!” “Diabetic Screening” “Visit Our Medical Clinic”
“FREE Cholesterol Screenings Available”
“Emergency Wait 10 Min”
ic Time?
Peak offer can turn
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Let our Professional Designers Create Custom Messages
Use the integrated Graphic Request form and let our professional designers standing by
create custom messages for you made specific to your business and LED sign size.
And Complete Peace of Mind
Ultra low power consumption, 7 year Comprehensive Parts Warranty, and a 7 year On-Site Parts
Replacement Service. Eliminate the worries of maintenance and focus on your new clients.
“It was the easiest and best decision I ever made for my hospital.”
- Dr. Robert Foster, Hospital Director
Control Your LED Signs from Any Device. Anytime. Anywhere...with SM Infinity™
What is it?
SM Infinity™ is 100% cloud-based software.
It resides on a central server that you can access through a secure
Internet connection. There is no software to load, no CDs to keep
track of, and you’re always using the latest version , plus all your
content is organized securely online and backed up daily.
Login Screen
How do I use it?
Is it better?
Compared to local software
Most operating software restricted to one computer via a
verification code or a dongle key and demands you to learn the
software, be the graphic artist, and send messages with little to no
help. Our software allows multiple permission-based users who can
operate the sign from any computer.
Graphic Library
Features and Updates
Everytime you log in, you are always using the latest
version and the best features available.
Internet Web or Mobile Access
Simply login securely at www.sminfinity.com and start controlling
the LED sign from any PC or Mac connected to the internet,
or simply launch the app on an iPad or iPad mini,
or use any other mobile tablet via it’s internet browser.
What’s the true beauty of cloud-based software?
What makes it different? Personalized Content Creation
SM Infinity™ is the only software to have the personal attention of
professional graphic designers standing by via an integrated
request form to create custom dynamic content specifically for your
LED sign, or use Doodle™, our online message editor for a quick
message, or upload any graphics/animations you created.
Emergency Alert Service:
Amber Alert or Severe Weather coming?
The LED sign can automatically
help alert the community using
IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert &
Warning System) made by FEMA
Conditional Messaging:
Is it cold outside?
The LED sign can automatically
display “Icy conditions, Please
drive safely!”.
Knowing what, when, and how
long each message is playing
is valuable information to
compare to your sales reports.
Doodle Message Editor
powered by
Never An Ordinary Experience
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