NOS 14168 Nitrous Bottle Valve Installation Instructions

NOS 14168 Nitrous Bottle Valve Installation Instructions
P/N 14168NOS
Congratulations on purchasing your NOS Remote bottle opener! This opener allows you to open and close your nitrous bottle
from the driver’s compartment with the flip of a switch.
WARNING! All instructions should be read and thoroughly understood before beginning the installation.
Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Use a small flat-head screwdriver or pick to remove the cap from your NOS bottle valve handle.
Use a 1/2” socket to loosen the nut (BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO OPEN THE BOTTLE VALVE) and remove the handle
from the top of your NOS bottle.
Slip the bottle gear over the square brass stem on top of the valve and reinstall the lock nut. Tighten securely.
Carefully use a straight blade screw driver to quickly crack the valve open and closed. Be very careful not to expose skin or
eyes to nitrous spurt if there are no attachments on the bottle opening. This step is to ensure that the bottle valve was not
over torqued and too tight for the motor to open.
WARNING! Don’t inhale nitrous; death may occur. Contact with skin can cause frostbite.
Install the bottle opener body over the bottle gear, making sure the gear on the motor meshes with your bottle gear.
Once the main body is installed correctly, tighten the T-bolt clamp securely.
Using the supplied Velcro, mount the electrical box in a location as close to the bottle as practical.
Connect the two-pin weather pack from the electric motor to the mate attached to the electrical box.
10. Connect the orange wire (with fuse) to key-on 12V power source.
11. In the driver compartment, drill a 1/2” hole and install the supplied arming switch. NOTE: Be careful not to drill into electrical
devices or wires behind mounting panel.
12. Connect the blue wire from the electrical box to the center terminal of the arming switch.
13. On the arming switch, connect the pin closest to LED to ground (see diagram). Connect the terminal away from the LED to
key-on 12V power supply.
14. Make sure the switch is in the closed position (LED up).
15. Reconnect the negative battery cable.
16. The installation is now complete.
17. Switch the rocker to the open position. The LED should turn on and your bottle should open.
NOTE: If the vehicle has a purge valve, use the valve to see if the bottle is open. Vehicles without purges will need to break a
line open. If the nitrous does not come out, check all wiring and retest.
18. Switch the rocker off, and the bottle should close. Purge the line to ensure proper operation.
NOS Technical Support
Toll-Free Phone: 1-866-GOHOLLEY
Phone: 1-270-781-9741
Fax: 1-270-781-9772
For online help, please refer to the Tech Service section of our website:
For bottle refill information: 1-800-99-REFILL
Date: 06-25-04
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