Cummins Allison Jetscan 150 Currency Scanner

Cummins Allison Jetscan 150 Currency Scanner
JetScan 150
Currency Scanner
1.5 Pocket Model
productivity with
an extra pocket
When you process significant amounts of
currency, you need a machine that keeps up with
you. The JetScan® 150 currency scanner features
a fully functioning pocket plus a reject pocket
so that you can keep processing cash without
stopping. When you need off-sorting but don’t
need two fully functioning pockets, it’s a perfect fit
for your operations.
Scanning, denominating
and counting
The JetScan 150 examines each bill and
determines its value, so you save time by
not having to pre-sort bills into separate
denominations. Not only can you count
mixed currency, but you can also sort
mixed stacks into specific denominations,
allowing you to replenish teller drawers, tills
and cash dispensers quickly and easily.
Scanning also allows you to reduce errors
when strapping by identifying a “stranger”
bill that does not belong in that strap,
such as a $20 bill in a strap of $1s, and
the stranger off-sorts to the extra pocket
without stopping. You’ll balance correctly
the first time and finish the job faster.
Processing modes to fit you
Easy to use
The JetScan 150 features several different
operating modes, which means users can
operate the machine in ways that fit their
situations best. Whether it’s a financial
institution, retail environment, vending
company, vault or gaming organization,
the JetScan 150 configures to almost
any need.
Ease of use means time savings, and
that means cost savings. Whether you
have high turnover or simply want to avoid
errors, the JetScan 150 is easy to use.
New operators need less training to get
started, and veteran users never miss a
beat. The touch-screen display allows the
user to easily switch modes, get reports,
and navigate the interface.
At processing
speeds of 940 bills
per minute, you can
catch strangers,
reject problem bills,
sort, face and orient,
all without stopping.
Keep your cash, customers
and operations moving
The advantage is the extra pocket
The reject pocket is what differentiates the JetScan 150 from a one-pocket machine.
This extra pocket allows for additional capabilities and functionality that are difficult or
impractical in a single-pocket device. Users enjoy non-stop processing with the various
modes because bills can be sorted to both pockets without the scanner stopping.
Reducing stops increases productivity and efficiency and gets the job done faster. Most
modes take advantage of the extra pocket:
Mixed: Mutilated, hard-to-read and other problem bills are off-sorted to the reject pocket
while the machine continues to process currency in the main pocket without stopping.
Stranger: When counting a particular denomination, a bill that doesn't belong in the stack
can be off-sorted while the machine continues to count. For instance, when counting $20
bills, an erroneous $1 bill is off-sorted to the reject pocket without stopping.
Face: Easily sort bills so they are face-up in one pocket and face-down in the other pocket.
Orient: Easily sort bills so that they are heads-up in one pocket and heads-down in
another pocket.
Reject reason: Tells user why notes were rejected.
Counterfeit detection at all levels
Whether you want to prevent recirculating counterfeit bills back to
your customers or prevent counterfeits from entering your cash
pool in the first place, you can enable counterfeit detection at
various levels to quickly identify fake money. Equipped with
magnetic, ultraviolet and infrared sensors, you can be confident
in catching most counterfeit bills. Suspect documents can be offsorted without stopping or can stop the machine and present the
possible counterfeit.
Printed reports
Print detailed or summary reports on our
compact thermal or impact printers. Many
reports can be automatically printed as you
process currency, or you can print them ondemand only when you want them. Printed
reports give you a physical record of your
counts that you can store or process further.
Local sales and service support.
A partner you can trust.
When you’re thinking of products for your business, you also think
about supporting them. Cummins Allison has the largest network of
local offices to support you and your business with sales and service
expertise unmatched by anyone else. 97% of our customers would
recommend us, so you can be assured that you’re doing business
with a company that stands behind its products.
Minimize interruptions
and keep work moving
with the 1.5 pocket
JetScan 150 scanner.
JetScan® 150 Currency Scanner
Currency processing specifications
Feeder type: Automatic feeder with auto-sensing
document detection.
Denominations scanned: $1, $2, $5, $10, $20,
$50 and $100.
Transport: Beltless transport path.
Speed: 940 bills per minute.
Four levels of memory: Keeps separate totals
for: batch totals, sub-totals, grand totals and day
Counterfeit detection: Magnetic, fluorescent,
ultraviolet and infrared.
Adjustable pocket and strap stops: Strap stop
limits can be established for each denomination
and a separate pocket limit for mix mode.
Document size: Height: 2.41" to 4.0".
Length: 4.5" to 8.75".
Printer: Optional impact or thermal printers
Device Specifications
Unit/value display: Totals are shown as units
and dollars.
Feeder capacity: 600 bills.
Add function: For cumulative counting when
Reject pocket capacity: 100 bills.
Verification: Allows currency to be counted or
recounted without changing day totals.
Weight: 29 pounds.
Manual add: Lets users manually add counts for
notes that are mutilated and not fully processed.
Power: 100~240VAC at 60/50Hz. Customer
must provide an electrical supply properly
grounded and protected by a circuit breaker in
accordance with applicable electric code. Power
conditioning/stabilizing devices are available
through Cummins Allison.
Stacker pocket capacity: 200 bills.
Dimensions: 11.8" W x 11.4" D x 11.8" H.
Scanning sensors: Contact imaging sensor
(CIS) and ultrasonic.
Interface/communications: USB, RS232 and
Display: 4.3” color touch screen.
To learn more about how the
JetScan 150 currency scanner
helps you achieve maximum
efficiency please visit
852 Feehanville Drive
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
800 786 5528
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Generations of Vision and Excellence
Cummins Allison sets the standard for accuracy and dependability.
Cummins Allison is a global leader in developing solutions that quickly and efficiently count, sort and authenticate currency, checks and coin. We also offer a complete
line of full-function automated teller machines (ATMs). Our leadership in technology and product innovation spans more than 125 years. Cummins Allison serves the
majority of financial institutions worldwide, as well as leading organizations in retail, gaming, law enforcement and government. Ninety-seven percent of our customers
would recommend our products and services.
The company holds more than 350 patents and invests double the industry average in R&D. Our world-class sales and service network includes hundreds of local
representatives in more than 50 offices in North America, wholly-owned subsidiaries in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ireland and Australia and is
represented in more than 70 countries around the world.
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