www.momentumwatch.com FLATLINE CHRONO

www.momentumwatch.com FLATLINE CHRONO
Please read instructions carefully
to understand how to operate your
Momentum® watch. Your model may
not have all of the features described
in this booklet.
Service In Canada:
SMWC Service Centre
1140 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver BC V6H 1B4 Canada
Service In The US:
SMWC Service Center
264 H Street, Suite D
Blaine WA 98230 USA
For a Repair Form and the latest address
for the Momentum® Service Centre
nearest you, (including service in Europe
and the United Kingdom), please check
our website (under “Service”):
Pour une formule s.a.v. et l’adresse du
Centre de Service Momentum® le plus
proche de chez vous, (y compris pour le
s.a.v. en Europe et en Royaume Unie),
veuillez regarder sur notre site web;
(sous la rubrique « Service »)
Ein Service-Formular und die Adresse des
nächsten Momentum® Service-Centre
(auch für Europa und Großbritannien),
finden Sie auf unserer Webseite, unter
Thank you for your purchase. This quartz
watch has been carefully designed to give
you years of reliable service. The design
incorporates the latest watchmaking
technology. Please let us know if you have
any comments or suggestions as to how we
might improve our products.
Your watch is equipped with a screw-down,
locking crown (located at the three o’clock
position). This screws into the case, to
ensure a reliable water tight seal. To set
your watch, you must first unscrew the
crown by turning it counter-clockwise 3-4
turns, then pull out gently from the case for
setting. After setting or resetting the watch
always ensure that you screw the crown
back into the case by pressing it firmly into
the case; then, applying a gentle pressure
against the case, turn the crown clockwise
3-4 turns until snug. Always ensure that it
turns smoothly and is not cross-threaded.
Do not over tighten! (Finger-tight will ensure
a good water tight seal.) Failure to do so may
result in damage, even if the watch is not
immersed in water. We recommend that this
is always checked prior to contact with water.
Moisture damage caused by failure to
screw in the crown correctly is not covered
under warranty.
To set the watch, first unscrew the crown to
the neutral position (N). When the second
hand reaches 12, pull the crown out all the
way to the TIME Setting position (2). This will
automatically reset the stopwatch hands to
“O” position. Turn the hands forward until
the date in the date window changes - this
is midnight. Continue to turn the hands
forward until the correct time is displayed.
NOTE: If setting the watch in the afternoon,
you must turn the hands forward at least
12 hours, otherwise, the date will change at
noon, not midnight.
To set the date, push the crown in one stop
to position 1. Turn counter-clockwise until
today’s date shows in the date window. It is
recommended not to set the date after 9PM
or before 5AM, as this could result in the
date not changing correctly. Finally, always
remember to press in the crown and screw it
firmly into the case after setting.
Before using the stopwatch, be sure to check
Field Watch with Chrono & Date
Fonction de chronographe
Messfunktion des Chronographen
Veuillez lire attentivement les modes
d’emploi pour bien comprendre le
fonctionnement de votre montre
Momentum®. Toutes les fonctions
décrites ne sont pas disponibles sur
tous les modèles.
Lesen Sie bitte diese Anleitung für
Ihre Momentum®-Uhr genau durch.
Es ist möglich, daß Ihr Modell nicht
alle in dieser Gebrauchsanweisung
beschriebenen Funktionen aufweist.
ATTENTION: Your watch is equipped
with a screw-down crown system for
maximum water-resistance. Please refer
to your warranty / manual for important
information about this feature.
A NOTER: Pour assurer une étanchéité
optimale, votre montre est équipée
d’une couronne spéciale vissée. On vous
prie de bien vouloir lire attentivement les
modes d’emploi, pour bien comprendre
la mise à l’heure, et l’emploi de la
ACHTUNG: Ihre Uhr ist mit einer
verschraubten Krone versetzt um
eine optimale Wasserdichtigkeit zu
gewährleisten. Bitte lesen Sie vorsichtig
die Gebrauchsanweisung, um sicher zu
sein, dass Sie die Einstellung der Zeit
und Benutzung der verschraubten Krone
genau verstehen
momentum® by / par / von
st. moritz watch corp.
that the crown is set at the normal position
(threaded in against the case) and that the
stopwatch hands are set to zero position.
There are three small “eyes” inset in the
main dial of your watch: the “eye” at the top
shows 1/20 seconds and is capable of timing
10 minutes (1 second 600 times). The “eye”
at the left hand side shows constant seconds,
and the “eye” at the bottom of the main dial
shows stopwatch minutes and hours elapsed
(timing up to 12 hours).
/RESTART pushbutton A. Timing will start,
and the stopwatch second hand (the large
hand in the centre of the dial) will start
sweeping round the face in 1 second steps.
After 1 minute has elapsed, the small “eye” at
the bottom of the main dial will show 1 minute,
and continue to record elapsed minutes, as
long as the stopwatch is running. The same
“eye” at the bottom will record elapsed hours.
TO STOP TIMING, press pushbutton A again;
the timing will stop. The 1/20 second hand
will display 1/20 seconds. The timing range
is 10 minutes and automatically stops at the
zero position. TO RESET, press pushbutton
pushbutton A. Timing will start. Press
Measurement and release of split time can
be repeated by pressing pushbutton B.
TO STOP TIMING, press pushbutton A
again; the timing will stop. TO RESET, press
pushbutton B.
Press pushbutton A to start. Press
pushbutton B at finish time of 1st competitor.
Press pushbutton A when 2nd competitor
finishes. Press pushbutton B for the final
finish time of the 2nd competitor. To RESET,
press pushbutton B.
If the watch is knocked, it is possible for the
second hand (the large hand in the centre)
to become misaligned: this will prevent
the stopwatch from zeroing correctly. To
re-align the hands, pull out the crown to
position 2, then press & hold button A until
the 1/20 sec hand does a full round. Press
button B repeatedly to move the hand back
to zero position. Repeat above steps for
re-zeroing stopwatch second hand followed
by stopwatch hour & min hands. If you press
& hold button A once more, you will resume
the procedure for rezeroing 1/20 sec hand
and so on. Tip: If button B is pressed and
held, the hand(s) will move quickly.
Finally, press the crown firmly into the case
and screw it in. Press START (A) then STOP
(A) then RESET (B) to check that it is zeroing
Your new watch offers a power depletion
warning before the battery runs out. When
the small second hand (“eye” at the 9 o’clock
position) starts to jump at 2 second intervals,
this indicates that the battery will soon run
out. (Note that your watch will continue
to run and keep accurate time, for a short
period of time). When this happens, send
your watch without delay to the nearest
Momentum® Service Center.
A selection of alternate bands are available
to fit your watch: these may include natural
rubber, fabric, various styles of high quality
leather bands, or a matching metal bracelet.
If you would like to order an alternate band
for your watch, please contact your dealer, or
visit www.momentumwatch.com
Your watch is fitted with an anti-glare
sapphire crystal. Please note that while
sapphire glass is almost impossible to
scratch, an impact with a hard object can
crack or shatter it. If this happens, return
the watch to one of our Service Centres and
the crystal can be replaced. (Impact damage
is not covered under warranty.)Please check
with our Service Department.
This watch is designed as a rugged sports
watch. Each watch is waterproof tested
to 10ATM (330 FT) and can be immersed
in water, provided the crown is correctly
screwed in. Do not use the push buttons
if the watch is immersed. If the watch is
regularly serviced and maintained, you can
wear it in the shower, swimming, etc.
Avoid temperature extremes. Exposing your
watch to high temperatures, such as placing
it on the dashboard of a vehicle or use in a
jacuzzi or hot tub may cause the watch to
malfunction, shorten battery life, or cause
deformations of certain components leading
to mechanical failures. Leaving the watch
in extreme cold temperatures may cause
irregular time keeping until the watch
returns to normal operating temperatures.
For these reasons, you should remove your
watch prior to exposure.
Great care has been taken to ensure that
your watch will give you many years of
reliable service. It is guaranteed for two
years against any defect caused by a fault
in its manufacture*. Please retain your
purchase receipt as proof of warranty.
The best possible materials and components
have gone into your watch. To keep it in
top condition, please treat it with care and
have it professionally serviced at regular
intervals. * Loss or damage caused by
accident, negligence, or opening, repair by
unauthorized persons is excluded from this
warranty, as is cosmetic deterioration of
the case or bracelet caused by wear & tear
or abuse and damage caused by cracked or
broken crystals. Battery life is not covered
under warranty. Moisture damage caused
by failure to screw in the crown correctly is
also not covered under warranty.
Please retain your purchase receipt for
proof of warranty. After the initial 2-year
warranty expires, we recommend that
you extend your warranty by sending
your watch to a St. Moritz / Momentum®
Service Centre for a Full Service*. This
is a chargeable service which includes:
battery replacement, cleaning, lubrication,
and accuracy tuning of the movement
as required, lubrication or replacement
of all seals, pressure testing to original
insurance (within Canada and the US only),
and a 2 year warranty extension. After 4
years, send it in for another Full Service
and extend the warranty for a final two
years (for a total of 6 years from original
purchase date). Nobody knows your watch
like we do! Expert technicians, original
parts and the latest equipment will ensure
that your watch is serviced right. To check
current Full Service pricing please visit our
website at:
* Full Service Packages include an extension
of the original warranty (up to 6 years
from original purchase date), for as long as
parts are available. Please note, however,
that a Full Service for older, discontinued
models may not include an extension of
the warranty, if original parts are in limited
supply or unavailable. Please check with
our Customer Service Department to
confirm whether any non-current models
qualify for the extended warranty.
return it to the appropriate SMWC Service
Centre as shown in this manual.
Service Centres can provide repairs,
service, and replacement bands, promptly
and at reasonable prices. For the most
current Service Centre addresses and to
download the Service and Repair form,
please visit our website at:
(weekdays, 9am-5pm Pacific time)
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