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Treat yourself to Ten-Tec technology
Built on the solid success of the CORSAIR, the CORSAIR II goes a step further in
features and performance.
A new computer designed 16 pole ladder filter is standard, providing over 100 dB of
skirt selectivity. Weak signals adjacent to those of high intensity are easily read. And
aided by optional front panel controlled narrow band if filters and a variable active
audio filter to 150 Hz, selectivity is near ultimate.
The virtual absence of phase noise and the low noise floor allows weak signals to be
copied that lesser rigs mask . . . especially those with PLL oscillators.
In addition to outstanding receiver performance, the CORSAIR Il offers other niceties
such as a built-in keyer with a memory bank for up to 40 characters, full or semi
break-in, unique band width/pass-band tuning, dual mode noise blanker and wide and
narrow offset tuning.
The CORSAIR II has an optional second VFO that does a great deal more than just
simply another VFO built-in. It allows you to listen to the frequency on which it is
transmitting and will even provide reception of two signals on different frequencies
What the CORSAIR II does not do is add complexity that interferes with efficient
operating. The size is convenient for comfortable control spacing so you can enjoy
communicating effortlessly without a myriad of adjustments.
The World at your fing
Model 425 TITAN
CORSAIR II — The lowest
noise, cleanest and most
selective Amateur hf transceiver
on the world market.
All Solid-State, Broadband De-
sign, from the pioneer, TEN-TEC,
who introduced the first solid-state hf
transceiver in 1970, and presents this
latest refinement today: the COR-
SAIR [I final amplifier operates at full
output at 100% duty cycle on all
bands in any mode — and it won't
fold back with high SWR.
All 9 HF Bands — with all the crys-
tals supplied.
Triple Conversion Receiver with
Super Low Noise RF Preamplifier
yields sensitivity figures of 0.25 pv on
all bands, with a dynamic range of
better than 95 dB.
Variable Bandwidth Plus Pass-
band Tuning. CORSAIR II gives you
the best of everything in this most
sophisticated i-f system TEN-TEC
has ever offered. With all filters in
place, the operator has the ability to
narrow the bandwidth to relegate in-
terfering signals to the highly attenu-
ated skirts or he may choose to move
the passband to accomplish the same
effect. In ssb, the variable bandwidth
in effect narrows the passband from
either side. Two 8-pole cascaded
crystal ladder filters provide ultimate
skirt selectivity greater than 100 dB.
Optional narrow band filters may be
added and moved within the 2.4 kHz
bandwidth. In cw, the passband tun-
ing effect permits moving the pass-
band to drop out interference and
permits choosing the beatnote pitch;
filters are 1.8 kHz, 500 Hz, or 250
Hz. In RTTY, CORSAIR II permits
using a 500 Hz filter, regardless of
sideband selected.
мо = 24 KHz (FIXED)
kr ———M2.4 KHz (FIXED)
| E. — Y 24 KHr
yey, || MOVEABLE)
2.4 KHz (FIXED)
| 750HZ BEA |
500 Hz
New 8 pole Audio Bandpass Filter.
Variable control tunes from flat to
fully filtered frequency response.
Model 260 Power Supply
Dual-Range, Triple-Mode, Offset
Tuning Plus Variable Notch Filter.
Combined with CORSAIR II's
unique i-f system, the notch filter
and offset tuning provide potent
weapons against any QRM.
Built-In Speech Processor and
Dual-Mode Noise Blanker. Both
standard equipment, both front
panel controlled. The new noise
blanker offers improved perform-
ance with variable width control and
a threshold control for that fine-line
adjustment between intelligibility
and loss. The speech processor uses
a clipper/compressor design with a
range of up to 10 dB of processing,
front panel controlled, to substantial-
ly increase intelligibility by holding
vowel sounds constant while increas-
ing consonant sound levels.
Fully AMTOR compatible. Receiv-
er and transmitter switching times are
well within requirements for perfect
AMTOR performance.
Signal Purity — a TEN-TEC tradi-
tion. CORSAIR II exceeds the FCC
harmonic radiation requirements.
And it offers less than 2% distortion
to provide pleasant listening and
clean transmission.
ertips . . . with Ten-Tec
Model 561 Corsair II
All The Operator Conveniences.
The built-in headphone attenuator
permits using a higher gain setting to
enhance the signal-to-noise ratio. 5-
function meter monitors collector
current, processor level, peak for-
ward power on voice and cw, SWR,
and “S” levels with all-band accura-
cy, up to 60 dB over S9. WWV re-
ception on the 10 MHz band. Light-
ed status indicators show when the
rf attenuator is “in,” Speech Proces-
sor “on,” as well as ALC and Offset
Tuning. 6-digit readout with the
sixth digit in green for easy, fast read-
ing of the basic frequency. True fre-
quency counter is accurate on both
The CW Operator Is Well Taken
Care Of, Too. Dual-speed QSK, full
or semi break-in, front panel
selected, to fit conditions. CW signal
spotter. Ideal for DX pile-ups. Lets
you transmit exactly where the DX
station is listening. High articulation
keying — 3.5 msec rise-decay time.
Keying independent of VOX setting.
Adjustable sidetone — both pitch
and volume the way you like it.
New Built-in 40 Character Mem-
ory Keyer. Front panel speed control
Model 263G Remote VFO
8-50 wpm. Optional KR1B paddle
recommended for utilizing memory.
Complete Interfacing with Other
Equipment. A full complement of
back panel connections makes it
easy. Jacks for a separate receive
antenna for split operation or for a
(QSK linear. Inputs for separate VFO,
keyer; outputs for 12V dc, speaker.
Access to audio signals for RTTY/
AMTOR operation or phone patch.
Power Supply Versatility. COR-
SAIR uses a 13V dc design basis to
offer convenient, low cost mobile/
portable operation. Separate 115/
230V ac supply not only permits a
light-weight chassis, but isolates heat
and ac noise from the transceiver for
longer life and freedom from hum.
Beauty That’s More Than Skin
Deep. CORSAIR II looks great with
its black-out dial panel, gold LED
readout, and extruded front panel
with aluminum accents. And, the size
is just right — large enough for com-
fortable control usage, but not too
bulky for fixed station arrangement
or mobile use.
Model 214 Microphone
Reliable, American Manufacture
and Service, Fully Warranted.
CORSAIR II is manufactured under
one roof at the TEN-TEC factory in
the foothills of the Great Smoky
Mountains. We make our own circuit
boards, sheet metal parts, turnings,
stampings, injection molded parts,
transformers, coils — we even make
our own tools and molds. And our
machines are the latest, with numer-
ical controls for accuracy. We do our
own servicing, in a fraction of the
time of others, right here in the USA
— we offer phone aid to pin-point
any problems — we offer replace-
ment modules free for 12 months
after purchase and only a nominal
charge after warranty — and we war-
rant the final amplifier transistors for
5 years on a pro-rata basis.
Full Accessory Line. CORSAIR Il is
accompanied by all the accessories
for effective operating, including the
legal limit output Titan linear ampli-
fier. See the back page.
See Your TEN-TEC Dealer. He will
be happy to demonstrate the COR-
SAIR II — the best hf transceiver
we ve ever made.
Specifications and Accessories
Frequency Coverage: 1.8-2.3, 3.5-4.0, 7.0-7.5,
10.0-10.5, 14.0-14.5, 18.0-18.5, 21.0-21.5, 24.5-
25.0, 28.0-30.0 MHz transceive. (VFO provides
approximately 40 kHz overrun on each band
VFO Stability: Less than 15 Hz change per F*
averaged over a 40° change from 70° to 110° F
after 30 minutes warmup. Less than 10 Hz change
from 105 to 125 V ac line voltage when using a
TEN-TEC power supply.
Ses Rate: Vernier, 18 kHz per revolution,
Readout: 6 digit, 0.3" LED numerals.
Accuracy: + 100 Hz.
Semi-Conductors: 1 LSI, 25 IC's, 94 transistors,
109 diodes, 6 LED readouts.
PC Boards: 22 PC assemblies on glass-epoxy
boards with mass-term plug in cables.
Construction: Rigid steel chassis. Extruded alumi-
num front panel with two-tone gray inserts. Tex-
ng gray top and bottom snap-up stainless steel
Power Required: 12-14 V dc., 850 mA receive,
18.5 A max transmit.
Dimensions: HWD 544" x 15" x 14” (13 x 38 x 36
cm), bail retracted.
Net Weight: 14 lbs (6.4 kg).
Sensitivity: 0.25 pV for 10 dB S + N/N, all bands.
0.8 pV typical with RF amplifier off,
Selectivity: 16-pole crystal ladder filtering. 2.4 kHz
bandwidth, 1.6 to 1 shape factor at 6/60 dB. Three
position switch selects standard ssb filter, optional
e kHz ssb filter, 500 Hz cw filter, or 250 Hz cw
Notch Filter: Greater than 50 dB notch tunable
between 200 Hz and 3.5 kHz.
Audio Bandpass Filter: 8 pole active band pass
centered at 750 Hz. Variable fader control selects
filtered or flat audio response.
CW Spot: Removes offset and shifts BFO 750 Hz.
I-F Frequencies: 9 MHz and 6.3 MHz.
Pass Band Tuning (PBT): Shifts 2nd IF frequency
+ 1.5 kHz.
Antenna Input: Low impedance unbalanced.
Rx Antenna Input: Switchable 50 Ohm RCA pho-
E provides separate input to receiver section
Audio Output: 1 watt (1 8 ohms with less than 2%
distortion. Built-in speaker.
Spurious Responses: All below equivalent 10 dB
S + NN signal except 1.838 MHz es than 15 dB
S+N/N), 21.300 MHz (less than 20 dB S-N/N),
and 28.980 MHz (which can be eliminated by
using low end of 29.0-29.5 MHz band segment).
Noise Blanker: Switchable on/off with adjustable
threshold and blanking width.
I-F Rejection: Greater than 60 dB.
S-Meter: Automatically switched on when receiv-
ing. Calibrated to 50 pV at S9, +3 dB.
Dynamic Range: 95 dB, typical.
Offset Tuning: Dual range, MAX +4 kHz; MIN +
500 Hz, typical.
DC Power Input: Maximum 200 watts @ 14 V dc
cw and ssb. 100% duty cycle for up to 20 minutes.
RF Power Output: 85-100 watts, typical.
Output Impedance: 50 ohms, unbalanced.
Microphone Input: High impedance. Accepts high
or low impedance microphones with 5 mV output.
Polarizing voltage available for electrets.
T/R Switching: VOX or PTT on ssb. Instant break-
in or semi-break-in on cw.
CW Sidetone: Internally generated. Adjustable
tone and volume independent of af gain control.
Operates only in cw mode.
SSB Generation: 9 MHz, 8-pole crystal ladder
filter. Balanced modulator.
Programmable lambic Keyer: 8-50 wpm with 40
character memory.
Carrier Suppression: 60 dB typical.
Unwanted Sideband Suppression: 60 dB typical
at 1.5 kHz tone.
Spurious Output: Better than — 45 dB relative to
full output.
Meter: Forward power, collector current, SWR,
processing level. Selectible 4 position switch.
CW Offset: 750 Hz, automatic.
ALC Control: Front panel adjustable. 30 to 100
Watts output, LED indicator.
Main Tuning Knob; MODE; METER Switch;
threshold; PROCESS level; QSK/VOX switch;
AGC switch; XTAL switch; OFFSET SELECT
switches (2); SPOT push-button; PHONES: MIC
High speed QSK output jack (open collector);
EXT. T/R jack (relay closure); SPARE jack (uncom-
mitted RCA phono); AUX.12 VDC jacks (2);
KEYER MEM. jack for controlling keyer memory;
KEY jack; PTT jack; VFO in jack; VFO OUT Jack;
IES socket; GND terminal; EXT. SPKR jack;
KEYER PADDLE jack; POWER socket; 50 OHM
ANTENNA connector (SO-239); RX ANTENNA
jack (RCA phono); RX-TRX switch for separate
receive antenna; DELAY, GAIN, ANTI-VOX
MODEL 425 TITAN Linear Amplifier. Easily de-
livers full 1500 watt output. Separate power supply
for compact station layout,
MODEL KR1B Keyer Paddle. Powered by the
transceiver, the KR1B has a dual paddle for iambic
operation. Adjustable magnetic paddle tension.
Switches for memory read and memory write.
Heavy weight for stable operation.
MODEL 263G Remote VFO. Duplicate of COR-
SAIR VFO, Model 263 VFO is housed in a match-
ing enclosure and provides 6 modes of dual fre-
quency operation. LEDs indicate selection of any
of six modes of operation: CORSAIR II transmit
and receive, REMOTE transmit and receive, COR-
SAIR II transmit — REMOTE receive, REMOTE
transmit — CORSAIR II receive, CORSAIR II
transmit — both receive, or REMOTE transmit —
both receive. When in dual receive mode, front
panel control A-B adjusts balance of the two re-
ceived signals for most comfortable listening. Full
break-in is retained in all modes. Frequency range
and accuracy is the same as CORSAIR Il.
In addition to the remote VFO capability, Model
263 also has a 4-position crystal oscillator for fixed
frequency operation. Out-of-band crystal frequen-
cies (with some limitations) may be used as well as
any in-band amateur frequencies.
Model 263G comes with connecting cable, less
crystals. Power is obtained from the CORSAIR II
system. SIZE: HWD 5% x 7% x 14. WT.: 4 165.
MODEL 260 Deluxe Power Supply/Speaker.
Ideal for powering the CORSAIR transceiver on
either 115 or 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz. Easy to change
for either primary voltage. Regulated output, over-
voltage and over-current protected, and can be
switched from transceiver or power PEN
Specifications: INPUT: 105-125 VAC, 50-60 Hz
or 210-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz. OUTPUT: 13.5 VDC
+ 0.5 VDC. REGULATION: Better than 1% no
load to full load at 117 VAC. OUTPUT CURRENT:
20 ampere, full load. RIPPLE: Less than 60 mV
peak-to-peak at 18A at 117 VAC, CIRCUIT
BREAKER: Electronic latching. Factory set at 20A.
16V output. CONNECTORS: One 4-pin AMP
MATE-N-LOC, two phono jacks for low current.
SIZE: HWD, 542" x 7" x 12". WT, 15 lbs,
MODEL 214 Microphone. Low impedence type,
electret microphone for handheld or desk top op-
eration. PTT switch and separate desk stand.
Offers optimum articulation, free of power peaks,
impervious to temperature and humidity changes.
Polarizing Power; 1.5 to 10 VDC. 0.5 mA @ 6
VDC, die cast zink and Cycolac®; 82" h; 4’ coiled
cable; 4 terminal connector to match CORSAIR II;
Single conductor shielded, two conductors un-
MODEL 700C Hand-held IC Electret Mic-
rophone. High quality electret condenser mic-
rophone cartridge with built-in IC preamplifier
powered by self-contained 9V battery or by trans-
ceiver (steering diodes select the higher voltage if
both are present). Comes with 7’ coiled cord,
Velcro® plus hook and eye mounting, and stan-
dard 4-terminal locking type connector. Low dis-
tortion with slightly rising frequency response.
MODEL 229A Antenna Tuner/SWR Bridge.
2KW PEP, 1KW cw. Heavy duty ceramic switch
with silver plated contacts, silver plated roller in-
ductor. Features built-in balun, dual range watt-
meter, 4 position antenna selector/bypass switch.
MODEL 227 Antenna Tuner. Matches 50 ohm
unbalanced output of CORSAIR to variety of bal-
anced or unbalanced antenna impedances. 46-tap
inductor allows vernier adjustment. 200 watts in-
termittant, 100 watts continuous.
othe 288 1.8 kHz 8-Pole Crystal Ladder SSB
MODEL 285 500 Hz 6-Pole Crystal Ladder CW
Ba 282 250 Hz 6-Pole Crystal Ladder CW
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