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Alcotest ® 7410PLUS
Designed for the Department of Transportation
Workplace Testing, this instrument is available in a
convenient, portable case which contains everything you
need to perform and document your Breath Test needs.
Alcotest ® 7410 Plus
The Alcotest ® 7410 Plus includes the following features and benefits:
• Measurement range:
Accurate between 0.000% and 0.400%
• Ambient conditions for operation:
23o to 104o F (-5o to +40o C)
or -4o F (-20o C), if in use for less than 30 min.
and if stored at 23o to 104o F (-5o to +40o C)
600 to 1300 mbar
10-95% relative humidity
• Ambient conditions for storage:
-40o to +149o F (-40o to 65o C)
600 to 1300 mbar
10 to 95% relative humidity
• Sample conditions:
Blowing time 4 to 12 sec. (depending on intensity)
Flow rate
>6 liters per minute
>1.2 liters
• Measurement accuracy:
Reproducible with an ethanol standard:
0 to 0.100% +/- 0.005%BrAC
+/- 5% of measured value
• Dimensions:
9.0 x 2.8 x 1.3 in. (230 x 70 x 34 mm)
• Weight:
1.1 lb (0.5 kg)
Alcotest® 7410Plus
The industry’s most accurate and reliable breath alcohol tester, featuring:
• Single Button Operation and true Air Blank Test, the
instrument is operated simply by the push of one button
and due to an internal pump performs true air blank test.
• Real-time Clock, to time and date-stamp all tests.
• The Draeger heated and temperature controlled Fuel Cell,
prevents condensation, provides extended sensor lifetime
and long term stability, and guarantees accurate results
even in cold weather.
• Heated internal tubing, to prevent carryover readings
and condensation/contamination and low readings when
operating at less than 93 o Fahrenheit.
• Motorized pump, for precise volume control, offers
manual sampling for people with a “shy” lung.
• Wet Bath or Dry Gas Accuracy Testing, automatic altitude
compensation via an absolute pressure transducer.
• Proprietary key for calibration, prohibits tampering and
unauthorized access.
• Optical data transmission to printer, no cable required to
connect EBT with printer.
• Detachable battery compartment, prevents acid damage
from leaking batteries and easy switching from alkaline
to NiCd batteries.
• Bi-directional RS-232 communication, serial PC communication for data uploading and instrument control.
• Extended memory capacity, the instrument can store
up to 10,000 screening tests, or approximately 600
evidential tests.
Alcotest® 7410 Printer
The printer provides a convenient optical interface for easy
printout of results. Custom configured printing protocols
ensure compatibility with your specific breath alcohol test
printout requirements.
7410PC Utility Software
The 7410PC software program allows the transfer of data
and information between the Alcotest® 7410Plus and a PC.
Convenient data download and storage in two different
formats. Allows instrument updating as well as direct test
sequence through the PC.
Carrying Case
The Alcotest® 7410Plus, the Alcotest® Printer with its 110V
power supply as well as an extra printer ribbon, printer paper,
operating manual and disposable mouthpieces are securely
stored in a protective, all-purpose carrying case.
All necessary accessories for your breath testing program are
available through the Breathalyzer Division.
Draeger Safety, Inc., Breathalyzer Division
185 Suttle Street, Suite 105 • Durango CO, 81303-7911
Tel: (970) 385-5555 • Fax: (970) 385-5522
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