PI 200 | 250 | 400 | 500

PI 200 | 250 | 400 | 500
PI 200 | 250 | 400 | 500
Never have so many
functions for TIG welding
been so easily accessible
Migatronic’s Pi welding machines
are user-friendly and advanced
welding machines, which meet
virtually every need for TIG and
MMA welding under all possible
conditions. The Migatronic Pi
range consists of mono- and
three-phase high performance
inverters for precision welding
in stainless steel, aluminium and
other high alloy materials. They
are equally well suited to manufacturing, repair and assembly
jobs ranging from TIG HP (high
frequency with pulse) and TIG
AC/DC to MMA tasks.
TIG DC with Synergy PLUSTM
driving forces behind
Migatronic’s new design.
Even at a distance, the Pi
machines send out a clear signal
that the combination of welding technology, user-friendliness
and design innovation meets the
demands of the future for
professional welding equipment.
Four power sources plus
three control concepts
Pi 200 is the designation for two
mono-phase welding machines:
the TIG HP and TIG AC/DC,
together with a three-phase
MMA machine.
The Pi 250 machines are all threephase. They can also be freely
combined with all three control
panels: the TIG HP, TIG AC/DC and
The Pi 400 is a new three-phase
industrial machine, which is ideal
for both manual and robot
welding. It is available as TIG HP
and TIG AC/DC.
The Pi 500 has precisely the
same qualities and functions as
the Pi 400, but with even more
Up to 4 x 10 program
All Pi TIG welding machines
contain 10 program settings per
welding process (TIG DC and TIG
MMA in a V-joint.
AC, together with MMA DC and
AC), so that the welder can quickly call up customised settings for
repetitive jobs or applications.
The Pi 400 and Pi 500 are supplied
as water-cooled. A cooling unit is
available as extra equipment for
the Pi 200 and Pi 250.
Mobility and
The compact design and light
weight increase mobility.
The multifunctional trolley
with cylinder-holder underlines
the integrated approach and
user-friendliness, which are the
The shock-absorbing corners
made from hardwearing plastic
protect the most exposed parts
of the machine and ensure that
neither welder nor welding
hoses are injured or damaged.
The circular embossed patterns
on the side panels increase
rigidity and strength.
The control panel, with its
international pictograms, can
be read at a distance and is
so simple that even the most
advanced Pi welding machines
have a clear control panel.
More automation and
super design – for both
manual and robot welding
Migatronic’s Pi machine range covers the entire
spectrum from portable on-location versions to heavy
duty machines up to 500 A for use with a robot.
Switch on, press and weld
- advanced functions
at hand
D.O.C® – also available
in the mono-phase
AC models
Migatronic’s Pi machines combine
proven inverter technology with
new control and communication
options. Combined, these
features optimise welding
performance and make even the
most advanced functions child’s
play to use.
Both the mono-phase Pi 200
machines are supplied with PFC
(Power Factor Correction): an
electronic circuit which makes it
possible to weld using up to 200 A
using just a 16 A fuse.
The three-phase MMA machines
are supplied as standard with a
simple TIG LIFTIG® function and
a number of in-built auxiliary
functions for stabilising the arc.
Synergy PLUSTM
The Migatronic Pi range offers
three pulse options for TIG DC
welding: traditional pulse, quick
pulse and the recently developed
Synergy PLUSTM, where the
machine automatically and
dynamically sets all general pulse
parameters when welding in
“synergy” mode.
On the Pi AC/DC versions, the
welder can adjust four general
parameters using the balance
button on the control panel:
Cleaning power
•Electrode preheating (perfect
ignition – reduced electrode
wear – ready for new gas types)
to the
•Current balance (effectively
removes oxide on aluminium
and maintains a sharp tungsten
D.O.C ®
•Time balance (ensures overall
control of the cleaning effect)
•AC frequency (arc control and
control of weld pool)
Pi is innovation down to the
minutest detail. The traditional
sound of pulse welding has therefore been replaced by clean metallic
tones thanks to Synergy PLUSTM.
While Migatronic’s patented
D.O.C® has previously only been
used in three-phase machines,
dynamic oxide control is now
incorporated in all Pi AC welding
machines, including the monophase versions. During TIG welding in aluminium, DOC® ensures
a controlled, narrow cleaning
zone along the weld seam. The
result is an increase in welding
speed of up to 30% and a
corresponding reduction in the
consumption of both energy and
tungsten electrodes.
user-friendly design
with functional details
servicing. The corners can also
be used for suspension and as
collecting elements.
The control panel has an integrated cover as standard, which
protects against dirt and knocks.
The Migatronic Pi won the much
sought-after “iF Product Design
Award 2006”.
Unique new tackwelding function
For the Pi range, Migatronic has
developed an entirely new tackwelding function with a quick
response time on the torch from
pressing the key to the completion of tack-welding without
time-consuming slopes from the
customised program.
Every TIG welder knows the
situation: when switching filler/
electrode or melting the tack
weld, it would be good to have
an extra welding current level
which can be activated directly
from the torch handle. The Pi
machines have this option, both
when the level needs to be higher
or lower than the set welding
current. The effect is a reduced
risk of error compared with
traditional start/stop welding
and therefore a reduced need
for subsequent grinding.
iF Product Design Award
During the development of the
new design, Migatronic worked
closely with experienced welders
and followed them during their
work. This approach has resulted
in the rounded, ergonomic handles
and the shock-absorbing corners
made from hardwearing plastic.
The design of the corners also
means that the side panels of the
machine with their reinforcing
circular embossed patterns
can be easily removed to allow
The multifunctional spine gives
flexible configuration options.
Three different panels offering
precise and comfortable control
and clear displays
Migatronic’s new design does
not just cover the internal technology used in the machines and
the external, rounded shape and
the many practical functions.
The design of the control panels
was a project in itself. The aims
of this project were: to simplify
control using the fewest possible
elements, to use pictograms that
match the European welding
standard and to create a clear,
large display with the option of
reading the welding data at a
distance, even when the protective cover is down.
4-AC balance parameters
Tack-welding function
4 x 10 program settings
Pi AC/DC with D.O.C®
Traditional pulse with
time adjustment
TIG AC/DC control panel with all
relevant parameters for
professional welding results in
all materials.
Quick pulse with frequency
TIG HP control panel in all its
simplicity with Synergy PLUSTM
as standard.
MMA control panel with the
option of TIG process with simple
LIFTIG® ignition.
D.O.C.® function
Synergy PLUSTM. All important
parameters in one keypad
Pi DC HP with Synergy PlusTM
2 x 10 program settings
LIFTIG® – simple
TIG ignition of the arc
Hot start – perfect ignition
Arc Power – prevents the
electrode from sticking to
the weld pool
Manual or robot – the
Pi can be customised
to any situation
Automation with a
digital robot interface
The two large TIG inverters,
the Pi 400 and the Pi 500, can
be used not only for manual
welding but also as power
sources for TIG welding robots
and automatic devices. These
two heavy duty machines are
therefore prepared for direct
communication with a robot or
automatic device via a recently
developed digital robot interface.
Optimised options for
selecting the perfect
ergonomic torch
All known types of welding
hoses can be used with the
Migatronic Pi machines. For
all TIG versions, Migatronic’s
recently developed TIG ERGO can
therefore be used: There are a
total of 50 ergonomic versions,
which differ from each other
in current strength, flexibility,
flexible torch body, cable length,
6- or 7-pole plug and options
of integrated control unit in the
handle. Even the most discerning
TIG welder will be able to find a
welding hose that is perfect for
his hand and task.
Examples of the wide
range of accessories
available for the
Migatronic Pi
• Digital robot interface
• Gas saver kit – to regulate the
gas flow
• Trolley with integrated cylinder
console and torch holder
• Frame for mounting in
rack system
• Autotransformer 230 – 500 V
• Cooling unit
• Foot control unit/pocket
control unit
• Water control kit
• Welding hoses/cables in
various lengths
PI 200 | 250 | 400 | 500
200 E
Mains voltage +/÷15% 3x400 V
10 A
200 HP 200 AC/DC
1x230 V
250 E
250 HP 250 AC/DC 400 DC 400 AC/DC 500 DC 500 AC/DC
1x230 V
3x400 V
3x400 V
3x400 V
3x400 V
3x400 V
3x400 V
3x400 V
10 A
10 A
10 A
25 A
25 A
32 A
32 A
17.3 A
17.3 A
25.8 A
25.8 A
26 A
26 A 16 A
16 A
Eff. mains current
6.7 A
Eff. mains current PFC
24 A 17.5 A
25 A 18.6 A
7.1 A
7.1 A
7.3 A
Output, 100% 4.6 kVA
Output, 100% PFC
5.5 kVA
4.0 kVA
5.8 kVA
4.3 kVA
4.9 kVA
4.9 kVA
5.0 kVA
12.0 kVA 12.0 kVA
17.9 kVA 17.9 kVA
Output, max. 6.7 kVA
Output, max. PFC
9.4 kVA
5.6 kVA
9.7 kVA 6.0 kVA
9.0 kVA
9.0 kVA
7.1 kVA
19.3 kVA 19.3 kVA
31.0 kVA 31.0 kVA
Open circuit output 35 W
35 W
35 W
35 W
35 W
35 W
40 W
40 W
40 W
40 W
7-200 A
7-200 A
7-250 A
7-250 A
7-250 A
5-400 A
5-400 A
5-500 A
5-500 A
95 V
95 V
95 V
95 V
95 V
95 V
95 V
95 V
95 V
Fuse PFC
Current range
7-200 A
Open circuit voltage 95 V
Application class
Protection class
IP 23
IP 23
IP 23
IP 23
IP 23
IP 23
IP 23
IP 23
IP 23
IP 23
EN60974-1, 2, 3, 10
HxWxL, cm
Weight, kg
200 E
100% at/20°C TIG
100% at/20°C MMA 170 A
Max at/20°C TIG
Max at/20°C MMA 200/60%
200 HP 200 AC/DC
170 A
150 A
250 E
160 A 150 A
170 A
250 HP 250 AC/DC 400 DC 400 AC/DC 500 DC 500 AC/DC
170 A
170 A
170 A
170 A
330 A
330 A
330 A
330 A
250/40% 250/40% 400/70% 400/70%
170/40% 250/40% 250/40% 200/60% 400/50% 400/50%
475 A
475 A
475 A
475 A
500/80% 500/80%
500/65% 500/65%
100% at/40°C TIG
100% at/40°C MMA 140 A
150 A
130 A
140 A
130 A
150 A
150 A
150 A
150 A
150 A
290 A
290 A
290 A
290 A
420 A
420 A
420 A
420 A
60% at/40°C TIG 60% at/40°C MMA
170 A 150 A
170 A 150 A
190 A 190 A
180 A 170 A
350 A
350 A
350 A
350 A
500 A
450 A
500 A
450 A
180 A
190 A
Max v/40°C TIG
Max v/40°C MMA 200/40%
250/35% 250/35% 400/40% 400/40%
170/40% 250/35% 250/35% 200/35% 400/20% 400/20%
MCU 1000
MCU 1250
Cooling output 1 l/min.
0.9 kW
1.2 kW
Tank capacity
2.0 l
3.5 l
Pressure, max.
3 bar
3 bar
Flow 1.2 bar - 60°C 1.75 l/min.
1.75 l/min.
Dimensions, HxWxL, cm
Weight, kg
*) The MCU 1250 integrated cooling unit is only used for the Pi 400/500.
We reserve the right to make changes.
500/60% 500/60%
500/55% 500/55%
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