The Zebra MC9500-K mobile computer Re

The Zebra MC9500-K mobile computer Re
Re-defining field mobility — even in demanding environments
The Zebra MC9500-K Series is
packed with the features and
functionality required to achieve
peak efficiency field service
operations. The rugged design
is built for life out in the field.
The real-time connection to your
line of business applications and
telephony system combines with
advanced data capture capabilities,
allowing workers to perform
virtually any task, anywhere, all
on one device.
The productivity of your field workforce is tied directly to
the bottom line of the business — regardless of whether
your field teams interact directly with your customers
or are focused on maintenance of crucial business
infrastructure such as pipelines and cable or telephone
networks. If workers do not have access to everything they
need to complete the service call on the first visit — from
maintenance history to the parts database and equipment
schematics — the cost of doing business increases and
future sales may be lost. If timely maintenance is not
scheduled or multiple truck rolls are required to complete
a work order, not only is the cost of day-to-day operations
increased, but also infrastructure downtime increases the
cost of your products and services — reducing margins
and customer satisfaction.
In order to protect the health of your business, your field
workers need to operate at peak efficiency — yet they
are out in the field, disconnected from the customer and
equipment information required to act in real time. Paper
forms must be used to collect information for a wide
variety of transactions — and that information must then
be entered into the computer upon return to the office.
As a result, time is inserted into your business processes,
creating lag times that reduce service levels, employee
productivity, cash flow and overall profitability. The need
to touch the data twice increases the opportunity for
costly errors that again impact business efficiency. In
addition, field workers are forced to phone the office for
simple information requests — such as pricing, inventory
and invoice information, directions and more — again
injecting time and cost into business processes. And if cell
phones, standalone GPS devices, cameras and more are
utilized out in the field, the enterprise must purchase and
manage multiple mobile devices per worker, increasing
costs — and life for the field becomes more complex,
reducing productivity.
Field mobility addresses these issues by eliminating the
gap between the voice and data networks in the office and
your workers out in the field — with just a single device.
With an integrated voice and data mobile computer in
hand, your workers have what it takes to achieve maximum
productivity — the tools required to automate every day
processes as well as act in real time. End-to-end field
service cycle times are reduced — out in the field as well
as for the tangential processes inside your four walls.
Paper work orders and more are replaced with electronic
forms. The necessary information — from Service Level
Agreements (SLAs) to an inventory check of parts to stepby-step repair routines — is just a few key presses away.
All technicians have instant access to the information that
resides in your business systems back in the office while
they are out in the field — including customer information
as well as maintenance history. Simple checkboxes at the
start and end of each job can leverage the integrated clock
to automatically track billable hours, protecting against lost
revenue. Orders can be placed in real time. Payments can
be processed the moment services are rendered. And the
enterprise has the real-time information required to better
manage the business.
The result is real competitive advantage: employee
productivity and utilization is increased, the cost of
business is reduced, cash flow is improved, product
margins are protected and customer service and
satisfaction are increased.
Field mobility can be one of the most challenging
solutions to deploy. The most successful field mobility
deployments need to meet the distinctly different
needs of your users as well as your IT and finance/
operations. The MC9500-K addresses all these
needs with the Zebra Mobility Architecture eXtensions
(MAX) feature set — a set of capabilities designed
to maximize the value of Zebra mobile computers
by driving ease-of-use, ease-of-management,
flexibility, modularity and lifecycle to new heights.
The field workforce: give your
users ‘all the right stuff’
The right device offers the features your users need to act
as efficiently as possible and achieve maximum process
automation, as well as the rugged design required to
survive the extreme stress of everyday life in the field
— even when exposed to the elements and inevitable
drops day in and day out. A portfolio of keypads allows
enterprises to select the right keypad for the application,
maximizing data entry simplicity. Information indicators
that display remaining charge and whether the battery is
healthy enough to hold a full charge are now integrated
into the battery itself, allowing users to head out into the
field knowing that battery power won’t be an issue
during the day. And since the MC9500-K offers
MAX Rugged and MAX Data Capture, your
users enjoy one of the most rugged and feature
rich mobile computers on the market today:
MAX Rugged: built for all day everyday
outdoor use in the toughest conditions
The embodiment of Zebra’s next generation rugged
design, the MC9500-K offers the most rugged
specifications in this device category, providing the
dependable performance your workers need every minute
of every workday. The robust list of specifications includes:
• The ability to survive multiple 6 ft./1.8
m drops to concrete throughout the
entire operating temperature range
a potentially common occurrence — the
tumbling that occurs when the device is
inadvertently left on the bumper of a vehicle
• IP67 sealing, providing the highest level of dust
protection plus the ability to survive submersion
in water
• A unique Monocoque housing — a unibody
design that substantially improves structural
stability; complete internal integration of
all antennas (WWAN, WLAN and GPS)
• A polycarbonate touch panel for
increased impact resistance
MAX Data Capture: capture more types of
data for richer business intelligence
With Zebra-quality data capture, you can count on the
ability to accurately capture bar codes, photographs,
signatures and more the first time, every time — all in
a single Zebra mobile computer. For example, you can
integrate either a 1D laser scanner or 2D imager and a
3 megapixel auto focus color camera. The autofocus
capability with user-controlled flash provides maximum
flexibility, allowing users to take close-up as well as
standard range photos. In addition, Zebra’s best-in-class
scanning functionality delivers superior performance
for first-time accurate capture of virtually any bar code.
Our 1D laser scanners provide best-in-class 1D bar code
scanning performance, including the ability to capture
even damaged and poor quality bar codes — and Zebra’s
revolutionary 2D imager provides an industry first,
delivering stunning performance on both 1D and 2D bar
codes as well as omnidirectional scanning simplicity (no
need for users to align bar code and scan element).
IT management: drive device mobility
management to a new high
Since mobile devices are always out in the field, day-today device management presents a major challenge — the
cost of the additional time required to deploy and update
devices as well as troubleshoot user issues can rapidly
erode the financial gains afforded by mobility. Zebra’s
Mobility Services Platform (MSP) addresses this issue with
powerful remote and centralized management capabilities.
• The ability to survive 2,000 3.2 ft./1m
consecutive tumbles in Zebra’s highly unique
tumble test, which replicates the stress of
Put a truckful of manuals in the MC9500-K
The high-power MC9500-K delivers superior performance for the most demanding applications,
allowing technicians to access detailed schematics and product photos in online manuals. As
a result, technicians no longer need to hunt for product manuals before heading out in the
field, and spend time leafing through manuals at a customer site for the information they need.
Instead, technicians can search through electronic manuals quickly and easily. With the press of
a few keys, the needed information is on screen in seconds, improving efficiency and ensuring
that maintenance and repairs are always performed correctly.
MSP: powerful centralized and remote
management of devices — and the applications
and data resident on your devices
Compatibility with Zebra’s Mobility Services Platform
(MSP) management solution allows enterprises to simplify
and reduce the cost of managing all Zebra mobile
computers by enabling anywhere, anytime end-to-end
visibility and control not only of Zebra mobile computers,
but also the mobile applications and data resident on
those devices. This highly scalable solution is ideal for
any size environment — from a single corporate office to
many locations around the world, and from hundreds to
thousands of handheld computers, bar code scanners
and more. A comprehensive feature set includes:
• Remote staging of devices for true
out-of-the-box operation
• Remote provisioning of mobile devices
with the latest operating system, firmware,
applications and software updates — complete
with configuration, settings and even dynamic
content, such as user ID and password
• Remote device management for rapid
troubleshooting and resolution of end-user issues,
providing IT with completely control of the devices
in the field — including the ability to drag and
drop files between a desktop computer and the
MC9500-K, view key mobile device statistics and
much more
Finance: achieve the ultimate
return on investment (ROI) and
total cost of ownership (TCO)
Mobility solutions are a major investment — your finance
department will be focused on the search for the mobile
device that provides the best return. The MC9500 is a
multi-use, feature rich field crew tool that is not only easy
to use, but also offers a modular architecture that provides
the flexibility to change as your company needs change.
A series of industry first features put the device truly in
a class of its own, substantially extending product and
accessory lifecycle, improving user uptime and increasing
device utilization to deliver an unsurpassed ROI and TCO:
MAX FlexWAN: finally — true WAN technology
and cellular carrier independence
Until today, businesses have been forced to purchase
mobile devices that are proprietary to a specific cellular
network. But in field service operations, this can be an
exceptionally difficult decision, since different networks
may provide better coverage for drivers covering different
areas. The MC9500-K Series offers a groundbreaking
design that completely eliminates this issue by providing true
carrier independence. Purchase the device without WAN
technology or with one of three modules — and modules can
be swapped at any time, right in your back room, no service
center visit required. Our 3.5G GSM HSDPA or CDMA-EVDO
Rev A WAN modules provide integrated voice and data
device on the network of your choice. If your workforce
does not require voice, our dual on-board user-selectable
modem provides wireless data only on either 3.5G GSM
HSUPA or CDMA-EVDO Rev A networks — or both (requires
data plans on each network). If multiple networks are
activated, the data-only device can be switched between
networks as users travel, ensuring connectivity throughout
the business day. Known as Zebra MAX FlexWAN, this
complete cellular network independence allows you to
deploy and redeploy a single pool of devices on the cellular
network that will provide the best coverage for drivers in
different parts of the world — or a remote part of town.
MAX Keypad: Tailor the M9500-K to meet
application needs today and in the future
with our portfolio of customer-swappable
keypads — and custom keypads
The MC9500-K offers a complete portfolio of keypads
designed to meet virtually any data entry requirement —
from heavy text entry to calculator-style numeric data. In
addition, the modular keypad architecture enables the
swapping of keypads in minutes, right in your backroom,
allowing: modification of the MC9500-K to meet the needs
of new applications; re-deployment of MC9500-K devices
in other areas of the business; and the ability to replace
the keypad in the event of keypad damage. Finally,
for larger deployments, this patented feature enables
the cost-effective manufacture of custom keypads,
allowing enterprises to tailor key size, placement,
color and text to best complement applications.
A truly rugged mobile computing system: the next evolution in design, comfort, features, functionality and performance
At Zebra, we’ve made it our business to understand your business. With the new Zebra MC9500-K rugged mobile computer system, it shows. The
MC9500-K leverages the flagship features and functionality of Zebra’s signature MC9000 Series rugged mobile computers, while introducing many new
capabilities defined through extensive research and field testing in logistics, parcel/post, direct store delivery (DSD), field service, public safety and sales
force automation applications in some of the world’s leading organizations. The result is a device that is as different on the inside as it is on the outside —
a groundbreaking product with an unsurpassed feature set that takes rugged mobile computing innovation to a new level. With the MC9500-K, you can
simply expect more: a more rugged design, more data capture options, more intelligence, more processing power and better ergonomics, all in a sleeker,
lighter and easier-to-use form factor that offers a completely new approach to accessories, battery and backroom management. Truly in a class of its
own, the innovative MC9500-K offers a best-in-class experience for end users as well as peace of mind for backroom managers.
Alpha Numeric
Alpha Primary
Designed for users who will be
entering heavy text and numeric
data, this keypad offers a full
set of both alpha and numeric
keys on the primary layer.
This keypad offers a full
alpha keypad on the primary
layer with shifted numeric
keys, ideal for users who
primarily need to enter text.
Numeric Calculator
Numeric Telephony
This keypad is designed for users who
will enter primarily numeric data.
Designed to support heavy
phone use as well as a small
amount of numeric data
MAX Battery: Groundbreaking new battery
display for better battery management
Your workers spend the bulk of every day out in the
field — continuous battery power is critical to worker
productivity, business continuity and maximum utilization
of this business asset. The MC9500-K offers the only
battery on the market with information indicators that
display current charge level and general battery health
(if battery is capable of holding a full charge). This
patent-pending feature allows backroom managers to
easily identify and remove batteries that can no longer
hold a full charge from the battery pool — and users to
easily identify whether the battery in their device at start
the day is capable of providing power for a full shift.
MAX Backroom Management: unprecedented
universal accessories for gamechanging backroom management
When you choose Zebra’s MC9500-K, you get more
than the industry’s premier rugged mobile computer
— you get an elegant system designed to simplify and
reduce the cost of mobility. The first of its kind, the Zebra
Universal Accessory System provides an unprecedented
level of flexibility that maximizes backroom density and
enables migration to future generation Zebra rugged
mobile computers — without requiring an upgrade of the
backroom infrastructure. The form-factor agnostic cradling
approach ensures that the backroom infrastructure you buy
today can live beyond one generation of mobile computers
and can even accommodate popular existing Zebra mobile
computers (via an adapter available in the near future).
As a result, the need to ‘rip and replace’ accessories
with the purchase of every new mobile computer is
eliminated, substantially simplifying and reducing the cost
of backroom management — and enabling enterprises to
achieve a superior return on investment (ROI) and total cost
of ownership (TCO) for the entire MC9500-K ecosystem.
MAX Sensor: true enterprise-class motion
sensing extends battery cycle time
and improves user accountability
The MC9500-K offers an integrated accelerometer
that starts where typical consumer-style accelerometer
integration ends, allowing businesses to achieve real
value from motion sensing technology. Right out of the
box, the device supports dynamic screen orientation
and offers an array of power management features. For
example, with just a few presses on the touchscreen,
devices can be configured to enter power-saving mode
when movement has not been detected in a defined
time period or when the device is placed screen-side
down. In addition, the ability to access and integrate
accelerometer data into customized applications allows
businesses to more fully leverage the value of motion
sensing technology. For example, for field service workers
in remote areas, the ability to detect longer free-falls
with no device movement after the drop can indicate
a potential ‘man-down’ situation, sending an instant
alarm to supervisors — improving employee safety.
The comprehensive feature set of the MC9500-K enables
a broad range of functionality, allowing you to streamline
almost every aspect of your field service processes today
and tomorrow. In addition, real-time information visibility
extends the benefits of field mobility beyond the fieldbased task worker, deep inside the enterprise walls.
Real-time management of electronic work orders
The ability to send electronic work orders directly to the
MC9500-K eliminates the need for workers to spend
time in the office each morning collecting and organizing
paper work orders, providing more time for more stops per
the day. Idle time wasted waiting for verbal dispatches is
eliminated — along with the need to spend time capturing
information in the verbal dispatch on paper. And since
the MC9500-K is also a cell phone, field technicians can
call ahead to confirm appointments and arrival windows,
improving professionalism and customer perception of
your company.
After arriving at the customer site, technicians have access
to all the information they need to create a highly accurate
work proposal, able to include part numbers, pricing
and more. The electronic form performs all calculations,
eliminating errors that can reduce revenues. In the
event the customer approves the bid, the technician can
capture the customer’s signature for proof of approval.
Technicians can print out the approved work order on a
compact and lightweight mobile printer — or for customers
who keep electronic files, an electronic copy of the work
order can be emailed to the customer in seconds.
Real-time tracking and dynamic routing
All day long, customers are calling for service.
With the MC9500-K in the hands of your field
workforce, dispatchers can easily manage
incoming requests for service, and are able
to easily prioritize to ensure compliance with
customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
Mobility is helping best-in-class field service organizations
achieve metrics that are well above industry standard:
Service profit margins
Workforce productivity
Mean time to repair
With mobility
Without mobility
Source: Trends in Mobile Field Service, Sumair Dutta, Aberdeen Group, June 2009; Page 5-6
GPS allows dispatch to monitor the location of all vehicles.
Since technicians can scan the parts and tools in the
vehicle at the start of each day, dispatch can also see
real-time inventory in each truck. With this combination
of information, as customer calls are answered,
dispatchers can now:
• Identify the technician with the right knowledge
that is closest to the job, with the right parts
and tools on board to handle the repair
• Instantly send the new work order to the
technician and re-prioritize remaining open jobs
• Determine the estimated arrival
time for the customer
…all in real-time, on the phone with the customer.
The ability to choose the technician who is closest to the
job helps minimize vehicle mileage and wear and tear —
as well as the related fuel and maintenance costs. And
the ability to select the technician with the right materials
on board increases the likelihood of a first time fix,
reducing truck rolls and operating costs — and increasing
customer satisfaction.
Real-time automated completion of work orders
Bar code scanning, signature capture and the ability
to auto fill fields in the electronic work order improve
accuracy and processing speed. For example, the ability
to scan parts as they are used ensures the capture of
all billable materials. Simple check boxes for start and
stop can use the system time clock to record start time,
stop time and total time on the job for highly accurate job
costing. Signature capture capability enables workers to
obtain undisputable authorization of the job performed
as well as acknowledgement that the job was completed
to the customer’s satisfaction. And with a real-time
connection to your back-end computer application, a press
of the button can transmit the completed order directly into
your billing system in seconds.
Real-time inventory management
The MC9500-K enables field operations to better track
and maintain adequate parts inventories.
Technicians can scan parts and tools as they are loaded
on the truck in the morning; inventory that is purchased out
in the field (for example at a local store); and any inventory
that is exchanged with other field technicians. The result
is accurate real-time visibility into the parts and tools
inventory. Now:
• Stocking inventories can be reduced, without
risking costly out-of-stocks that could impact the
ability to meet service level agreements.
• Inventory carrying costs are reduced, freeing
capital for other business initiatives.
• Management of inventory — from tracking to
re-ordering — is heavily automated, reducing
administrative efforts.
• Warehouse space requirements are reduced,
freeing valuable real estate, for example, to expand
manufacturing facilities.
Real-time access to business intelligence
With a real-time connection to multiple business systems,
field service personnel can access whatever information
is required to act as efficiently and effectively as possible.
For example:
• Access to SLAs allows technicians to identify work
that is covered, ensuring that any and all billable
work is captured — protecting revenue.
• Access to asset and service history provides the
knowledge required for better decision-making
and better troubleshooting.
• The ability to access the parts database allows
technicians to determine if the part is in stock.
If so, the press of a button can reserve the
part for the customer, while another press of a
button can schedule the next visit. If the part
must be ordered, a few keystrokes can notify
the purchasing department, ensuring the rapid
processing required to complete the work order in
a timely fashion.
• Access to comprehensive electronic product
documentation — including schematics and
maintenance/repair routines — eliminates the need
to maintain the many large manuals in the office
and in the trucks. Workers no longer need to
locate and load required manuals at the start of
the day, and there is more space available in the
truck for the additional parts and tools to support
additional stops.
Real-time training and rich on-the-job help
desk support
The combination of 3.5G broadband wireless connectivity,
fast processor and large memory footprint provides
support for demanding multimedia applications. Trainees
can access and watch full-motion training videos, right
on the screen of the MC9500-K, ensuring timely training
without requiring technicians to spend time in the office.
Technicians can snap a photo of a damaged piece of
equipment and transmit it in real time to an experienced
technician back in the office to obtain needed guidance.
And if the cellular carrier provides support for simultaneous
voice and data, a new technician in the field can initiate a
video call with another technician either in the field or back
at the office on the help desk, enabling both parties to talk,
review the video feed and even mark up the screens as
needed. As a result, field service organizations can best
leverage the knowledge of seasoned personnel to support
and train new and less knowledgeable workers.
Real-time proof of service and proof of condition
The integrated high resolution 3 megapixel color autofocus
camera eliminates the need for disposable or other
cameras and the associated capital expenses, plus the
cost of managing the physical images — which must be
printed and filed in the appropriate place. Now, technicians
can snap a detailed photograph to document proof of
service or proof of condition and instantly attach it to
the right electronic record. For example, a worker who is
responsible for inspecting utility infrastructure in the field
can snap a close-up picture to capture the details of a
damaged meter. The photograph then becomes a part of
the inspection record, providing the intelligence required
to allow dispatch to send the right service technician
with the right parts to handle the repair. In addition, GPS
enables geostamping of any photo — the integration of
latitude and longitude with the image. Workers can now
snap a geostamped image after repairing equipment,
providing proof that the right asset was repaired at
the right time.
Real-time issue resolution – voice
Since the MC9500-K also functions as a cell phone,
technicians can easily reach whoever is needed to resolve
customer and other issues on the spot — from a supervisor
to a product expert or accounts receivable as well as the
warehouse, parts department and the tool crib.
Real-time payment processing
With the addition of a snap-on magnetic stripe reader,
field workers can process payments in the field, right at
the customer’s location. The addition of a lightweight
mobile printer allows on-the-spot printing of receipts. As a
result, technicians no longer need to create written paper
receipts that must be entered into the computer at the end
of the day. The ability to invoice and process invoices on
the spot reduces the needs for billing administrators.
Highly accuracte invoices reduce the high cost of resolving
disputes — from delays in payment to administrative
hours. And the billing cycle timeis reduced to minutes,
dramatically reducing the cash-to-cash cycle, increasing
cash flow and improving profitability.
Mobility is driving productivity and service profitability up. As a result, mobility has
rapidly become a best practice, with field service operations embracing mobility at
a rapid pace. In a June 2009 Aberdeen Group survey, 67 percent of respondents
reported having a mobility solution in place, compared to 59 percent in 2008 —
nearly a 15 percent increase in just one year.
Source: Trends in Mobile Field Service, Sumair Dutta, Aberdeen Group, June 2009; Page 5-6
Real-time fleet management
GPS provides a number of capabilities that help reduce
fleet-related costs, improve technician productivity and
increase fleet utilization. Breadcrumbing allows dispatch
to automatically capture the travel history of each vehicle,
providing the historical information required to perform
route analysis. Dispatch can then identify and correct
route inefficiencies as well as any inappropriate out-ofroute travel, minimizing mileage and vehicle wear and
tear. Geofencing provides real-time alerts whenever a
technician strays off of the designated route, allowing
dispatch to better manage the fleet in real-time.
On-the-spot cross-selling
Post sale, your field service technicians become
your primary source of contact with your customer. A
list of products that are appropriate for cross selling
can be automatically compiled and presented to a
technician during a service call — from after-market
add-on accessories to an extended service contract.
The result is a win-win for your customers and your
company. Customers receive added value with the
ability to purchase desired products or extend warranty
service contracts on the spot. And the enterprise
is able to leverage the service call as a sales call,
increasing revenue.
Real-time asset tracking
For utility and other companies with infrastructure installed
in a vast geographic location, asset tracking for tax and
other purposes can prove challenging. The ability to either
scan the bar code on an asset and append a geostamp (via
GPS) or snap a geostamped photo dramatically automates
and reduces the cost of asset tracking — and compliance
with asset accounting rules.
Proof of delivery
Whether your drivers are delivering construction materials
or packages, the MC9500-K offers multiple features that
combine for indisputable proof of delivery. Interactive
Sensor Technology (IST) and signature capture capability
work hand-in-hand to allow recipients to sign regardless
of orientation of the device — the signature screen can
rotate 360º. Signatures can then be transmitted in real time
back to the office systems, triggering immediate invoicing,
which in turn reduces the invoicing cycle time — and days
sales outstanding (DSO). A geostamped photo of the items
delivered can be attached to the delivery record, providing
proof of condition at delivery as well as documenting the
time and physical location of the delivery.
Real-time navigation
If your technicians arrive on time, the service visit
starts with a positive first impression. GPS helps keep
your technicians on time by providing turn-by-turn real
time directions to a customer location in the event the
technician is not familiar with the area or the fastest route
to the next destination. Directions can even factor in recent
road closings and allow workers to find alternate routes
around traffic jams.
In addition, real-time navigation can provide other valuable
information, such as the nearest gas station, nearby
restaurants, parts stores and more.
The many applications and attributes of the MC9500-K
provide a multitude of benefits for field service
organizations that deliver an unsurpassed ROI and TCO,
• Increased productivity: The same number of
workers can complete more work orders per day,
increasing workforce utilization and containing
staffing costs. According to Aberdeen, the
integration of location intelligence (GPS) alone into
service fleet management improves workforce
productivity by 23 percent, and overall workforce
utilization by 25 percent1 — without factoring in the
productivity gains from bar code scanning, autocompletion of work order fields and more.
• Increased revenue: The ability to accurately
capture time worked and material used combines
with the ability to allow technicians to double as
sales people, increasing revenue — and service
• Improved customer satisfaction — and retention:
Technicians now arrive on time, with the right tools
and materials, able to access the right information
and any needed on-the-job support to complete
the job quickly, easily and on the first visit.
• Reduced capital costs:
–– The MC9500-K offers the functionality of five
separate devices — a cell phone, a mobile computer,
a camera, a bar code scanner and a GPS unit —
substantially reducing the number of devices you
need to purchase.
–– Since the backroom infrastructure is now form factor
agnostic, the backroom accessories you purchase
today will continue to serve your needs in the future,
eliminating the high cost of ‘rip and replace’ to
update device cradles and battery chargers.
–– The maximum rugged specifications
expand device lifecycle, eliminating the
more frequent replacement required for consumer
style devices.
–– Device utilization is maximized through the rugged
design, the ability to change the WWAN module
to deploy the device on different cellular networks
as well as the keypad to support new application
requirements — right in the backroom.
–– GPS enables better vehicle utilization, extending the
lifecycle of these expensive assets.
–– Mobile device repair costs are contained and
reduced with Zebra’s Service from the Start with
Comprehensive Coverage support program.
This exceptional service is truly comprehensive,
providing technical software support as well as endto-end protection for your device. Normal wear and
tear, internal and external components damaged
through accidental breakage and select accessories
that ship together with the MC9500-K are all
covered — at no additional charge.
• Reduced operational costs:
–– Improved vehicle utilization substantially reduces
Simultaneous voice and data for superior collaboration in the field
Simultaneous support for voice and data enables rich collaboration between technicians in the field and engineers back in the office. Technicians in the field can
transmit live video and discuss the best course of action at the same time, providing superior support for even your most junior technicians.
wear and tear, mileage and fleet costs. According
to Aberdeen Group, the use of GPS in field service
and fleet management yielded an average of a
22 percent reduction in fuel costs, a 21 percent
reduction in vehicle operating costs and a 31 percent
reduction in daily mileage.1
–– The ability to scan the inventory in the truck at
the start of the day and automatically cross-check
inventory with the day’s work orders allows drivers
to ensure that the right parts and tools are loaded
onto the truck before they leave the depot. The
need for multiple dispatches to the same location is
significantly reduced. Considering that the average
cost of a truck roll in North America is $276, the
result is a substantial reduction in costs.1
–– When field mobility solutions are fully integrated
into the enterprise, the free flow of information
from the field service function to other business
functions allows enterprise-wide cost savings. For
example, when technicians scan parts as they are
utilized, inventory is adjusted in real time, enabling
tighter order management, a reduction in inventory
stocking levels and inventory carrying costs. And the
ability to electronically submit real-time payments
reduces data entry requirements and cost — and the
opportunity for data entry errors.
dramatically reduces the demand on IT time — and
management costs
• Cost effective compliance: Mobility enables the
automated collection of real-time information
required to cost-effectively comply with a variety of
industry regulations — from accounting for assets
on the corporate tax return to infrastructure uptime
requirements in the utility industry.
• Improved cash flow and profitability:
More work orders can be executed per day with
the same staff, improving service profit margins. In
addition, the ability to instantly process accurate
invoices complete with customer authorization out
in the field:
–– eliminates the time and cost associated with
resolving disputes
–– reduces invoicing cycle time from days or weeks
to minutes
–– substantially improves cash flow
–– improves financial agility
–– frees capital for additional business initiatives
–– By consolidating the functionality of multiple devices
into one, there are fewer devices for employees and
IT to manage.
–– Centralized and remote mobile device management
For more information on how you can reap the benefits of the MC9500-K in your field service workforce, visit or access our global contact directory at
Zebra Mobility Architecture eXtensions (MAX) allows Zebra mobile computers to deliver extraordinary value — a truly unprecedented return on
investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO). This unique set of Zebra features turbo charges Zebra mobile computers, driving ease-of-use,
ease-of-management, flexibility, modularity, lifecycle and overall system performance to new heights. Features in the MC9500-K include..
MAX Rugged
MAX Backroom Management
With MAX Rugged, you can count on
a device built for the most demanding
business environments. A minimum
of three specifications — industry
leading mechanical stress and
endurance tests plus environmental
sealing — insures dependable
performance and maximum lifecycle.
Customer upgradeable 3.5G WAN offers
true WAN technology independence.
Purchase the MC9500-K with or without
the WAN module and add or change WAN
technologies (GSM/CDMA) as needed
right in the backroom — no need to
return the device to a service center.
This game-changing backroom
management approach eliminates the
high cost of ‘rip and replace’ in the
backroom with a future-proof Universal
Accessory System that supports the Zebra
MC9500-K, popular existing Zebra mobile
computers as well as future generations
of Zebra mobile computers.
MAX Keypad
MAX Battery
MAX Sensor
A modular keypad architecture allows
the exchange of keypads in minutes,
right in the backroom, allowing the
mobile computer to adapt to changing
application requirements and enabling
instant on-site replacement in the
unlikely event of keypad damage.
Information indicators integrated into the
battery itself, displaying the state of charge
and the state of health. Users
can be sure that they start the day with
a battery capable of lasting a full shift —
and backroom managers can more
efficiently manage the battery pool.
Offers true enterprise class Interactive
Sensor Technology (IST), including
dynamic screen orientation, power
management, free fall detection and
the ability to integrate motion-related
data into customized applications.
MAX Secure
MAX Data Capture
MAX Locate
MAX Secure provides the security
features required to ensure secure
data transmissions over either the
WLAN or the WWAN — including
highly sensitive applications in
government and public safety.
Integrate best-in-class advanced data
capture functionality, including: 1D, 2D
and DPM bar code scanning; signature
capture; high resolution image and
document capture; RFID and more.
Best-in-class implementation of
locationing technology, such as GPS,
for line-of-business applications that
further increase user productivity
and ensure business continuity.
End-to-end mobility solutions for
deployment simplicity and success
Zebra Technologies Corporation is a global leader respected for
innovation and reliability. Zebra offers an extensive range of assettracking technologies incorporating mobile computing, data capture,
barcode, wireless LAN, RFID, location systems and Zatar™, the
cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform. These technologies
make businesses as smart and connected as the world we live in.
Zebra’s tracking and visibility solutions transform the physical to
digital, creating the data streams businesses need in order to simplify
operations, know more about their business, and empower their
mobile workforce.
Zebra’s products and solutions are used around the world by
industries including healthcare, retail, transportation and logistics,
manufacturing and sports—for a variety of applications from improving
patient safety; to eliminating checkout lines with mobile devices; to
streamlining warehouse operations and adding a new dimension to
professional sports and entertainment with real-time information.
Service Workforce and Fleet Management: Driving Utilization with Location Intelligence, Sumair
Dutta, Aberdeen Group, May 2009; Page 22
Part number: AB-MC9500FS. Printed in USA 04/15. ©2015 ZIH Corp. ZEBRA, the Zebra head graphic and Zebra Technologies logo are
trademarks of ZIH Corp, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their
respective owners.
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