PRODUCT OVERVIEW Headspace Analysers On-line

PRODUCT OVERVIEW Headspace Analysers On-line
Headspace Analysers
On-line Analysers
Gas Mixers
Leak Detectors
Permeability Testers
Flexible gas analysis
PBI-Dansensor manufactures a complete range of
quality control equipment for companies involved in
modified atmosphere packaging. Our range of easy to
use off-line analysers is built to meet the traceability
needs of any organisation.
Choose between the robust and easy to use handheld
CheckPoint or the advanced CheckMate II with full data
logging capabilities.
Practical pocket size gas analyser
The CheckPoint meets the basic requirements
for accurate checking of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in any type of modified atmosphere
The unit is battery powered and has a battery capacity for a minimum of 2,500
measurements. The CheckPoint stores the last
ten measurements in its memory and is very
easy to calibrate.
CheckPoint is available in two variants, either
as O2 or as a combined O2 / CO2 analyser. Both
instruments can be purchased with a standard
or rechargeable battery.
Headspace Analysers
for Modified Atmosphere Packaging
CheckMate II
Easy traceability
With its intuitive and easy to use operator interface, the CheckMate II is an important everyday
tool in any quality control process for modified
atmosphere products.
Data logging in a central database or on
With the CheckMate II it is possible to obtain a builtin printer - ensuring that all logged data can be easily
stored on paper. However, the data can also be transferred to a PC or server, either automatically via LAN or
manually via RS232.
With the CheckMate II operator errors can easily
be avoided due to the easy to use bar code recognition feature. The unit ensures that all important
data is logged, such as operator name, product
line, production date, batch number etc.
The CheckMate II is available with a wide selection of high accuracy O2 and CO2 sensors.
All important measuring
data is stored and easily
printed or transferred to
a database.
On-line Analysers
With an on-line analyser from PBI-Dansensor it is easy
to ensure high quality in all modified atmosphere products. The on-line analyser can be added to almost any
new or existing packaging machine to ensure constant
monitoring of the gas content in the packages. On vertical and horizontal flow packaging machines the online analysers with their optional flow control can even
ensure substantial gas savings. This not only results in
savings on the gas budget but can also help to protect
the work environment.
MAP Check Combi II
Cost-efficient on-line analysis
The MAP Check Combi II can be fitted onto most
vertical and horizontal flow packgaing machines. The analyser can be fully integrated into
the packaging machine, thereby ensuring that
the packaging process is stopped if the required
gas content is not present in the packages. In
the PFC version of the MAP Check Combi II, gas
savings of up to 25% are possible.
On-line Analysers
for Packaging Machines
The complete solution for MA packaging on flow packaging machines
For thermoforming and tray sealing
Analyser designed for use with thermoforming
and tray sealing machines equipped for modified atmosphere packaging. The analyser works
by measuring the gas content non-destructively
before sealing the packages. Can be fully integrated with the MAP Mix 8000 EL electronic gas
mixer. The analyser ensures a uniform packaging quality.
Gas analyser, spot test analyser, electronic gas
mixer and flow control system integrated with the
packaging machine. Automates the gas flushing
process on both horizontal and vertical flow
packaging machines and maintains the correct
gas level in the package independently of the
packaging speed.
MAP Check Combi
MAP Check Combi II
Packaging machine type
- Thermoforming and tray sealing
- Horizontal/vertical flow packaging
- Flow control (gas savings)
- Built-in gas mixer
- Built-in spot test
- Buffer tank measurement
- O2 or O2/CO2 measurement
- Data logging
High Accuracy
Gas Mixers
MAP Mix series
High accuracy gas mixers
The MAP Mix series is based on a proportional mixing
principle specially designed for packaging machines
and industrial applications, where gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and argon are used either
in a 2- or 3-gas combination. The MAP Mix series of gas
mixers is a perfect match for any type of packaging machine working with modified atmosphere packaging.
MAP Mix 8000 EL
MAP Mix 9001 ME
Prepared for use with the on-line gas analyser
CMV-2 or for complete integration into most
types of thermoforming or tray sealing machines.
Easy to use gas mixer with very high accuracy. Available for both flow packaging machines as well as
thermoforming or tray sealing machines. Also available for mixing of argon and carbon dioxide for industrial applications. Acoustic alarm for substandard
gas inlet pressure, ensuring that a correct gas mix
is always obtained. Possibility for integration into
packing machines in order to prevent inaccurate
gas mix, thus saving packaging materials and gas.
Electronic alarm for substandard gas inlet pressure. Can be controlled via a 0-10 V signal, a
RS232 signal or the CMV-2.
Leak Detection
for Modified Atmosphere Packaging
100% in-line leak detection
LeakMatic is an automatic in-line leak detector for identifying micro leaks in flexible and
non-flexible packages. It is designed for testing
whole shipping crates. By using the CO2 already
available in most MA packages, it is possible
to test all crates right after they have left the
packaging machine. The test is non-destructive
at a speed of 4-5 cycles a minute.
Leak detection for packages containing CO2
Ranging from the benchtop LeakPointer to the
fully automatic in-line LeakMatic, there are suitable
solutions to every kind of leak detection using CO2 as
trace gas. With the micro leak detection systems from
PBI-Dansensor it is possible to carry out fast and nondestructive leak testing on all modified atmo
sphere packages containing a minimum of 10% carbon
Both the LeakPointer and the LeakMatic will help to
minimise the amount of product returns and claims by
ensuring high package integrity. Full data logging and
statistics are available in all units.
Avoid using water for leak detection
LeakPointer E2
For E2 standard shipping crates
A bench top leak detector. Fast and easy
detection of micro leaks in MA packages. Data
export and optional built-in printer. An optional
bar code reader is available for quick and safe
selection of products and entry of data such as
batch number.
A high capacity off-line micro leak detector.
Tests shipping crates up to the standard E2
size. LeakPointer E2 has the same software and
advantages as the LeakPointer.
Packaging & Film
Packaging & Film
Fast and precise testing of films and
foils for oxygen permeation
Manometric gas permeability tester
for films and foils
The OPT-5000 tester has been specifically
developed to provide an easy and reliable test
method. With a minimum of training anybody
can perform a quality test. To conduct this test
the user of the OPT-5000 simply has to insert
the sample, choose the test program and press
the START button. The user interface is based
on an easy to use touch screen display which
indicates the test cycle and the oxygen transmission rate as testing progresses.
The manometric gas permeability tester is an
extremely versatile instrument that can measure the permeability of films and foils to practically any common gas or gas mixture.
The OPT-5000 is the right choice for testing
both low and high permeability foils. With its
broad testing range, ease of operation and
automatic humidity control, the OPT-5000 is
extremely versatile in application and suitability,
for both advanced research in the laboratory
and quality control in production settings.
Using the manometric principle, this instrument utilises one of the well known and most
recognised gas permeability testing methods:
pressure change via gas transmission through
The L100-5000 tester is capable of measuring
within a broad range of low and high permeabilities, and can thus be used to test a variety
of materials. Test results are expressed directly
in ml/m2/24 hrs. and are documented by using
the built-in printer.
Permeability Testing
Fast, Accurate and User Friendly
Packaging & Film
Packaging & Film
Easy and reliable testing for water
vapour permeability
Oxygen permeability tester for
finished packages and bottles
The L80-5000 is the latest generation of the
proven L80 series, which has been used successfully for decades in many laboratories.
The PermMate system is a highly flexible system
for testing the oxygen permeability of whole packages and bottles in a wide variety of industries.
Especially the food and beverage industry can
benefit from the test results for better shelf life
prediction and by choosing the right packaging solution in terms of anoxygen barrier for a
specific product.
With the L80-5000, testing water vapour permeability becomes very simple. The L80-5000 is easy
to operate, and its reliable testing principle and
low degree of maintenance have demonstrated
the superiority of the PBI-Dansensor Lyssy testing method to users worldwide.
The L80-5000 is easy to set up and operate
through the built-in keyboard and display.
With a built-in printer and RS232 interface for
communication with a PC the L80-5000 also
enables easy test documentation and statistical
The idea behind the PermMate system is that
if a polymer package with a low internal O2 content is left at ambient 02 (20.9%) for some time,
the O2 level inside the package will increase. If
the polymer package is leak-free this increase
will be due to the permeation through the polymer. Based on that assumption, and considering other parameters related to the type and
design of the specific package, it is possible to
easily calculate the oxygen transmission rate of
the package.
On-Line Oxygen Analysers
On-line oxygen analysers
For more than 25 years PBI-Dansensor has manufactured zirconia oxygen sensors - this gives us vast experience in oxygen analysis. This experience has led a lot
of industries to rely on the oxygen sensor from
PBI-Dansensor. Today our analysers and sensors are
used in a wide variety of applications, e.g.
• Electronics manufacturing
• Nitrogen generators
• CO2 purity analysis
• Gas purging in orbital welding
• Wafer production
• Medical applications
Oxygen indicator for welding
Oxygen indicator designed for welders to
measure the oxygen in the back shielding gas
before and during welding to avoid oxidation
and to reduce the purge time/gas consumption.
Measuring range 1-5,000 ppm O2 in inert gases
and 10-500 ppm in inert gas with up to 10% H2.
Optional H2 values – 2.5 or 10% H2. In the event
of an O2 alarm or a system failure alarm, the
display will flash and an acoustic alarm will be
Flexible oxygen sensor module
Industrial oxygen sensor module with a durable
sensor and a very easy user interface. Separate
display or built-in display. For nitrogen generators,
buffer tank measurements and various gas flushing applications.
MAP Check 9002
Industrial on-line gas analysers
The MAP Check 9002 is a series of industrial
strength oxygen analysers. Special coating of
the sensor ensures trouble-free operation in
applications where a regular sensor will give up.
Among other things, the analyser is widely used
for soldering ovens in the electronics industry.
Worldwide Service
When you buy a PBI-Dansensor instrument you are
guaranteed a high quality instrument that will add
value to your business for a long time. However, in
order to ensure that your instrument gives you the
same accurate results throughout the entire life span,
PBI-Dansensor also offers calibration and maintenance services worldwide. Furthermore, we offer a
wide range of services in close cooperation with our
international service points and distributors. Our
services range from calibration of instruments to onsite service agreements, all depending on customer
PBI-Dansensor’s technical support centre in Denmark
ensures that all service personnel around the world
are thoroughly trained and have the latest knowledge
about all instruments.
Today PBI-Dansensor is represented in more than 45
countries around the world. You are welcome to visit
our website to find the PBI-Dansensor partner closest
to your company.
Photographer: Peter Clausen
PBI-Dansensor is a worldwide supplier of high-quality gas instrumentation and
quality control equipment. We have more than 25 years of experience in developing,
manufacturing and marketing gas analysers, gas mixers, automated gas purging
systems, leak detectors and permeability testers.
Combining a broad range of experience from practical applications with modern technologies, our products offer a wide range of competitive advantages, contributing to ensuring
that the customer’s end products are of the highest possible quality.
Industry Guide
Gas mixing, in-line and
off-line quality control in MA packaging.
On-line, off-line headspace testing and
On-line, off-line headspace
O2 and combi CO2 analysis.
Packaging & Film
Gas permeability testing of finished packages, films and bottles.
On-line and off-line process
control on gas plants.
Process control and proportional gas
flow control in PCB soldering ovens.
Gas monitoring in e.g. welding processes.
Gas permeability testing in research
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