WR67 FAQs and Troubleshooting

WR67 FAQs and Troubleshooting
W R 6 7 FA Q s a n d Tr o u b l e s h o o t i n g
What courses are preloaded on the WR67?
• There are 2 versions of the WR67:
-The North American version is preloaded with courses in
the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.
- The International version is preloaded with countries
in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, the United
Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland),
Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the
Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland,
Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. For more information on
the availibility of the International WR67 watch, please email
How do I know if a course is preloaded?
• To find if a specific course is mapped by iGolf,
please visit http : / / w w w. i g o l f . c om / c ou r s e / a d v a n c e d _
s e a rc h . ht m l , and search the course by name and location.
Additionally, the WR67 can acommodate up to 50 additional
courses that are not preloaded (i.e. new course mapping in
countries that are preloaded, or courses for countries that are
not preloaded.
Are there any fees for using the WR67?
• There are no fees for using the WR67 or for downloading
courses. You receive a free membership to
How do I download additional courses to the WR67?
• The WR67 can accomodate downloading up to 50 courses
that are not part of the preloaded golf course database. It may
also be necessary to download updated course information
periodically. To download courses, follow the steps below.
1. Go to http://expresso.igolf.com, and create an account
(if you have already created an iGolf account, login at this
website). You will need the serial number (product ID) located
on your packaging. The site will prompt you to install and run a
plug-in from L1 Technologies. You will need to allow this.
*Note this plug-in is browser-specific; Windows users must
use Internet Explorer 8 or newer (32-bit version). Mac users
must use Safari (32-bit version is recommended).
2. Follow the device setup process in its entirety. This
will download and install any necessary drivers to your
computer, and will check for WR67 firmware updates.
3. Once your account is setup and you are logged in,
you may connect your watch.
4. Select the Search Courses button.
5 . E nte r t he name of a c ou rs e i nto t he s e arch b ar, t he n
s el e c t t he S e arch button .
6. Select the course from the list of results.
7. On the course results screen, make sure the box to the right
is showing that the watch is connected. Once the connection is
confirmed, select the Download GPS Course File button. When
the download is successful, you will see a Sync Complete
• For assistance troubleshooting course download
p r o b l e m s , c o n t a c t i G o l f ’s te c h n i c a l s u p p o r t te a m at
supp or t@l1inc .c om
How do I create an account with iGolf? What does it cost?
• Your account with iGolf is 100% free. Registration is quick
and easy. Simply go to http://expresso.igolf.com, and select
the “Register Now” button, then complete and submit the
registration form. Be sure to follow the Device Setup section
in its entirety, as this will install any necessary drivers to your
How do I contact iGolf?
• iGolf is located in San Diego California, and operates
on US Pacific time. The best way for users to contact iGolf
support is to email support@l1inc.com
How can I get a new serial number (product ID) if I have
lost or misplaced mine?
• Email support@expressogps.com (ESN), and we will
assign a new serial number.
Do I have to register with iGolf?
• Registering with iGolf is not required; however, doing
so ensures that you have access to the latest course updates
and allows you to download courses (up to 50) that are not
If my golf course is not accurate or not mapped by iGolf,
what can I do?
• Submit requests for course mapping updates and for
new course mapping at http://golfesn.com/courses. For
the most expedient results, a current scorecard should be
uploaded to accompany the request. Once the course has
been updated, the updated course data can be downloaded
to the watch as detailed in the following question.
Can I manually install the driver for my WR67 watch?
• Yes. Although it is easiest and most expedient to install
the driver during the iGolf registration process, the driver
can be downloaded and installed manually for those that
prefer to do so. The driver is available at:
Make sure your WR67 is NOT connected when installing
the driver. Select the “Download VCP” link for your
operating system. When the download is complete, extact
the files from the zipped folder, then run the appropriate
application file (x86 for 32-bit operating systems, x64 for
64 bit operating systems). Follow through the prompts;
when the process is complete, connect your watch to the
computer. *Note: the driver for the WR67 is only necessary
to transfer data between the watch and the computer. It is
not needed to charge your watch.
How do I power the WR67 ON/OFF?
• To power the WR67 ON, hold the “Front” button for 5
seconds. To power the WR67 OFF, make sure the watch is
on the home (time) screen, and hold the “Front” button for
5 seconds. The watch will only power down from the home
(time) screen.
W R 6 7 FA Q s a n d Tr o u b l e s h o o t i n g
Is the WR67 waterproof ?
• Yes. The WR67 is waterproof up to 30 meters for up to
What d o the hazard abbre v i ati ons stand for?
• The hazard abbre v i at ions are b as e d up on Eng lish
48 hours.
hazard def init ions as fol lows:
Will the WR67 have any effect on my golf swing?
LFB- L ef t Fair way Bun ker
• The WR67 is designed to be comfortable and light;
however, we advise wearing the watch to a driving range to
practice your swing in order to grow accustomed to golfing
with a watch on your wrist.
How long will the batter y last on and off the course?
• You should expect around 14 hours of battery life on
the course or in any GPS mode (i.e. Odometer). If you are
using the WR67 as an everyday watch (time mode only),
you can get a full year on a single charge.
Why will my battery not charge?
• Make sure you are connecting to your watch with the
MFB- Midd le Fair way Bun ker
RFB- R ig ht Fair way Bun ker
FGB- Front Gre en Bun ker
RGB- R ig ht Gre en Bun ker
LGB- L ef t Gre en Bun ker
B GB- B ack Gre en Bun ker
LFW- L ef t Fair way Water L ayup
Time screen showing, from the Battery screen, or with the
watch powered off. The watch will not connect to charge
LFWC- L ef t Fair way Water C ar r y
or transfer data from any other screen within the user
MFW- Midd le Fair way Water L ayup
• If you are charging with your computer, make sure the
computer is powered on. Also, make sure the computer
does not enter sleep or hibernation modes, as the watch
will stop charging at this point.
• Make sure the contact area on the back of the watch is
clean. It is necessary to clean the contact area periodically,
as debris may accumulate over time. The WR67 is
waterproof, so the best way to clean it is with warm water
and a mild detergent. *Note: Make sure that the watch is
thoroughly dry before attempting to connect to a power
supply after cleaning.
How d o I adjust for D ay lig ht S av ings Time?
• D ay lig ht Sav ings Time var ies f rom ye ar to ye ar and
f rom count r y to count r y. To adjust b et we en d ay lig ht
t ime and st and ard t ime, press t he Menu button, t hen
s crol l to Menu 2 and s ele c t S ett ings. S ele c t Time-D ate
MFWC- Midd le Fair way Water C ar r y
RFW- R ig ht Fair way Water L ayup
RFWC- R ig ht Fair way Water C ar r y
RGW- R ig ht Gre en Water
FGW- Front Gre en Water L ayup
FGWC- Front Gre en Water C ar r y
LGW- L ef t Gre en Water
B GW- B ack Gre en Water
CRK- Cre ek L ayup
f rom t he 1st s ett ings menu, t hen s ele c t DST f rom t he
Time-D ate menu. S ele c t DST On +1 to automat ic a l ly
CRKC- Cre ek C ar r y
adjust t he t ime for ward by 1 hour. S ele c t DST Of f -1 to
automat ic a l ly adjust t he t ime b ack by 1 hour.
EOF- End of Fair way
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