Jablocom Essence

Jablocom Essence
Jablocom Essence
Telecommunication solution
for companies
Lower costs and more flexibility
One provider, lower costs
Calling consolidation under one provider
is an effective way to cut overall calling
costs. Integrated communication gives
you free VPN calling between your
One more buzzword – it is flexibly scalable
mobiles and landline phones and the
same comfort for all devices. It also lowers
the administrative overhead by merging
the contracts, billing and support in one.
Business comes and Essence goes with
you. You are not limited with wired landline
infrastructure, just grab the Essence and
use it in the center of production hall or in
a warehouse.
TIP: Ask your mobile carrier
for conditions and pricing and
compare it with current costs of
telecommunication and maintenance.
Infrastructure is already there
Your mobile phone uses public GSM
networks and GSM desktop phones don‘t
need anything more. You can deploy
them without worrying about needing new
infrastructure, wires or switchboards and
their running costs.
Public Mobile
Carrier infrastructure
Corporate fixed infrastructure
PBX support
Easy adoption
Essence looks just like a common desktop phone
It’s got the shape, it’s got the buttons and
even the receiver on a twisted cord. Most
people will simply consider it a landline
Missed calls
phone. The Essence is easy to deploy
because it looks and behaves just like
a desktop phone.
You already know how to use it
And your employees know it as well. The
Essence is intuitive and more user friendly
than most desktop phones. Call transfers,
conference calls and diverts are easy to
Silent mode with dedicated button is there
for meetings held at your desk and LED
quick dial hotkeys show you who is calling.
In call menu
TIP: Ask your employees how many
can arrange a conference call,
configure hotkeys or divert the calls
when leaving for holiday.
Silent mode
Missed call
Call Log
Enhanced productivity
Essence brings the power of cloud to your desktop
Synchronize contacts between phone on
your desk and mobile in your pocket, even
with your computer and corporate contact
list on Exchange or Google.
Online access to your desktop phone
JabloTool cloud brings your call list, texts
and contacts to the web. Check missed
calls from anywhere. Not interested? Don’t
worry, nobody pushes you to use it.
TIP: How often do you search for
number in your mobile and dial it
manually on your desktop phone?
In the 21st century?
Corporate-class management tools
Designed for companies
Essence is easy to configure, deploy and
maintain. We know what is important and
give you an intuitive JabloTool portal to
arrange phones into groups and share the
Sharing is caring
same set of contacts between all of them.
Your administrator won’t need a special
training or spend nights digging through
Get phones organized
Add phones into groups for automated
configuration and custom user rights.
Create groups by departments, regions or
Choose a group of contacts from your
corporate contact list in Exchange
(Google as well) and these contacts will
be synchronized to all phones in a phone
group. When admin changes a contact’s
number in Exchange, the number will be
changed in all phones in the group. Shared
contacts are protected from changes from
the users and even outgoing calls can be
limited to shared contacts only.
Admin’s dashboard
job positions. Phones added to the group
later inherit all the group’s settings.
Get overview of how the phones are doing.
Get alerts for missed synchronization and
schedule updates for late evenings.
TIP: Cloud services for phones are
a free option and do not require
special infrastructure. Servers are
located in EU.
Experience in corporate solutions
is the founder of GSM desktop phones
segment and makes the most of 9 years
of experience. Jablocom is a member of
Jablotron holding, the biggest electronics
company in the Czech Republic.
Tech specs Essence
Mobile network
850/900/1800/1900 MHz & UMTS 900/2100 MHz
Graphical monochromatic LCD display with backlight
1500 contacts, 100 call records, 100 text messages
Hands free calling
Built-in speaker and microphone
Advanced call functions
Caller ID, Mute, Hold, Conference call, Call waiting,
Call forwarding, Explicit call transfer
was the first GSM desktop phone
designed for real office use. Managed
from computer over USB, full QWERTY
keyboard, optional analogue line
connection and Outlook and Lotus notes
Power adaptor
100 – 240 V AC with USB output
Backup battery
Li-ion, 1300 mAh
Microsoft Exchange contacts support
Supported version
MS Exchange 2007 SP1, 2010, 2010 SP1, 2010 SP2
and 2013
EWS open to the Internet
Google contacts support
Account type
Personal or Google Apps for Business
Find out more about Jablocom solutions
for companies.
V Nivach 12, 466 01 Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic
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