Mobile LinkTM - Honeywell Generators

Mobile LinkTM - Honeywell Generators
Mobile Link cellular remote monitoring lets you get and share
information about your home standby generator no matter where you are,
using your computer, smart phone, or mobile device. View your generator’s
status and maintenance needs. Set its exercise schedule. Review its running
and maintenance history. And get notified of status changes. The Mobile Link
device can be installed in minutes. Because it sends data
via cellular network, it’s easier to configure and more
reliable than the Ethernet and telephone
connections found in many competitive
remote monitoring solutions.
For more information,
or call 855-GEN-VIEW (855-436-8439) (US)
844-VIEW-GEN (844-843-9436) (Canada)
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1-888-GENERAC (1-888-436-3722)
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Mobile LinkTM
Your Generator’s Information, at Hand and in One Place
The color-coded background gives you
at-a-glance information about your generator.
•Green: Your generator is ready for action.
•Blue: Your generator is currently running.
•Yellow: Your generator needs maintenance,
but is otherwise ready to run.
•Red: Your generator has a problem, and needs immediate service.
On your way to the airport, you see your generator needs maintenance.
During that long business meeting, Mobile Link tells you that
At dinner with friends you see that there’s a problem with
You click to call your preferred servicing dealer to make an appointment
your generator is ready to protect your family at home if the
your generator. You click to call your dealer to have it fixed
while you’re away.
power goes out.
before the next power outage.
You’re glad to be on the beach,
From your hotel, you get notifications
Your parents are impressed with
because you hear there’s a big storm
that your generator is exercising as it
how easy it is to monitor your
back home. One glance at Mobile
generator. They’d like one just like
Link tells you that your generator is
yours. You use Mobile Link to give
running—protecting your home—
them the model number, and put
because the power went out.
them in touch with your dealer.
If you have multiple generators, you only have
to scroll left and right to select them.
If for some reason your generator isn’t connected to the
cellular network, an icon will appear to let you know.
When your generator has a problem, you can click
on alert icon to find out the details.
This instrument cluster shows total generator running
time, battery voltage, generator output voltage and
frequency, and fuel level in diesel-fueled generators.
Click here for generator details, like serial number and
description, maintenance and status history. If you select
a preferred servicing dealer, their info will be available,
and you can click to call them.
Compatible Units
• 2008 Air-cooled units with LCD display
• Units using a NexusTM or EvolutionTM controller
• SynergyTM and PowerPactTM units
• US/Mexico/Canada only
• NOT available for CorePowerTM or EcoGenTM units
Model 006478-0, Harness adapter kit, is recommended for use with
liquid-cooled units up to 60kW and required for generators 70-150kW.
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