The L-ACOUSTICS® dV-SUB is the
companion subwoofer for dV-DOSCTM
and features three 15-inch transducers
loaded in a dual-chamber vented
bandpass configuration. With power
handling capacity of 1200 Wrms and
response to 35 Hz, dV-SUB is ideal
for applications requiring maximum
low end impact from an extremely
compact enclosure.
Important design criteria in the
development of dV-SUB were maximum SPL output combined with low
frequency extension from an enclosure as compact as possible. Dualchamber vented bandpass loading
provided the answer. High power
handling components also contribute to the SPL performance and since
15'' transducers are operated in
parallel this presents an optimum
2.7 ohm load to the power amplifier.
Rigging flexibility was another key
consideration and dV-SUB's integral
rigging system allows for the installation of a single flown column of
dV-DOSC and dV-SUB enclosures
(with dV-SUB flown at the top of the
array and dV-DOSC underneath).
Although deeper than dV-DOSC,
dV-SUB has the same width and in
keeping with the recommended
ratio of 3 dV-DOSC : 1 dV-SUB,
enclosure height is equivalent to
approximately 3 dV-DOSC. This
allows for the creation of physically
compact arrays when dV-SUB is
flown on either side of dV-DOSC in
a coplanar symmetric arrangement.
Either single column or coplanar
symmetric flown configurations can
be used in FOH applications for
small, medium or large venues and
also in large-scale fixed installations
such as multiple distributed arrays
for stadium or arena sound reinforcement. For theatrical applications,
where visually unobtrusive sound
design is critical, dV-DOSC plus
dV-SUB is ideal for stereo infill
(floor), main left/right (balcony) or
center cluster use.
The 695 mm (27.4-in) cubic dimensions of dV-SUB are highly
convenient for ground-stacked
applications where dV-SUB serves
as a stacking platform for
dV-DOSC.This combination is also
ideal for stage monitoring applications such as sidefill or drum fill.
Presets for use of dV-SUB with the
floor monitor and ARCS are also
available, offering a wide variety of
enclosure combinations.
Triple 15" subwoofer
Dual-chamber, vented
bandpass design
High power handling,
high efficiency, low
thermal compression
Compact, optimallyreduced dimensions
Integral rigging for flown
Designed for touring or
fixed installation
Reference subwoofer
for dV-DOSC, compatible
with all L-ACOUSTICS
WST, XT models
Signal processing via
OEM factory presets for
approved digital
Optimized for 35 - 200 Hz
L-ACOUSTICS specifications are based on measurement procedures which produce unbiased results and allow for realistic performance prediction and simulation.
Some of these specifications will appear very conservative when compared with other manufacturer ’s specifications. All measurements are conducted under free
field conditions and scaled to a 1 m reference distance unless otherwise indicated.
Frequency Response
Frequency Response
40 - 200 Hz (± 3 dB)
Usable Low Frequency
35 Hz (-10 dB)
Recommended filtering
80 to 200 Hz (4th order low pass filter)
30 Hz
(2.83 Vrms @ 1m)
(4th order high pass filter)
104.5 dB SPL
(Long term)
1200 Wrms
40 - 200 Hz
Power Rating
57 Vrms
(3W 200 preset)
• Height
708 mm
27.9 in
• Width
695 mm
27.4 in
• Depth
695 mm
27.4 in
• Net Weight
93 kg
205.0 lbs
• Shipping Weight 107 kg
235.9 lbs
• Shipping Dims
795 x 790 x 890 mm
31.3 x 31.1 x 35.0 in
(including dV-SUBPLA)
4800 Wpeak
2400 W
One enclosure
133 dB (cont)
139 db (peak)
Two enclosures
139 dB (cont)
145 db (peak)
• Finish : Maroon-gray™
Four enclosures
145 dB (cont)
151 db (peak)
• Grill : Black epoxy coated perforated steel
• Connectors: 1x 4-pin Neutrik Speakon
(3W 200 preset)
• Material: 24 mm Baltic birch plywood
with acoustically transparent foam
3 x 15'' weather-resistant loudspeaker
(3” edgewound copper ribbon voice coil, diecast
aluminum basket, massive vented magnet structure,
high thermal capacity)
Sensitivity is the average SPL measured over the system’s rated bandwidth
Power rating displays the long term RMS power handling
using pink noise with a 6 dB crest factor over the system’s
rated bandwidth
2.7 ohms
Array data gives the continuous unweighted SPL output
of the system under half space conditions, referenced to
1 m, including preset equalization
• Rigging : Integral flying hardware and
Additional Equipment
•OEM factory presets for approved
digital processors (for use with XT or
WST Lines)
•L-ACOUSTICS LA 48a power amplifier
L-ACOUSTICS ® is a registered trademark
The loudspeaker system shall contain three fifteen inch loudspeaker
components, loaded in a dual-chamber vented bandpass enclosure
suitable for subwoofer applications. Power handling capacity shall be
1200 Wrms long term (4800 Wpeak) at a nominal impedance of
2.7 ohms. Usable frequency response shall be 40 to 200 Hz
(± 3 dB) with -10 dB response at 35 Hz referenced to the average
level of the usable response. The three fifteen-inch transducers
employed in the enclosure shall have a 3-inch (75 mm) diameter
edgewound copper ribbon voice coil, a weatherproof cone body,
diecast aluminum basket, massive vented magnet structure and high
thermal capacity.
The loudspeaker enclosure shall be constructed of 24 mm (0.94 in)
baltic birch and be internally braced with steel corner plates and joints
that are sealed, screwed and rabbeted in order to remain free of
vibration at extreme sound pressure levels. Dimensions shall be
708 mm (27.9 in) high, 695 mm (27.4 in) wide and 695 mm (27.4 in)
deep and the enclosure weight shall be 93 kg (205.0 lbs). The finish
shall be maroon gray and the front of the enclosure shall be protected by a black powder-coated, 1.5 mm (0.06 in) thick steel grill that
is covered with 10 mm (0.4 in) thick acoustically transparent foam.
The enclosure shall have two recessed side panels mounted on both
sides of the enclosure for rigging purposes. Accessory flying bars shall
be available that allow for rigging of single column arrays. A second
set of accessory flying bars shall allow the enclosure to be rigged in
combination with a companion 2-way enclosure. Four recessed
handles shall be located on the sides of the enclosure and a front
mounted dolley board shall attach to the enclosure using two locking
pins and two front baffle mounted dolley locator studs.
The loudspeaker system shall be the L-ACOUSTICS dV-SUB.
Flying bumper for rigging standalone
or with dV-DOSC
Front / rear bar for rigging dV-SUB to dV-SUB
Front angle bar for rigging dV-DOSC to dV-SUB or
dV-ANGLESDP: Rear angle bar for rigging dV-DOSC to dV-SUB
dV-SUB dolley board
(optional for fixed installation version)
Protective cover
Locking quick release pin (25 mm grip length)
for dV-SUB, dV-DOSC and dV-BUMP interconnection
Freefield frequency response with bandpass filtering and preset equalization
Freefield frequency response with bandpass filtering and no preset equalization
Specifications subject to change without notice
Specs dV-SUB 1202
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