Defender 8zones

Defender 8zones
Intruder Alarm
Defender Mobile App
Defender Web Server
Defender App lets you even more easier
to operate and control, change the way of
using security alarm system. In addition,
when alarm is triggered, it will send a Push
Notification to your mobile devices to tells
you which zone has been triggered.
Attach the web server to enable network
connectivity, access and control over the network
or internet, compatible with Windows and Mac OS.
Central Features
Event Logs
- 8 Fully programmable zones with End-of -line supervision
- 2 Programmable partitions
- 2 Programmable phone number for CMS reporting
- 2 intelligent zones to minimize false alarm
- Fully programme as: Entry/Exit, internal, instant, 24 hour, fire and silent zone
- 1000-event history log store in SD Card
- Two copies of history log file:
1. User readable log file. For owner to check alarm usage
2. Temper proof, encryted log file, For auditing of alarm system
- Real time clock
Wireless Application
Digital Communicator
- Wireless operation with RF Module
- RF Receiver 2 channel come with 3 transmitters
- Wireless Operation: ARM & DISARM
- 2 Programme phone number for CMS reporting
- Pulse or DTMF dialing
- Contact ID format reporting
Home Automation Control
- 3 dedicated build-in security Automation Outputs
- 18 Options of Intelligent Automation Activation/Deactivation
- Remote Operation via phone control
- Local programming from LED keypads
- Non-volatile EEPROM memory retains programmed data even during total
power loss
Remote Operations
- User friendly speech menu
- User follows speech instruction for operation
- Secure remote communications using security codes
- Remote Operation via Touch/Mobile Phone includes:1. Zone Status Check
2. Arm & Disarm
3. Home automation control
4. Timer arming/Disarming
5. Auto Arming/ Disarming
- Free from hassle of manual arm/disarm
Speech Dialer
- 4 Programmable phone numbers for voice messages reporting when triggired
- Compact & stylish design with keypad cover
- Support up 4 keypads per system
- LED keypad displays status of each individual zone with indication of trouble,
Alarm and Bypass
- Keypad lockout to prevent intruder
- Programmable keypad lockout time and attempt
Access Codes
- 3 level Authorizations: Installer, Master & User
- 1 installer code, 1 master code and 8 programmable user codes of 4 digits
Power Specifications
- AC power loss detection
- Batter: 12 VDC/7AH
- DC Battery charging
- Low battery voltage detection
Lightning Surge Protection
- 2 Level Protection: Onboard and PSTN Line-in
- Onboard and PSTN line (MOV): Withstanding current @ 250A
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