eNterprise™ Telephone Series
eNterprise™ Telephone Series
smart desktop devices that enhance productivity
In today’s global economy, the ability to conduct real
time communication and collaboration is a critical
component to an organization’s success. Telephones
should offer the utmost in functionality, intuitive access
to advanced telephony features and deliver maximum
productivity to users all across the enterprise.
Designed with modern office aesthetics and
ergonomics in mind, eNterprise Telephones extend
the power of the Millennium® Converged
Communications Platform to each desktop in the
organization, making it easy for employees to interact
better and to increase business performance.
eOn Communications’ eNterprise Telephone Series
offers a variety of next-generation phones which
provide powerful and consistent communications
experiences over any type of network - IP, digital or
All eNterprise Telephones deliver outstanding sound
quality, easy one-touch access to advanced features
and offer unmatched affordability and flexibility in
meeting the diverse communications needs for users
throughout the enterprise.
eNterprise 7032 • 7022 IP Telephones
The eNterprise IP Telephones leverage standards-based technologies to extend all of the hundreds of proven
communications features of the Millennium to users over IP networks. These telephones unleash the potential
of IP network convergence and deliver time-proven telephony applications to the desktop.
eNterprise 7032IP
eNterprise 7022IP
Equipped with 32 programmable buttons, is best suited
for executives and office
administrators with high call
Equipped with 22 programmable buttons, is ideal for
office professionals with
moderate call volumes.
Key Features
Virtual Enterprise Applications
eNterprise IP Telephones deliver an extensive set of rich features
that boost productivity and improve communications.
With the Millennium and eNterprise IP Telephones
distance is no longer a barrier to doing business.
Telecommuters, remote office employees and
remote call center agents can collaborate and serve
customers better as if they are centrally located.
c SIP Based — support for Session Initiation Protocol means phones
can be anywhere your IT infrastructure is present, including headquarters, branch locations and home offices
c Simplified Management — Dynamic IP addressing means
phones can be relocated quickly and easily without a technician
or IT support
c Mulitple Power Options — including support for power over
Ethernet IEEE 802.3af technology
c Simple Wiring — phones connect to IP network using 10/100
base T Ethernet LAN connection. Each phone contains a
built-in Ethernet switch and additional LAN port
c Excellent Voice Quality — voice compression codecs
optimize bandwidth and audio quality
c Future Proofed — new features can be easily added via downloaded software and firmware
c High Quality, Built-in Speakerphone — full duplex
operation with enhanced echo cancellation
c Programmable Feature Keys — optional 22 or 32 keys for
customized access to advanced calling features
c Optional Button Expansion Module — provides up to 192
programmable feature keys
c Distributed Offices: Whether you need to connect
to several phones at a branch office across town or
across the world, the Millennium and eNterprise IP
phones allow you to create a virtual enterprise
delivering all the features and benefits of traditional
telephony without the geographic boundaries of
the past.
c Remote Agents: Call center interactions can be
centrally managed and observed yet be distributed to
agents located at branch offices or working at home
with an Internet connection. eNterprise IP phones
give you a cost-effective approach to seamlessly
extend the reach of your contact center operations to
include a remote agent workforce.
c Teleworkers: Remote workers can now be cost-
effectively equipped with advanced telephony
features such as voice messaging, conferencing,
call management and 4-digit extension dialing.
Traveling employees can participate in conference
calls and collaborate with team members with
communications technology equal to their office
eNterprise Ergonomic Design
All eNterprise telephones feature
the latest in ergonomic design with a
five-position tilting base stand, small
desktop footprint, and a compact
handset design for comfort handling.
Telephones are desktop or wall
Compact Handset Design
Sleek Form Factor
Adjustable Base Stand
Small Footprint
eNterprise 6032 • 6022 Digital Telephones
eNterprise Digital Telephones deliver a great combination of affordability and advanced call management features.
eNterprise 6032D
eNterprise 6022D
An executive-class digital
phone designed for managers and call coverage
positions with high-call
A standard digital phone
designed for general use
by technical specialists and
professionals with moderate
call volumes.
Key Features
The eNterprise Digital Telephones offer an impressive list of features that satisfy even the most demanding users, including:
c Programmable Feature Keys — optional 22 or 32 keys
for customized access to advanced calling features
c Optional Button Expansion Module — extends the
phone’s feature access capabilities with an additional 192
programmable keys
c Call Handling — access to hundreds of system and station
features for advanced call management
c Powerful Conferencing — support for up to 32 parties
in conference, including meet-me, query and isolate party
features for improved collaboration and decision making
c Simple Wiring — standard 2-wire twisted pair cabling
c Call Center — support for ACD agent and supervisor
c Voice Messaging — easy access to voice mail along with an
easy-to-see message waiting indicator
c Enhanced Privacy — whether using the handset, headset,
or handsfree the correct path can be muted so private
comments stay private
c Call History — call logging and callback functionality makes
returning calls quick and easy
A Consistent Experience
Whether using IP, digital or a combination of both, the eNterprise series of telephones provides a common user interface and
feature operation. Both IP and digital telephones offer the following:
Flexible Display
Visual Notification
Adjustable contrast and backlit display
supports viewing in a wide range of user
environments. Display provides call
duration timer, calling party information
and keeps a log to show who called while
away from your desk.
Message-waiting and ring indicator
provides visual notification of incoming
calls and messages.
Programmable Feature Keys
One-button access to line appearances,
speed dials and features you frequently
Integrated Headset Jack
Eliminates the need for a separate
amplifier box and, in turn, reduces costs
and desktop clutter
Function Keys
Easy access to call handling features
including Hold, Forward, Transfer,
Cancel, Release, Message, Speaker,
Mute/Music and Menu.
Acoustic Control
Rocker bar design provides fingertip
control of speaker, handset, headset,
music and ringer volumes as well as
access to menu options.
High Quality Speakerphone
Delivers high-quality, crystal clear
communications for handsfree calls,
paging and group listening.
eNterprise Button Expansion Module (BEM)
An add-on module for attendant and call coverage positions, the BEM is designed to work
with both the IP and digital telephones. The module offers 48 programmable buttons
with dual-color LEDs and an adjustable backlit display. Each telephone supports up to four
BEMs, providing an additional 192 buttons that can be programmed as feature, speed
dial, direct station select or line appearance keys. BEM is also available without a
eNterprise 4020 • 4010 Analog Telephones
The eNterprise 4000 Series Analog Telephones are cost effective options that deliver enhanced calling features and quality
voice communications.
eNterprise 4020A
eNterprise 4010A
The 4020A two-line
is ideal for cafeterias,
rooms, hallways and
areas where telephone
The 4010A one-line model is
the ideal choice for locations
such as lobbies and reception
areas where telephone use is
use is
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