Digta CordEx - Zephyr
Digta CordEx
Wireless USB dictation microphone
Digta CordEx
Enjoy full freedom of movement during dictation!
The Digta CordEx allows wireless dictation directly onto
the PC and is ideally suitable for users who have the
need to move around during dictation. The four-step
slide switch with intuitive operation is extremely easy to
use – especially important for this new style of dynamic
dictating. Thanks to the high capacity rechargeable battery
and an extra battery, which is optionally available the Digta
CordEx allows almost unlimited dictating.
Overview of the Digta CordEx:
• Ergonomic design
• Color display with indication of status
and menu control
• Internal memory buffer for voice data
• Versatile docking station which performs as a:
– Base transceiver station
– USB data interface to the PC
– Charging station (for the device and
the extra battery)
– Foot control connection
• Optionally available with PC Software
DigtaSoft or DigtaSoft Pro
Including docking station …
… and can be combined with
RFID reader / barcode reader
www.grundig-gbs.com Infoline: +49 911- 47 58 -4
Digta CordEx
User controls
Illuminated LED band tri-colored
Transmitting power
Max. 1 mW
Radio range
approx. 20 - 26 ft (6 – 8 m)
Dynamic speaker, diameter 1.1 inch (28 mm)
Power output 300 mW
Power consumption
Max. 650 mW
Power supply
Li-Polymer 950 mA, 3,7 V rechargable battery
Service life
Up to 8 hrs of voice recordings
Housing color
Sonic Black
H8.35 inch (212 mm) x W1.57 inch (40 mm) x
D0.79 inch (20 mm)
Microphone approx. 4.93 inch (140 g)
System requirements
Windows 2000 SP4 roll up 1 and higher/XP SP2/
Vista, USB 1.1 interface
Integrated speaker
Full-graphic display
Slide switch for
recording, stop,
playback, rewind
3 operating buttons
(Info/Index, fast
forward, Insert)
3 programmable
function buttons
Technical data docking station
Connection to PC
USB connection
Sound card
Built-in sound card for optimum voice
Charging LED yellow; USB: green
PC interface
USB 1.1 interface, connector cable
USB A/ Mini USB plug
Power supply
USB (self-powered – 500 mA) and
mains/charger unit 475
Housing color
Sonic Black
H5.35 inch (136 mm) x W1.81. inch (46 mm) x
D5.43 inch (138 mm)
Docking station approx. 290 g
Recording, Stop,
Playback, Rewind
4 function slide switch
Function buttons
3 operating buttons (Info/Index, Fast Forward,
3 function buttons – programmable Windows
functions as required
Scope of delivery
Illuminated LED band
Recording LED red, insert: orange, info: blue
Digta CordEx, including rechargeable battery
Display indicator
Color display with indication of status and menu
control Field strength: blue; Intermediate memory: orange; charging of rechargeable battery:
yellow; Symbols for operation modes (record,
play-back, pause, stop): blue
Docking station, incl. USB connector cable and adapter for wired power supply operation of the microphone, Power supply/charger unit 475
Ergonomic operation, stretched case design for
comfortable dictation
Optional accessories
File format
Application dependent (for ex. DSS or DSSPro
with DigtaSoft)
Cable-bound USB
Adaptor to plug the microphone to the USB
connector of the PC for power supply without
rechargeable battery
Digta Hardware CD with AdapterServer for configuring the buttons and
PC software for the easy recording, transfer, processing and sending of dictations on DigtaSoft
Configuration of dictation microphone.
DigtaSoft Pro
PC software with additional features like extended memory and export functions, comfort
settings for player, a reporting tool and others.
An update from DigtaSoft is possible at any time.
Technical data microphone
Full-graphic display, OLED Area Color,
132 x 64 Pixel
Barcode reader
Digta Scan 404, color Cosmos metallic
RFID reader
Digta RFID 414, color Cosmos metallic
PC interface
USB 1.1-Interface
Rechargeable battery
Li-Polymer 950 mA, 3,7 V rechargable battery
USB connecting device
USB Audio Device, USB HID
Frequency response
200 Hz–11500 Hz ± 2 dB
Radio transmission
RF 2,4 GHz Transceiver, ISM-Band,
Data rate
Max. 2 Mbit/s radio transmission
Please make sure to choose only genuine accessories from Grundig. Product liability and warranty service are provided only in this case. The use of nonGrundig accessories or those which are not recommended and approved by Grundig automatically void any warranty claims towards Grundig.
Grundig Business Systems GmbH, Emmericher Str. 17, D-90411 Nuremberg, E-Mail: info@grundig-gbs.com, Internet: www.grundig-gbs.com.
In the US: GBS North America, L.L.C., 225 W Washington, Suite 2200, Chicago, IL 60606, Tel.: +1 312 924-2878
Printed in Germany. We reserve the right to make technical changes and improvements. ORDER NUMBER: HNE 6156 08/2008
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