Under Eave Antenna with Built In Amplifier

Under Eave Antenna with Built In Amplifier
Under Eave Antenna with Built In Amplifier
Thanks for purchasing this AP536 Outdoor/Indoor Antenna.
Before installation,
Please read this manual carefully and keep this manual
for further information.
AP536 is especially designed for terrestrial broadcasting reception.
With state-of-art low noise amplifier technology and circuitry, it will
provide best reception. It has compact and stylish housing, and will
accompany your TV or digital Set Top Box (STB).
With UV protected housing and water resistant sealing,
AP536 series antenna can be installed on a wall, window-shelter.
The special multi-directional base mechanism, allows adjustment to
any direction to get the best reception
Compact and Stylish design
UHF 470~870MHz
VHF 47~230MHz
Gain 20±3dB
Low noise amplifier technology
High Directionality
Water-proof and anti-UV housing
Powering method:
Via DC adaptor 9V@100mA (into DC input socket)
AC Adaptor
1.5 m Flylead
STB or Digital TV
AP536 Instructions.indd 1
AP536 Antenna
10m Coaxial cable
RF Out RF In
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Please check the content before installation
1. AP536 main unit
2. Multi-directional base
3. Wall mounting package (plastic insert X3, screw X3)
4. 10 metre Coaxial cable (F male to F male) X 1
5. 1.5 metre Coaxial cable (F male to F male) X 1
5. AC adaptor X1
6. Instruction sheet
For the best reception, Please check the following conditions
1. Far away the source of interference: Far away those big power consumption devices, such as air
conditioner, elevator, hair dryer and microwave oven. Etc
2. Installed As high as possible: In case of terrestrial reception, if there are some interceptions
between Antenna and transmission tower, it will cause the signal loss temporary.
So if the antenna is installed as high as possible, this interference will be reduced.
Frequency range : VHF 47~230MHz
UHF 470~870MHz
Antenna gain VHF : 20dB
Output resistance : 75Ω
Polarization method : Horizontal
Power supply : 9V DC, 100mA
Cable length : 1.5 and 10 metre
ANTSIG an Arlec Consumer Products Brand
For all Sales Phone (03) 9727 8860 Fax 1300 360 650
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