Single Station, Waterproof
•Single Station
Flexibility in a single station
controller. The Toro Waterproof
Single Station Controller: A
rugged, battery-powered
controller that is ideal for use in
remote or isolated single zone
areas. Perfect for use with Toro
valves sold with DC-latching
solenoid pre-installed, including
EZ-Flo® Plus, TPV, P-150, and
P-220 Series Valves.
Features & Benefits
Fully Waterproof and Submersible
Submersible up to 6.5’ (2m) for valve box installation.
Operates DC-Latching Solenoid
Controller is compatible with most manufacturers’ DC-Latching solenoids.
Battery Powered
One 9-volt alkaline battery (not included) provides sufficient power to last an
entire irrigation season.
Controller will display an error code if the solenoid circuit is shorted. Special
circuit verification will not turn on valve if battery power low.
Rain Sensor Compatible
Works with wired, normally closed rain sensors.
Water Management Highlight
Runtime Extension
Manual Operation during Automatic Irrigation will pause
irrigation program while Manual Run in progress. Once
Manual Run is complete, Automatic Irrigation will resume.
This feature allows easy one-time doubling of runtime
when additional watering is needed.
TSSCWP Single Station, Waterproof
Operating Specifications
• Operates one DC-Latching Solenoid
• Controller is compatible with all Toro valves accepting
latching solenoids (model DCLS-P) and Rain Bird® and
Hunter® competitive valve models with DC-Latching
• Valve-mounted (valve not included)
• Easy-to-use, 4-button keypad
• Programmable 7-Day Calendar Scheduling
• Up to 4 Daily Start Times with Start Time Stacking
• Runtime from 1 minute to 11 Hours, 59 minutes in 1
minute increments
• Accepts Toro TRS Wired RainSensor™ and other
normally closed wired rain sensors
• AM/PM or 24-hour Clock
• Low battery indicator visible on LCD screen
• Controller display “sleeps” after 5 minutes without
button press for power retention
• Non-Volatile memory (no battery back-up required for
• If the 9-Volt battery is removed as part of normal
maintenance, the controller will maintain the real time
clock and date for 3-1/2 minutes
• Manual run feature
• Manual run during automatic irrigation for extended
• Reset button for easy clearing of controller programming
• Self-diagnostic - Displays error code when solenoid
circuit is shorted
• Waterproof and weather resistant
• Coiled output cord – 1.2m (4’) extended length
• Special “circuit verification” will not turn on valve if
battery power low
• Brownout protection protects programming in the event
of a low battery condition
• Maximum distance between TSSCWP controller and a
DC-Latching solenoid using 2.5mm2 (14 AWG) wire:
3.6m (12’)
• Operating temperature: -10°C to +60°C (14°F to
• TUV/EMC approved. CE Marked
Add-Ons and Accessories
• DCLS-P – DC Latching Solenoid
• TRS – Wired RainSensor™
• 2.75” W x 4.50” H x 4.00” D
(70 x 114 x 102 mm)
• Weight (without battery): 0.40 lbs. (0.18 kg)
Electrical Specifications
• Electrical Input:
• One 9V Alkaline Battery
• Station Output Power:
• Operates one DC Latching solenoid (compatible with
Toro and most competitive DC solenoids)
• Two years
TSSCWP Model List
Single Station Controller, Waterproof, 9V
For more information, phone
1300 130 898 or visit www.toro.com.au
Compatible with
Toro RainSensor™
Fits Toro, Irritrol®, Rain Bird®, and Hunter®
DC-Latching Solenoids
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