Step-Saver - Pool Cover Solutions

Step-Saver - Pool Cover Solutions
Save-T­­­­® Pool Cover
Manual Pool Cover with Reel System
Original turn handle
Our standard system makes removal of the pool
cover on a standard-sized pool a less strenuous
task than "anchor" type covers.
Choose either the original turn handle or the optional power wheel.
SAFETY—The Step-Saver cover acts as a horizontal fence to protect against
unwanted access to the pool. Designed to exceed stringent ASTM safety
standards, Step-Saver safely supports the weight of several adults.
SAVINGS—The Step-Saver cover seals out dirt, leaves and debris while
sealing in heat, water and chemicals. It eliminates costly evaporation and acts
as a giant solar collector, adding heat to the pool water. The Step‑Saver
cover reduces time spent on pool maintenance and dramatically reduces
heating, water and chemical costs (up to 70 percent).
CONVENIENCE—Designed for daily use, the Step-Saver cover moves
through low-profile tracks to cover and uncover the pool, then stores on its
own reel when not in use. No anchors, water bags, or bothersome straps are
required to hold it in place. Your pool can be covered in less than 60 seconds.
• The Step-Saver is an economical
• Easy to upgrade to our automatic
• Convenient for daily use.
• NO sandbags or anchors.
• Seven-year warranty on all
alternative to the automatic cover,
offering the same benefits at about
half the price.
• Certified to exceed ASTM
standards and UL-listed for safety.
800049 Rel-0001
©2006 Cover-Pools Inc.
Power Wheel (optional) The economical Power
Wheel option facilitates cover removal by letting
you use both leg and arm muscles to uncover
the pool. This option also allows operation from
inside a recessed housing.
Save-T® 3—the Step-Saver system
uses the same track, fabric and
other components as the automatic
system, except without the motor.
Step-Saver components:
(reel, tracks, mechanism) and
five-year warranty on fabric.
66 East 3335 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
800-447-2838 toll-free
801-484-2724 phone
801-484-2763 fax
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