16 SEER Heat Pump
Split System Heat Pumps
16 SEER Heat Pump
You can count on years of dependable energy efficiency when you choose
an Airtemp® air conditioner. Designed with reliable performance in mind,
Airtemp outdoor units complement every home.
Quality, Reliability and Value
10-Year All Parts Limited Warranty
Rock-solid warranty coverage to protect your investment. When you
choose Airtemp® for your home comfort, your system comes with one
of the best warranties in the business - 10 years on all parts.
1-Year Replacement Pledge
Outstanding Airtemp® products are worthy of outstanding protection.
Should major component failure ever occur within the first year of
operation, we will replace the product.
See warranty details for more information.
• Extra high efficiency:16 SEER and up to 9.0 HSPF efficiencies deliver
enhanced energy savings.
• ENERGY STAR: Meets ENERGY STAR requirements in
certain matches.
• Ultra Tech™ Compressor: Operates with two stages of cooling and
heating capacities to provide superior comfort and efficiency.
• Built strong: Designed using galvanized steel with a polyester urethane
coat finish. A 950 hour salt spray test shows the finish resists corrosion
50% better than comparable units.
• Solid protection: Complete metal wrapper protects the internal
components from yard hazards and extreme weather. Attractive, classic
dark gray styling with contrasting wire discharge grille for premium
product appearance.
• Quiet operation: Engineered air discharge and high-efficiency fan
motor for lower sound level system performance. For long lasting
durability, the heavy duty fan motor is completely protected from rain
and snow and requires no maintenance.
• Environmentally friendly: Uses EPA-approved environmentally sound
R-410A refrigerant.
• Built to the highest standards for the American market
All Airtemp® products are designed, assembled and repeatedly
and thoroughly tested in North America.
Cooling capacities from 2-5 Tons
VT4BF Series
R-410A High Efficiency
Heat Pump
16 SEER Residential System
2 – 5 Ton Capacity
• Durable, Attractive Cabinet: Designed using galvanized
The VT4BF Series of heat pumps offer exceptional
performance. When selectively matched with our
engineered coils or air handlers, they provide
outstanding efficiencies of 16 SEER cooling and
8.5 or 9.0 HSPF heating in a high quality heat pump
system. R-410A refrigerant in all models helps to
protect our environment.
• Complete Metal Wrapper: Durable metal guard protects
the coil from yard hazards and extreme weather.
better than comparable units.
• One Piece Top/Orifice: Designed for maximum airflow
and whisper-quiet operation.
• Composite Base Pan: Absorbs sound and corrosion
resistant. Composite is also stronger and lighter than
• Copeland Scroll UltraTech™ Compressor: The Ultra
Tech Compressor operates with 2 stages of heating and
cooling capacities to provide superior comfort and
efficiency. Copeland’s proven and simple design equates
to years of comfort and reliability with virtually silent
• Proven Protection: High and low pressure switches protect
the system in the event of abnormal operational incidents.
• Copper Tube / Aluminum Fin Coils: Designed to
optimize heat transfer, minimize size and cost, and increase
durability and reliability.
– This product offers a 10-year all-parts limited warranty.
– This product offers a 1 Year Replacement Pledge to
replace the unit if the compressor fails in the first year of
operation, to the original owner. All split system products
must be installed with a matched indoor air handler or
indoor coil.
– Consumer product registration required for 10 year All
Parts Warranty and Replacement Pledge within a
limited period of time after the installation. See current
warranty document or visit our consumer web site
www.airtemphvac.net for warranty details.
• Demand Defrost: Provides additional energy savings in
heating by defrosting only when necessary.
• R-410A Refrigerant: Ear th friendly non-ozone
depleting refrigerant.
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