AVENTURA H.264 DVR and Remote Viewing Quick Guide Instructions

AVENTURA H.264 DVR and Remote Viewing Quick Guide Instructions
AVENTURA H.264 DVR and Remote Viewing Quick Guide Instructions
Please refer to the owner’s manual for other functionality and setting options. You may download the
Owner's Manual, Client Software and a Viewer Program for playing saved files at
INSTALL Client Software on your remote computer such as your home or laptop PC (not the DVR)
Once installed you can access through your Program Menu and will have a Shortcut on your desktop
RUN the NVR Client program
For Initial Set up of IP address Click the SETTINGS Icon at the bottom:
Enter your DVR Server Name (ie. your business name) and IP Address in the fields:
Server Name: __________________
Server IP Address____________________
Login User Name: DVR
Login Password: DVR (users / passwords with access rights can be added on the DVR with the Users Icon)
Click ADD on the right
This info should now be in the form fields above
Click SAVE
Click EXIT
Back to the main screen you will see tabs on the left side bar
Click the DVR List
You will see your DVR Server Name you assigned
Click the + sign once to open the list of cameras
If you double click the DVR Name, then all cameras will open
If the picture is grey, this indicates no connection… make sure the DVR is online
Keep in mind the more cameras you open, the more bandwidth you use, so you may want to
experiment with this to determine if you should only open one or fewer cameras at a time for
smoother remote viewing, or if you have more bandwidth, you can open multiple cameras, which will
use more bandwidth slowing down the update of images. To disable a camera, click the Groups Tab,
and then click the camera # to un-highlight or Click Stop All
Select split screen views at the bottom to view multiple cameras
Double Click on a camera to enlarge to single view
Clicking again to revert to split view
Right Click on a camera image to view full screen, right click again to return to interface
To place a camera in a different image box, click an image box once so the border is red, and then
double click the camera from the DVR list, to put that camera into the box position you designated
Enter the DVR IP Address into IE Address Bar on your remote viewing computer followed by :8000
Example: mydvr.no-ip.info:8000
Download ActiveX as prompted, agree and proceed
User Name: DVR
Password: DVR
Select by pull down menu considering bandwidth (one camera at a time will be more fluid)
Click Connect, Connect All or Disconnect as applicable
Right click for full screen – right click again to return to interface
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Playback at the DVR
Click the PLAYBACK Button then Click Playback, which opens to current date
To change to a different date, click DATE then click on the day to view (it will turn yellow)
CAMERAS will open indicating camera #s that have recordings available
Click camera #1 (note the red border indicates the camera you have selected) and it will begin to play
in the top left box from the very first recorded frame of the day. Note the blue indicates motion in the
timeline bars for hours and minutes of the hour you are viewing
Clicking PLAY ALL will start each camera at its own first recording of the day (note: they may start at
various times)
Click SYNC will synchronize the other cameras to the one you have highlighted(red border)
Click SPLITS to choose split view
Again, highlight the appropriate camera then click SYNC to coordinate the other cameras to sync with
the one you highlighted (red border)
Click on the blue in the Hour Bar to a point in time you wish to view (blue indicates recordings)
The MIN bar below indicates the minutes of the hour you are in. You can click the blue in the MIN bar
You can click, hold and slide forward/backward on either bar to quick scan the highlighted camera
“Any Camera in Any Box” allows you to click a box to highlight with the red border, then double click the
Camera # of choice to place a different camera in it
Use VCR style buttons to play forward, previous frame, next frame, pause, stop, beginning frame of
day, previous minute, next minute, last frame of day and zoom
Speed bar can be used in PLAY mode to adjust play speed (note normal speed icon on left)
To start a typical playback session the order of clicking might be: Date, Cameras, Split, Play All, Sync
Remote Playback on the Client Software
Note: Opening multiple cameras will use more bandwidth and slow down the remote playback
depending on your upload service on the DVR side and download service where you are viewing
Click Groups and STOP ALL, then click REMOTE PLAYBACK. Select your server and click OK
Similar to the instructions above, click date, then camera #1 (or other camera), then blue time line
You may click to open a single or split screen to play and sync the camera to the time you highlighted
that camera begin to play on the time bar. Consider bandwidth.
Use the VCR style buttons to play, etc.
You may download files to your remote viewing computer as well
Remote Playback using Internet Explorer
Go to the IP Address in IE as above, Enter User ID and Password, then click Remote Playback at the
bottom. Do not click Connect or Connect All to conserve bandwidth
The Playback window will open
Choose 1 (preferably) or 4 partition, then Date and Camera
Available times of recordings are listed. Scroll to time and double click to play
In 4 partitions, you may click on a box to highlight it, and then select a camera and time to begin play
Use the VCR style buttons at the bottom to play the highlighted camera
You may download video to your remote viewing PC with the Download Button, then assign a folder
and file name for future reference
Manual Record will save as you watch in the Live Screen. Make note of the folder it is recorded to.
A viewer program for playing these saved files is available at http://www.faps.com/download/
Back Up to CD or USB External Drive
Once in the Playback Screen, determine which camera(s), date and times you want to back up
Click the BACK UP VIDEO Icon at the top and choose the third item Back Up
Follow the instruction as indicated to Select Camera(s), Date and Time
Click Validate at the bottom to verify the watermark security of the clips.
Click Back Up at the bottom. And choose where you want to place the files, then Click OK
You may get an error message, and then an OK to click
The files will be automatically backed up in C:\_RecordFile_.
Just as the DVR files are stored locally, there will be a folder created for each day and within it
camera(s) and within it files for each time
Using standard windows file functions, you can right click the folder for the date(s) and Send To your
CD-Drive. Then, browse to that CD drive as files are waiting to be written, put in a CD and highlight
all, then click on the left Write to CD. You may also send to an external USB Storage Device
You may also browse to the recording files on the DVR itself, then Copy To a USB external drive
40 Clinton Dr. Washingtonville, NY 10992 · TEL (845) 496-3620 · FAX (845) 496-3650 · www.faps.com
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