Merlon Garage Door Opener
Garage Door Opener
For sectional or one piece tilt doors
- Owners manual
Toll free helpline Professional installation =
While this unit is suitable for “do-it-yourself” installation;
ualified Authorised Installer has the additional.
benefit of an on-site warranty and ensures a quality
“New Zealand: 0800-653 667. installation. Phone for your nearest Authorised Installer. .
Please have your serial number and
“model name available before calling. using a 4
Australia: 1-800-638 243
WARNING Do not allow children to play with d
Keep remote controls away from children.
Watch the moving door and keep people away until the door is completely opened or
closed. |
Use caution when operating the manual release with the door open since it may fall
rapidly due to weak or broken springs or an imbalanced door.
Frequently examine the installation, in particular cábles, springs and mountings, for
signs of wear damage or imbalance. Do not use if repair or adjustment is needed since
a fault in the installation or an incorrectly balanced door may cause injury.
Each month check that the drive reverses when the door contacts a 40 mm high object
placed on the floor. Adjust if necessary and recheck since an incorrect adjustment may
present a hazard.
Disconnect electric power to the garage door opener before making any repairs or
removing any side covers.
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The garage door opener can be dis-
engaged from the garage door to
enable the door to be operated
manually. This may be necessary in
the event of a power failure or-in case
of a breakdown of the garage door
opener. Do not use the release cord
to drag the door open - the release
lever is not designed as a towing
point for a heavy door and may
break if subjected to abuse.
Pull the red emergency release cord
in a downwards direction. If disen-
gaging the opener with the door Pull down fo release
open, stand clr of the door as it | |
may close rapidly when the opener
is disengaged. Release cord ‚and lever
- Push the lever (attached to the red emergency release cord) upwards and move the
y door manually to allow the torpedo to engage inside the trolley.
Push up to re-engage
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Your remote control transmitter has one but-
ton and one slide selector switch. The button is |
to send a radio signal to the opener. The slide Transmitter button and slide switch
switch is to select either your opener or an al-
ternative device, such as another opener, an —
automated gate or garage lighting.
“ Ensure that the slide selector switch is in the
correct position to operate the door that you
are "ing lo open. You can over-ride the ef-
fect of this switch by setting code switch number >
I to the ON position on both the opener and Slide to choose from
each transmitter one of two doors
One press on the main remote control trans-
mitter button has a different effect depending
on whether the door is open or closed and depending on whether the door is opening or
If the door is closed, one button push will start the door opening.
While the door is opening, one button push will stop the door.
If the door is open, one button push will start the door closing.
While the door is closing, one button push will start the door opening.
performance than an old battery. -
Ho) TIT from a push button
Push button operation is identical to operation from a transmitter except that there is no
radio signal to be considered.
Repeated button pushes cause the door to Open, Stop and Close, as described above.
You can open and close your garage door from the comfort and security of your car. A
60W light turns on whenever the opener is operated and stays on for 4 1/4 minutes. A
push-button is included for operation inside the garage. Handy connection terminals
enable accessories to be added for further convenience. Constant door control enables
you to stop the door at any height for ventilation, pet access or safety,
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EDRA 1187
The Merlin remote control system features 4096 possible security code combinations.
Proprietary security coding logic reduces the possibility of accidental triggering by un-
welcome sources. A watchdog circuit constantly monitors and corrects the opener func-
tion to reduce the possibility of stray signals causing an unwanted operation of the
opener. The worm gear drive positively locks the opener preventing it being forced open.
If the door encounters an obstruction while closing, the operator will stop and then reverse
to the open pesition. If it meets an obstacle while opening it will simply stop. If for some
reason the opener runs more than 25 seconds the motor will automatically shut off. (Op-
tionally 40 seconds by internal DIP switch setting.) An optional non-contact beam sensor
can be added for increased safety. The mechanical safety systems retain their settings
during power cuts or during manual operation of the door. Quick disengagement of the
opener from the door is possible by pulling on the red emergency release cord.
Electrical wiring meets all statutory regulations for safety. If the motor is operated to the
point of overheating it will shut itself down until cool. In the event of an internal compo-
nent failure the electtonics are protected by a fast blowing fuse and sacrificial compo-
nents (fusible resistors) on the circuit board. The mains transformer is internally fused to
prevent connection of mains power fo external low voltage wiring. If a fuse blows con-
tact your Merlin dealer - a blown fuse indicates an electrical problem.
This opener is constructed of proven heavy duty components fo ensure dependability
including a thermally protected permanently lubricated 1/3 hp motor and a strong gear
drive. The opener is backed by a 2 year limited warranty.
The powerful 1/3 hp motor can handle most new or existing residential sectional doors
up to 2.1 metres high or tilting doors up to 2.4 metres high and 6.0 metres wide. For
installation on taller doors see your Merlin dealer.
* : | ccessory options
Contact your Merlin dealer or Authorised Merlin Installer for further information on
these options.
If you have no access to your garage other than through the garage door we strongly
recommend that you fit an external keyed release. If there is a power cut or an opener
fault then this will allow the door opener fo be disengaged from outside the garage using
a key. :
This option allows you to operate your garage door opener from outside without a
remote control or keyswitch. You select a programmable 4 digit code which must be
keyed in to operate the opener.
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This option allows you to operate your garage door opener with a key from outside. It is
wired to the accessory terminals located at the rear of the opener.
If additional push-buttons are required these can be wired into the accessory terminals.
Use any E.L.V. (low voltage) twin wire. However do not run wiring in close proximity to
mains electricity wiring.
A beam sensor can be fitted to add an extra degree of safety. If an obstruction is present
then the door will only close if the manual push button is held down continuously.
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There are no user serviceable parts inside the opener. To comply with NZ and Australian
electrical safety regulations the power supply cord must only be replaced with a genuine
part if it becomes damaged in any way. These are available from your Merlin dealer or
Authorised Merlin Installer.
Contact your Merlin dealer or Authorised Merlin Installer for any service requirements.
I have to get much closer to the garage before my remote control will work the opener.
* Replace the battery in the transmitter. Pry.apen the cover on the rear of the transmitter
* Weather affects radio signals, some days may give quite different performance than others
Even though the red indicator LED comes on, nothing happens when I press the button
on my remote control transmitter |
Try the manual push button on the wall - if the opener works then check the following items:
® Move close to the opener and retry. Your battery may be weak or there may be some
obstruction to the radio signal. a |
* Slide the selector switch on the transmitter info the opposite position and retry. It is
possible to inadvertently select the wrong channel. If you only have one opener, see
the section on setting codes to prevent this possibility from recurring. |
* Replace the battery in the transmitter and retry. The battery may be too weak to
produce a strong signal.
* Check the code setting in the transmitter compared to the opener. Every numbered
code switch must correspond in the opener and the transmitter. See the section on
code setting for help.
* Check the red indicator LED at the rear of the opener - if the indicator is flickering
when you are not pressing the transmitter button, look for another Merlin transmitter
somewhere which is accidentally being pressed continuously. Even though the code
may be different, if another Merlin transmitter is in a place where an object is resting
on the button, it will block out all other signals, including your correctly coded one.
* Have you or your neighbours installed a baby monitor that operates at the same radio
frequency as the opener? Baby monitors block all other radio signals within their range.
EDR4 1169
EDE4 1167
period of time. Wait for twenty or twenty five minutes and the opener will become
operable when the motor has cooled down. If you need to close and lock the door
then do so manually. (See the section on manual operation of the door.)
Nothing happens when | press the push button on the wall,
Check the red indicator LED at the rear of the opener.
- If the indicator is not glowing at all, there is either no power to the opener or q
broken LED indicator. Is there a power cut, has an external fuse or circuit breaker -
blown or has the unit simply been turned off at the wall? Reinstate the power supply if
necessary. If a fuse, has blown, this indicates an electrical problem. Contact your Merlin
dealer for service, |
- Is the indicator LED flashing regularly four times a second? This indicates that there
is an obstruction prevent; ng the door from operating. If you have the non-contact beam
sensor installed, clean the reflective faces and check the alignment (see the section on
maintenance of the beams). Even if you do not have a beam sensor then there may be
a loose accessory wire on the accessory terminal strip (at the rear of the opener) which
is shorting between GND and OBS.
- Ifthe indicator is flashing with any other pattern, or is on continuously and there is
no response to the red push bution or the transmitter then note the condition and
contact your Authorised Merlin Installer for service.
Do you hear relays click in response fo pushing the button on the wall, but nothing else
happens? This indicates that the motor thermal protection has switched on. The motor
as become overheated, usually from repeated operation in a short period of time.
for GND and P/B. Yoy must remove the push-button wiring from the terminals first
- IFhereis no response to shorting the GND and P/B accessory terminals, then there
is an internal fault or no power supply. If no response after reinstating power then
contact your Authorised Merlin Installer.
° Ifthe unit does respond to shorting the accessory terminals then check your acces-
sory push button and its wiring. Replace if necessary,
Nothing happens at all.
Is there any mains power?
Is'a-beam sensor fitted?
- Check what happens when you disconnect the +15V wire from the terminal strip
on the rear of the unit. If this is short circuited the opener will have shut down. You:
may have damaged wiring from the opener to the sensor.
* Contact your Merlin dealer for service.
My door will not open fully.
* Check the flashing of the red indicator LED at the rear of the opener. ls it always оп?
If so it is likely that the door travel limits require adjustment. Readjust the limit travel
Is the red indicator LED giving three flashes and a pause? If so the opener is not
completing its travel and is sensing an obstruction. |
- Disconnect the drive by pulling down on the red manual release rope. Is the door
heavy to move up? If so it is possible that the counterbalancing springs have become
weak or broken. Contact a professional door installer for repair or adjustment.
- Has the door sustained any damage? Some doors are easily buckled by contact with
cars or other heavy objects. Have your door repaired by a professional door installer.
- Do the tracks or linkages require lubrication Check with the door manufacturer
for a recommended lubricant.
- Is the chain rusty or dry? Lubricate it.
- Is there timber framing around the door? This can expand or contract with weather
changes, causing a sticky operation. Try decreasing the upward force sensitivity.
A WARNING Springs on tilt and sectional doors are under great tension. Seek
professional help if having spring problems. Do not adjust the opener to compen-
sate for broken or missing springs.
My door will not close - it reaches a point where it always reverses to the open position.
* Disconnect the drive by pulling down on the red manual release rope. Is the door
difficult to move manually? Does the door stick at a certain point? If so, lubricate it or
have it repaired if necessary.
My door will not close - it reaches the bottom and returns back to fully open.
e Adjust the bottom limit of travel to reduce the travel.
My door will not close.
е |5 а beam sensor fitted?
- Is there an obstruction in the doorway?
- Is the reflector or the sensor out of alignment?
- Look at the indicator LED inside the sensor - if it is green then the beam is OK, if
it is red then it is obstructed or misaligned. Clean the faces of the reflector and sensor.
Align them so that the green indicator comes on.
- There may be short circuit between the GND wire and the OBS wire somewhere.
Check for frayed wires between terminals on the connector strip at the rear of the
opener. Check for frayed wires inside the sensor at the connecting terminals. Check
for damage to the wiring - staples can easily hide a break in the insulation caused
during attachment of the wires to the walls of the garage.
- You can force the door to close by holding the manual pushbutton down for the
EDRA 1169
r Y
FT a
whole travel of the door. You will need to hold the button down for two seconds
before anything happens.
My beam sensor does not work even though the green indicator is showing in the sensor.
* There is a short circuit between +15V and OBS - either in the sensor wiring or
around the connecting terminals in the sensor.
What does the flashing red indicator LED at the rear.of the unit mean?
* Always on = power is on, one or both limits reached (normal) |
* Always off = no power or a broken LED - €
* Slow flashing (once per second)= motor is running, no limits reached (manual re-
lease is down?) , ,
* Fast flashing (four times per second) = motor is not running, no limits reached (stopped
partly open?)
Flickering = receiving a Merlin signal (not necessarily coded correctly)
Two flashes and a pause = timed out after 25 or 40 seconds (manual release is down?)
Three flashes and a pause = sensitivity has turned the motor off while opening (physi-
cal obstruction?)
* Four flashes and a pause = relay fault (phone for service)
The chain squeaks and rattles.
In some areas, particularly those close to the sea, the chain may require lubrication. Use
a heavy oil applied sparingly. Very thin spray lubricants will wash the grease out from
inside the rollers. Do not use them. Light oils may penetrate well but they will be very
difficult to stop from dripping on your car or garage floor. Motorcycle shops sell very
good chain lubricants for harsh conditions.
60 Watt E27 45 mm Round
Replacement light bulb
Replacement remote control battery 9V type
Replacement fuse 2.5 A fast blowing 5 mm diameter x 20 mm long
Mains power required 220V to 240 Y, 50 Hz, single phase AC, earthed
Suitable for sectional doors, one piece tilt doors. Note that coun-
terweight type doors are not suitable for automating
Opening or closing cycle time approximately 17 seconds for a typical 2.3 me-
| tre high door
Trolley speed 137 mm per second, 103 mm per second for track-
less tilt doors
Maximum rated force 300 N standard, 400 N for trackless tilt doors -
Note that this is around twice the force that can
comfortably be applied by hand to a door so is
adequate for any well balanced door
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