Spirit pre-installation guide
Spirit pre-installation guide
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July 12, 2013
March 7, 2016
Before unpacking the machine, you must be sure the area where the machine will be placed has been
prepared properly. The countertop should be level and firm enough to carry the weight of the
machine (up to 135 kg, 300 lbs), even when force is applied to it (to lock in the filter holders, tamp the
coffee bed, etc.). A countertop height of 85-100 cm (33-40”) is suitable for most barista’s.
Installation of and maintenance on the Spirit should only be done by a qualified technician. Parts of the
machine can reach a temperature of close to 130 °C (266 °F). The steam/hot water boiler contains
water and pressurised steam of 127 °C at 1.4 Bar overpressure (261 °F at 20 PSI), temperature and
pressure in the coffee boiler system may reach up to 96 °C at 12 Bar overpressure (205 °F at 175
 Caution! Pre-production machines with serial numbers 1-18 may need a different procedure to
install and service. Most procedures for all machines are described in this manual, make sure that you
follow the appropriate one for your machine. When in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.
 Danger
We cannot be held responsible for damage and/or injuries resulting from actions performed on our
machines by non-qualified personnel.
The water supply and water treatment system must be nearby (max. 1.5 meter; 5 feet) to the
machine. Discharge may not be further away than 1.5 meters, have an internal diameter of at least 40
mm (2 somewhat flexible hoses with external diameter 20 mm) and must be fitted out with a syphon.
There must be space nearby to locate the two (or more) water pumps with their individual electric
motors (depth x width x height: 30 x 20 x 25 cm each).
A wall socket or power mains outlet box must be nearby (max. 1.5 meter). Depending on the machine
ordered, the power mains is 230 VAC 3-phases (120° phase shift) with neutral, 230 VAC 1-phase with
neutral or 115 VAC 2-phases (180° phase shift) without neutral. All power mains must have an earth
connection and should be able to safely deliver the maximum power consumption of 7300 Watts; 31.8
Amps (Duette) to 10000 Watts; 43.5 Amps (Triplette, pump-per-group).
You may want to have the water, drain and power to be fed through one or more openings in the
countertop (see figure I 1: Footprints of the Duette and Triplette). As the Spirit has full free space
underneath, the opening(s) in the countertop can be positioned anywhere. For a visually pleasing
result we recommend to feed the pump and drain hoses through an opening located just behind the
front left foot and the mains and pump cables through an opening just behind the front right foot of the
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Figure I 1. Footprints of Spirit Duette (top) and Triplette (bottom). Measurements in millimetres.
Black circle
Machine foot (diameter = 50 mm)
White rectangles
Suggested locations for openings behind front feet to feed
connections through the countertop
Minimum sizes of countertop openings
Pump hoses
35 mm (connector diameter is 22 mm, hose is 12 mm)
2 drain hoses
40 mm (20 mm each)
Pump + drain hoses
40 mm (insert pump hoses first)
Electric cables
20 mm (mains cable plus 2 pump cables, no mains plug)
(1-phase machine : 35 mm)
All feeds through 1 opening
55 mm (insert pump hoses first, no mains plug)
(1-phase, pump-per-group Triplette: 60 mm)
Spirit pre-installation guide
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without rubber feet!! 20 mm high
without rubber feet!! 20 mm high
Figure I 2. Measurements of Spirit Duette. The rubber feet have not been mounted yet, these are 20
mm high and have a diameter of 50 mm.
Spirit pre-installation guide
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without rubber feet!! 20 mm high
without rubber feet!! 20 mm high
Figure I 3. Measurements of Spirit Triplette. The rubber feet have not been mounted yet, these are 20
mm high and have a diameter of 50 mm.
Spirit pre-installation guide
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Make sure that the mains and pump cables “bend-upwards” in the cabinet below the machine to
prevent the possibility that water dripping along these feeds reaches the wall socket or pump-motors.
Be aware of the location and functioning of the knock-box when planning the design of the
connections to your machine.
General tips
 Install the knock-box centred underneath the espresso machine or near the grinder(s) in the
back of the bar. This will result in a favourable routing of the filter holder (knock empty, fill,
tamp, lock into group).
 Have your cabinet-maker fit the knock-box prior to installing the espresso machine. Whoever
installs the machine may not be able or equipped to do so.
 Have approximately 10 cm of free countertop space at the barista’s side of the machine. This
is useful working space for cups and saucers.
 Have a fridge installed as close to the espresso machine as possible. Cold milk is essential for
the proper preparation of cappuccino.
red IEC 60309 3P+N+E plug (also called: IP44 3P+N+T)
Spirit pre-installation guide
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