Printing Fit Test Cards with an ID Card Printer

Printing Fit Test Cards with an ID Card Printer
Respirator Fit Testing
Printing Fit Test Cards
with an ID Card Printer
Application Note RFT-013
ID Card Printer Setup
TSI Incorporated does not claim that the FITPRO fit test card printing features will function properly with each of the
wide variety of ID card printers available on the market. Use of an ID card printer other than the models
recommended by TSI is done at your own risk. TSI believes that FITPRO card printing features will work with most
Windows-compatible ID card printers. Most card printer manufacturers will provide the necessary print settings with
their product. At the time of software testing and release, we tested the PORTACOUNT® PRO fit tester and found it
compatible with these specific Fargo ID card printers: DTC300, Persona C30, Persona C30e, and DTC1000.
Printer Setup (based on Fargo ID card printers only)
Note: You must install the Windows® print driver before attempting to print fit test cards for the first time. If you are
not using one of the recommended Fargo ID card printers please refer to the card printer manufacturer for
these instructions.
FITPRO™ software does not support color printing, be sure that the proper printer ribbon type has been selected
under the printer settings. TSI recommends using the Fargo card printers with “K – Premium Resin” black
only ribbon.
Attempting to print a fit test card with the Fargo DTC1000 (or C30, C30e, DTC300) without first setting the
proper ribbon type results in a “Wrong Ribbon Installed” error message.
1. Get the ID card printer ready as follows:
Install the printer ribbon.
Connect the AC power supply.
Load blank cards into the input hopper.
DO NOT connect the USB cable to your PC until prompted to do so.
2. Insert the Fargo Software Installation CD (included with the card printer) into your CD-ROM drive and follow the
on-screen instructions for installing the Fargo print driver. This needs to be done only one time.
When prompted, select USB as the printer port.
When prompted, click the Detect Installed Ribbon Type button.
Follow the remaining prompts to complete the driver installation.
Note The “Found new hardware” message may appear on the monitor. Be patient and allow the PC to do its
work. The message disappears after a short time.
If the Detect Installed Ribbon Type dialog does not appear during driver installation, it will be necessary to
manually set the ribbon type using the following procedure:
Open the Windows® Printer Control Panel.
Right-click on the Card Printer icon.
Select Printing Preferences.
Click on the Device Options tab.
Click on the Auto Ribbon Select button.
3. Start FITPRO™ software on your PC. When the desktop appears, select Setup | Global Fit Test Options.
4. From the Global Fit Test Options dialog, click Fit Test Card Options.
Note: The first time you do this, you will get an Install Card Printer dialog message. Read and follow the
directions in that message and click OK.
5. When the Fit test card options dialog appears, click Change Settings to access the card layout screen.
6. From the card layout screen click Print Setup button. This opens the Page Setup dialog. Click Printer button
to open a dialog where you can select the printer from a list of available printers.
Select the appropriate ID card printer model (i.e., DTC1000, C30, C30e, DTC300 ID Card Printer). Click
OK to return to the Page Setup dialog.
Select the card size from the Paper Size list.
Select Landscape for orientation and select margins.
Click OK button.
If the ID card printer is not on the list of available printers, it means that the card printer driver has not
been installed properly. Go back to step 1 of this procedure, or contact the card printer manufacturer.
7. Card printing should now be functional. To print a test card, click Print button on the Change Settings dialog.
You should see a print confirmation window pop up briefly and a sample card should print.
To access the Fit Test Card Options dialog in FITPRO™ software:
1. Select Setup | Global Fit Test Options.
2. Click Fit Test Card Options. The following dialog appears.
If you want to automatically print a fit test card at the completion of each passed fit test, check the box labeled
Automatically Print 1 Card… This option is disabled by default. Fit test cards can be printed at any time from the
Edit Fit Test Table dialog,
Fit test cards can only be printed one at a time. There is no batch printing function. These options only
affect Fit Test Cards printed on an ID card printer, they do not affect the Removable Fit Test Card printed at
the bottom the Single Fit Test Report.
To adjust the layout of the fit test card, click Change Settings. This displays the dialog shown below. Click the
Print Setup button to display the Page Setup screen where you can adjust margins and select card size and
orientation. Click the Print Preview button to see what the card will look like before printing it. Click the Print button
to print the card.
Note: This screen shows sample data on the fit test card that is provided to help adjust the layout. The actual fit
test data for a particular individual automatically fills in whenever you print a card for a person.
Fargo Card Printer Supplies and Specifications
These ID card printers are warranted by Fargo Electronics and not by TSI Incorporated. Please contact Fargo
Electronics if technical support or repairs are needed.
FARGO Electronics, Inc.
6533 Flying Cloud Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Phone: (800) 459-5636 or (952) 941-9470
Fax: (952) 941-7836
ID Card Printer (Fargo C30 shown)
Example Fit Test Card
Note: The Fargo ID card printers are functionally equivalent as far as FITPRO™ software is concerned. Please
contact Fargo for more details on the differences in the card printer models.
Reordering Card Printer Supplies
Supplies for the Fargo DTC300, C30, C30e, and DTC1000 Card Printers
Fargo Part Number
Black Ribbon Cartridge for Fargo C30e/C30/DTC300
Black Premium Ribbon Cartridge for Fargo DTC1000
Blank UltraCard™ CR-80 Cards (white, PVC, 0.030 in. thick)
Specifications* for Fargo C30 and DTC300 Card Printer
Print Method
Print Ribbon Options
Print Speed
Accepted Card Sizes (LW)
Maximum Print Area (LW)
Accepted Card Thickness
Card Types
Card Capacity
Software Drivers
Operating Temperature
Dimensions (HWD)
Agency Listings
Supply Voltage & Frequency
Fargo Electronics Warranty
Dye-Sublimation/Resin Thermal Transfer
300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm)
Up to 16.7 million / 256 shades per pixel
Color or monochrome
7 seconds per card (black), 27 seconds (color)
CR-80 3.375 × 2.125 in. (85.6 × 54 mm)
CR-80 edge-to-edge 3.37 × 2.11 in. (85.5 × 53.5 mm)
0.030 in. (0.76 mm) or 0.020 in. (0.51 mm)
PVC or polyester cards with polished PVC finish; monochrome resin required
for straight polyester
100 PVC cards (0.030 in.)
Windows® 2000/XP/Vista®
USB 1.1 (USB 2.0 compatible)
65° to 80°F (18° to 27°C)
7.9 × 13.62 × 8.14 in. (201 × 346 × 207 mm)
8 lbs. (3.63 kg)
Safety: UL 60950-1, CSA C22.2 (60950) UL-GS (EN 60950-1) and CE
Emissions: ITS (EN 55022 Class B), FCC (EN 55042 Class B), CRC c1374w
and CE
(IEC-801 -2, -3, -4; CISPR 22, Class B), CE, BSMI
100-240 VAC, 3.3 A, 50/60 Hz
Printer – Two years
Printhead – Two year/unlimited-pass with UltraCard™ cards
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
UltraCard is a trademark of FARGO Electronics, Incorporated
TSI Incorporated – 500 Cardigan Road, Shoreview, MN 55126 U.S.A USA
Tel: +1 800 874 2811
Tel: +44 149 4 459200 E-mail:
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Tel: +49 241 523030
Tel: +91 80 41132470 E-mail:
Tel: +86 10 8251 6588 E-mail:
Singapore Tel: +65 6595 6388
Contact your local TSI Distributor or visit our website for more detailed specifications.
RFT-013 (9/11)
Copyright © 2011 by TSI Incorporated
Printed in U.S.A
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