Mutoh Valuejet printers From

Mutoh Valuejet printers From
Ver 3.0f March 08
Ink conversion procedure:
Mutoh Valuejet
Models 1204, 1304, 1604, 1608, 1614 & 2606
Converting from Mutoh Eco-Solvent Ultra Ink to Lyson 2100 Series
Rev 2.0, May 2007
Nazdar reserves the right to make changes, without notice, to the specifications and materials
herein and shall not be responsible for any damages (including consequential) caused by reliance
on the materials presented, including but not limited to typographical, arithmetic or listing errors.
Please address any questions, comments and suggestions to your nearest Nazdar Technical
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The following conversion procedure is designed to convert over the following Mutoh Valuejet printers;
1204, 1304, 1604, 1608*, 1614 and 2606 to Lyson 2100 series inkset.
Available in 6 colours; Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black, Light Cyan and Light Magenta in 440ml and 220ml
cartridges, Specifically formulated to be a fully compatible colour match, thereby alleviating the need
to flush the printer or generate new profiles.
*(1608-If running with the ‘option’ of Eco Ultra Inks)
To Ensure Safe Use
Failure to proceed with the correct method may cause damage to your printer. Nazdar cannot be held
Responsible, due to lack of care during this procedure. If you require any further information on what
method you need to perform, please contact your nearest Nazdar technical service department for
further information or instruction. The list of your nearest Nazdar technical team can be found on page
2 of the conversion procedure.
Pictorial Signs
Pictorial Signs are used as a visual reference throughout the industry to quickly inform of a certain safe practise that
is needed to be carried out or to warn of pending danger.
For your own safety wear safety glasses
This symbol indicates a prohibited behaviour, refrain from doing
This symbol gives you a caution, advising of possible error or harm
For your own safety wear safety gloves
When handling ink containers, be careful that ink does not get in your eyes or on
your skin. However, if this happens, flush immediately with water. Otherwise,
your eyes may become congested or inflamed slightly. If you feel discomfort,
consult a doctor immediately.
• Do not disassemble ink containers. Otherwise, ink may get in your eyes or on your
• Only use Nazdar/Lyson Solvent ink and appropriate cleaning liquid. Using other
solvent inks will cause permanent damage to the printer.
• Please refer to the Material Data Safety Sheet for further handling instructions. A
copy of the document can be requested from your Nazdar Distributor or from our
Step 1
Full set of Lyson 2100 Series Inkset cartridges 220ml or 440ml
I. Valuejet 1204, 1304, 1604, 1608* and 1614 -Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black available in either 220ml
or 440ml cartridges. *(1608 if running with the ‘option’ of Eco Ultra Inks)
II. Valuejet 2606 - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan and Light Magenta in 440ml cartridges as
Before commencing with the ink conversion it is essential you obtain a good nozzle check
(procedure for performing nozzle check is in appendix 1.) No warranty dispute, regarding the
conversion can be supported or defended if a pre nozzle check is not supplied. If several
nozzles are permanently missing even after several cleans, you can proceed providing a
disclaimer is signed, stating the condition of the nozzle check before conversion. A copy of
the disclaimer is located in appendix 2 of this conversion procedure.
Empty the waste bottle before commencing. This is
usually located on the underside of the printer. Dispose
of the ink safely, as guided in your Mutoh user manual
(Consult your user manual if you are unsure of the waste tank)
Step 2
Next, remove each OEM cartridge one by one replacing with the
Nazdar 2100 series inkset, taking care that the colour removed is
replaced with the identical colour from the Nazdar inkset whether
this be 4 colours (Model 1204, 1304, 1604, 1608* and 1614) or 6
colour( Model 2606).
Step 3
Next, perform 3 Little Ink Charges. This will replace the OEM ink
currently within the ink lines with the newly installed Lyson 2100
inkset. Allow 3 minutes rest before performing another final Little
Ink Charge.
(Detail of this full procedure are located in appendix 1)
You need to perform a nozzle check pattern and compare it against the nozzle check
performed with the OEM inks before the ink change procedure began. If there are
nozzles missing which were present before the ink change perform a ‘powerful’ clean
(the method to perform a clean is located in the appendix 1). Again repeat the nozzle
check pattern. Repeat until nozzles are restored. If you fail to restore all the nozzles
consult your nearest Nazdar Technical support team as shown on page 2 for further
instruction and guidance.
Please refrain from removing the cartridges from the printer before
they are empty. As with the OEM, removing and replacing the
cartridges repeatedly may allow ink to leak into the printer.
Even though, you have converted over your ValueJet printer to Lyson 2100 series inkset you
must still carry out the general maintenance procedure as documented in your Mutoh user
manual. Failure to do so may cause irreparable damage to your printer.
Appendix 1)
Performing a Test Print
Press and hold the [<] key on the operation panel for two
seconds or more. The printer will now perform a nozzle test.
Performing a Clean/Little Ink Charge Function
Press the [Menu] key, and press the [-] key to scroll down to Menu4: Cleaning>, press the [>] to enter the
cleaning sub menu: here you can scroll though Economy, Normal, Strong cleans and Little Ink Charge. When
you find the function you require press the Enter key. To return to the main menu once completed press the
Cancel key.
Also, holding down the [Enter/Cleaning] key for more than two second starts head cleaning automatically.
Preventative Maintenance Measures
Please refer to Mutoh Valuejet Users Manual periodical Maintenance section, this can also be found in the operation
manual too.
Appendix 2)
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Serial No:
Manufacture Date:
Parts Agreed to Check/Handle:
Parts that are Defective Explain:
Customer Acknowledgement:
This acknowledgement is only an estimate of the printer/equipment problem. There could be additional
problems that exist, and is recommended that the printer manufacturer is first consulted on existing
I acknowledge the receipt and services that Nazdar Technician, ______________, will provide. If a part is
damaged during Nazdar Technician handling during on-site visit, Nazdar assumes full responsibility of
payment and part replacement. If a part discontinues proper operation following Nazdar Technician
handling during an on-site visit, Nazdar will not accept responsibility of payment or part replacement,
unless it is proven that nazdar or a Nazdar product is responsible for the discontinued operation.
I have received a copy, read, understand, and agree to terms and conditions listed on this Technician
Service Handling Agreement.
Customer Signature, Date
Nazdar Technician Signature, Date
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