The M-II FlashCam - Reliapon Police Products, Inc.

The M-II FlashCam - Reliapon Police Products, Inc.
The M-II FlashCam™
Designed for Military Personnel, EOD Teams, Patrol and Traffic Officers, Narcotics
Officers, Criminal Investigators, Tactical Units, First Responders, Special Operations
Personnel, Correctional Officers, Border Agents, and Federal and State Police Officers
and Investigators.
The Amazing Features of the M-II FlashCam™
It’s a Powerful Flashlight
• 85,000 Candlepower LED Flashlight
• Instant ON/OFF
• 3½ Hours Continuous Operation
• Manual Brightness Control
• Water Resistant and Shock-proof
It’s a Complete Color Video Camera System
• Hi-resolution Omni Vision Color and B&W Night Vision Video Camera System
• 1½ Inch TFT-LCD Color Monitor
• Condenser Microphone
• 1 Gigabyte RAM stores 60 Minutes of High Quality Video and Audio
• Download Video to your Laptop, Desktop or on-board Computer in seconds
• Record and document Field Contacts, Arrests, Apprehensions, Interviews, Crime Scene
Searches, Traffic Accident Investigations, Vehicle Inventories, Vehicle and Truck Inspections,
Cell Checks, Search Warrant Inventories, Domestic and Family Law Cases, Child Protective
Cases and much, much more.
It’s a Complete, Covert Night Vision System
• At the push of a button, you can automatically convert the M-II to the covert, Night Vision
Covertly document all nighttime investigations, arrests, searches and inventories and crimein-progress investigations. Great for establishing Probable Cause in DWI and DUI arrests.
Covertly records Field Sobriety Testing
Tactical Night Vision Imaging. No more Monoculars or extra Night Vision gear needed
Powerful, 880 Nanometer Infrared Illumination for complete covert viewing
Record up to 60 Minutes of crystal clear, covert Night Vision surveillance (Video and Audio)
Night Vision components use the Patented Tiger Vision™ Technology – the World’s leading
CCD, Night Vision Standard
Instantly Downloads to Your Laptop, Desktop or On-board Computer
• When returned to the charger, the M-II is ready to download its video and audio memory.
The convenient “Download” button is located on the M-II Charger/Data Docking Station.
Upon activating the download button, the M-II’s video is automatically downloaded to your
laptop, desktop or On-board computer. Software included.
Rechargeable and Endless Operation
• 1½ Hours of continual Camera operation. 3½ Hours Flashlight Operation
• High Density, High Capacity, Lithium-Ion Battery Pack will take more than 1,000 charges
• Easy to change battery pack for extended use. Simply unscrew the ‘Tail Cap’ to change
batteries. Also operates with ordinary “D” cell batteries
Additional Features
• Completely Water Resistant
• Completely Shockproof
• Aircraft aluminum construction for durability
• Easy-to-use, Illuminated Control Buttons
• 12-Volt Vehicle Charger/Download Docking Station Included
• 1-Year Complete Warranty
• Extra Lithium-Ion Battery Packs sold separately
• Belt Ring Included
• Two Sizes: Large (17” Long), and Small (13” Long)
• Color: Non-glare, Matte Black
• Weight: Large 3.2 Lbs.
Small 2.74 Lbs.
The M-II FlashCam™
The M-II FlashCam™, SKU: M-1700
NSN: 6230-01-532-4061 (Item Name: Flashcam, M-II)
Black Matte (Non-glare)
Large = 17” Long Small = 13” Long
Lithium-Ion, 12-Volt, 2.4 amp hour. Rechargeable up to 1,000 times
Large = 3.2 Lbs
Small = 2.74 Lbs.
Structural Design
Aircraft aluminum 6061 T-6. Anti-corrosion interior and exterior. Polycarbonate lens. Waterproof
and Shockproof.
Normal Illumination
3-5 Watt (9 Watts Total), Hi-flux LED’s. 75 Lumens (Cool white light). 85,000 total maximum
candlepower. User can control Brightness with a Control Button
LED Lamp Life (White)
Unbreakable LED’s provide more than 100,000 Hours of Life
Infrared Illumination
880 Nanometer, Covert Infrared Illumination (Non-visible to the Human Eye)
Battery Run Time
1.5 Hours (Camera and Flashlight) 3.5 Hours (Flashlight Only)
Camera Specifications
Image Sensor: Omni Vision OV3620 CameraChip™ 3.2 Mega-pixel CMOS image sensor. Dual
Color / Black and White Chipset
Minimum Illumination: 0.008 Lux
Sync System: Internal/External
Resolution: 480 TV Lines Day and Night
Number of Pixels: 768(H) X 494(V)
Lens: 10.0mm
Power Supply: 12V DC
Military and Special Operations
The M-II FlashCam gives the scout the ability to do reconnaissance, battle damage assessment
(BDA), and to capture, save and send images 24 hours a day. It is lightweight, does not degrade
the scout’s mobility, and the one button image capturing capability means quick response in
difficult situations. The imagery is captured and ready to be transmitted over existing military
tactical communication channels to provide near real-time intelligence to (a) gain and retain the
initiative (b) expedite the decision-action cycle, and (c) facilitate the establishment of a common
operating picture of the battlefield at the tactical level.
Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders will be able to generate real time video and
audio documentation of nearly any type of incident, including:
• Traffic Stops
• DUI/DWI Arrests
• Domestic Violence Investigations
• Child Abuse/Custody Investigations
• Searches and Seizures
• Impounded Vehicle Inventories
• Crime Scene Investigations
• Drug/Narcotic Investigations and Interdictions
• Increases Officer Safety
• Increases Conviction Rates
• Identifies Key Witnesses
• Eliminates Evidence Chain-of-custody Defenses
• Eliminates Disputes over “Who said and did what?”
• Improves Prosecutions and Cuts Court Time
Commercial and Industrial Security
The M-II’s function, mobility and Day/Nighttime operation make it a must-have for Commercial
and Industrial Security applications.
Use the M-II anywhere real-time video and audio
documentation of accidents, potential liability situations, inspections, security checks and welldocumented inspections of buildings, railways, secure facilities, trucks and cargo and stockroom
inventories can directly affect the “bottom line”.
The M-II FlashCam™ Quick Features
• 3 - High Flux, 5-Watt, Super Bright LED’s deliver an amazing 85,000 Candlepower of
• Unbreakable White LED’s offer more than 100,000 hours of operating life.
• Brightness Control Features let you control your lighting environment.
• Rechargeable more than 1,000 times.
Daytime Operation
• 480 Lines of Crystal Clear Color Resolution.
• Camera or Snapshot separately controlled by ON/OFF selection.
Nighttime Operation
• The M-II manually switches from Daytime to Nighttime operation.
• 480 Lines of B/W resolution.
• 0.008 Lux rating for amazingly clear nighttime imaging.
• 880 Nanometer Infrared Illuminators automatically engage when the M-II
switches to nighttime operation for completely covert operation.
• Camera separately controlled by ON/OFF selection.
Video Camera Operation
• Internal, 1 Gigabyte RAM stores up to 60 Minutes of Video/Audio recording.
Automatically downloads to your Laptop, Desktop Computer or In-car Video
System via the M-II’s Charger/Data Docking System. Fast, easy and convenient
transfer of evidence and video documentation to safe, secure storage.
• Constructed of anodized, Aircraft Aluminum for long durability and improved corrosion
• Waterproof and shockproof.
Tactical Features:
• The versatile M-II FlashCam™ goes wherever you go to record and document your
The M-II FlashCam™ can be integrated with all Biometric Identification Systems.
Warranty: One-year Parts and Labor Warranty
To Order, please contact:
Reliapon Police Products, Inc., 3112 Seaborg Ave. Suite C, Ventura, CA 93003.
Phone: 800-423-0668/Fax: 805-289-0149/E-Mail:
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