AMAX Intrusion Alarm Systems Simply reliable

AMAX Intrusion Alarm Systems Simply reliable
Reliable Bosch quality for your peace of mind
Like all Bosch products, the AMAX Intrusion Alarm
Systems feature Bosch quality and high-end
Future-proof alarm communication
You or a neighbor and/or a monitoring center can
be automatically notified of alarms. The panel
communicator) and Internet (wired IP or wireless GPRS).
EN grade 2 approved, which guarantees additional quality
communication via the telephone network (PSTN
tested and certified by independent laboratories and are
supports multiple alarm transmission options, including
reliability. The AMAX Intrusion Alarm Systems have been
and performance characteristics such as robustness and
to businesses, schools and homes.
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government facilities and public venues
applications around the world, from
that are relied upon every day in
communications and sound solutions
Bosch Security Systems
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a wide range of security, safety,
Bosch Security Systems proudly offers
highest standards for service and
innovative technology, backed by the
is the global supplier of choice for
stands for quality and reliability. Bosch
For over 125 years, the Bosch name
The ideal intrusion alarm solution
The AMAX Intrusion Alarm Systems were specially
developed to intelligently protect your home or small
AMAX Intrusion Alarm
Simply reliable
A Tradition of Quality and Innovation
Simple to operate
AMAX Intrusion Alarm Systems have all the
functions an alarm system really needs. Learn how
and intuitive to use via the keypad.
and safety you require. Fire detectors or IP cameras can also
make the AMAX Intrusion Alarm Systems straightforward
keypads. These durable alarm systems deliver the reliability
intrusion systems is required. Clearly structured menus
lets you integrate market-leading peripherals and easy-to-use
to operate the panel is quick and easy. No knowledge of
to medium-size business. It is a complete solution that also
be connected.
AMAX Intrusion
Alarm Systems
Simply reliable
Your benefits at a glance
▶▶ Easy to operate
▶▶ Available as wired or wireless version
▶▶ The AMAX Intrusion Alarm Systems meet all of your
Live video
is another
benefit of the AMAX
intrusion needs – you can even include fire protection
Intrusion Alarm
and video verification
Systems, which can be
▶▶ If there is an alarm, it can immediately notify you,
a monitoring center, or a neighbor
▶▶ Trusted Bosch Quality for your peace of mind
done by e. g. the IP
camera series from
Bosch. You or a
monitoring center,
notified of an alarm,
can watch the
premisis – e.g. with a smartphone – to see what exactly
triggered the alarm.
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