Electric Start Wiring Diagram - Mud
LT420EPA Starter Wiring
- Wire 1 (Black With Bolt Connector) To Terminal 10
- Wire 2 (Green/Yellow) Ground Wire To Any Ground On Engine (Starter mounting bolts works well)
- Wire 3 (Black Spade Connector) To Terminal 11
- Wire 4 (Short Black) To Wire 12 (Disconnect Existing Connection and attach to upper Wire 12)
- Wire 5 (Yellow) To Lower Wire 12 (Into Gold Switch)
- Wire 6 (Short Brown) To Wire 14 (Red)
- Wire 13 is untouched
To Include A Kill Switch:
- Note that longer leads for kill switch, to mount switch at preferred location, are not included.
- Wire Red Wire from Kill Switch To Wire 4 (Short Black), then reconnect to Wire 12. You may clip
the connectors off the wires and use a wire nut to connect, or attach new crimp connectors.
- Black Wire from Kill Switch attaches to any ground on the engine.
To Start Engine:
- Ensure engine has oil and gasoline
- Connect positive terminal on 12V battery to Terminal 10.
- Connect negative terminal on 12V battery to any ground on the engine
- Set choke to full
- Set throttle to idle
- Turn key to start
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