Océ VarioLink 3522c Product Manual

Océ VarioLink 3522c Product Manual
VarioLink 4522c
VarioLink 5522c
VarioLink 6522c
Color by natural
Technology that
evolves with your
• Meet your document demands
• Protect your sensitive information
• Add style to your documents
• Gain control of your document flow
• Sustainable solutions
Color by natural
Océ VarioLink 4522c/5522c/6522c
Technology that evolves with your office
When it comes to adding professional color distinction to your office documents, the Océ VarioLink
4522c/5522c/6522c multifunction system is really a case of natural selection. Print it. Copy it. Scan it. Fax it.
The system elegantly produces the documents you require, no matter the format, media or finishing
needs, in color or black & white. Seamlessly integrating with your workflow, the Océ VarioLink
4522c/5522c/6522c becomes a natural extension of your business.
Meet your document demands
Add style to your documents
The Océ VarioLink® 4522c/5522c/6522c MFP is designed to
meet the most demanding needs in your office with a print speed
of up to 45/55/65 ppm in black & white and 45/50 ppm in color,
simplex or duplex. Scanning will not slow you down either: the
system processes up to 78 originals per minute. The standard
1 GHz print/scan controller or optional Fiery ® controller keeps
everything running fast. Smart user boxes (up to 1,000) help you
intelligently manage your entire workflow so your employees
spend less time waiting for their business-critical documents.
A large color operator panel guides you through your tasks and
programmable shortcut keys automate common user operations.
Color improves document readability, comprehension and
impact. With the Océ VarioLink 4522c/5522c/6522c MFP, every
document can benefit from this color boost. Add additional
style with fast inline finishing – folding, stapling and booklet
making. Input options further enhance the finished documents;
the system allows for processing media sizes from 5.5" x 8.5" to
12" x 18", and up to 100 lb cover stock from the bypass tray.
Protect your sensitive information
Getting information to the people who need it without worrying
about confidentiality is easy with the Océ VarioLink
4522c/5522c/6522c device. The system allows for passwordprotected printing, so documents don’t have to sit around in an
open bin where anyone can see them. Other security measures
include hard disk data encryption, a hard disk overwrite function
and confidential copying with a watermark or overlay. Add Océ
PRISMAenterprise™ software and gain an authentication
manager for advanced security.
Standard reversing automatic
document feeder
100-sheet capacity feeder supports
scanning at up to 78 opm.
Full color LCD operation panel
Tilting 8.5" full-color LCD touchscreen
featuring programmable shortcut keys
and document thumbnail preview.
auto dulpex unit
New technology supports
duplex speeds at 100%
rated engine speed for
maximum productivity.
Standard print/scan controller
Powerful 1 GHz processor standard with
both PCL® and PostScript® 3 language
support. Standard internal 250 GB HDD
and 2 GB RAM.
Optional staple finisher*
100-sheet staple finisher holds up to 3,100 sheets
and offers a platform to add hole punching,
saddle stitching and booklet creation as well as
letter tri-folding.
Océ VarioLink 4522c/5522c/6522c
3,000 sheet letter only LCT
Saddle stitch unit
Two or three hole punch unit
Banner input tray
Output tray
Biometric authentication device
IC Card authentication kit
Work tray
Super G3 fax kit
2nd fax line
Fiery print controller
50-sheet finisher**
Post sheet inserter*
Z-fold unit*
Integrated web browser
* Only on the Océ VarioLink 5522c/6522c
** Only on the Océ VarioLink 4522c
Standard four drawer
paper feed cassettes
Up to 3,500 sheet total capacity in sizes
ranging from 5.5" x 8.5" to 12" x 18" and
weights from 17 lb bond to 140 lb index.
Optional large
capacity tray
Holds up to 2,500 sheets of
paper from 8.5" x 11" to
12" x 18".
The capabilities described in this brochure may require additional options. See specifications.
Finished output
Electronic output
Collating, booklets, stapling,
hole punching, labels, cardstock
Fax, FTP server, shared file
folders (SMB), email
Electronic input
Scanned originals, PC,
Mac®, USB stick
Gain control of your document flow
Sustainable solutions
Océ PRISMA software helps you make the most of your Océ
VarioLink 4522c/5522c/6522c device and every other Océ
and non-Océ printer in your fleet. Océ PRISMAstart™
software monitors all devices in your office and sends an
email alert to the administrator when there’s a problem. Océ
PRISMAenterprise offers advanced management and print
tools to control your document fleet.
The Océ VarioLink 4522c/5522c/6522c system meets Blue Angel,
EPA Energy Star® and RoHS standards. The new fusing
system reduces energy consumption and minimizes warm-up
time, good news for the environment and your pocketbook.
Standard auto duplex and advanced electronic document
routing can significantly reduce paper use. The exterior panels
are made from recycled plastics, which reduces waste. Also,
the Océ VarioLink 4522c/5522c/6522c device has the ability
to handle recycled paper and features low sound and ozone
emissions. You will feel good about purchasing it and using it.
Flexible solutions
No matter what you want to do with documents, the Océ
VarioLink 4522c/5522c/6522c delivers: print, copy, scan and
fax. Standard printing-from or scanning-to USB and scan-toemail provide you with even more document delivery options.
These systems allow you to choose what you need with room
to grow. Select the speed and finishing capabilities and choose
from optional letter, legal or tabloid size large-capacity trays.
For graphic-intensive environments, an optional Fiery print
controller from EFI is available. Océ office solutions offer you
the flexibility to configure a system to match your business
General specifications
Color multifunctional digital document
system with stationary platen
Imaging technology
Tandem-type indirect electrophotographic
system, polymerized toner, oil-less fusing
Print/copy speed
•Océ VarioLink 4522c: 45 ppm B/W, 45
ppm full-color
•Océ VarioLink 5522c: 55 ppm B/W, 45
ppm full-color
•Océ VarioLink 6522c: 65 ppm B/W, 50
ppm full-color
Print resolution
1,800 x 600 dpi enhanced
2,024 MB
Hard disk drive
250 GB
Up to 256 color shades per pixel
Original sizes
• Up to 11" x 17" (scan/copy)
•Up to 11" x 17" full-bleed on 12" x 18"
Warm-up time
• Less than 30 seconds from sleep mode
• Less than 45 seconds from main switch
First copy time
•Océ VarioLink 4522c: 4.8 sec. B/W, 6.0
sec. full-color
•Océ VarioLink 5522c: 4.3 sec. B/W, 6.0
sec. full-color
•Océ VarioLink 6522c: 3.8 sec. B/W, 5.5
sec. full-color
Copy quantity
1 to 9,999
Color modes
• Auto color selection
• Full-color
• 2-color
• Single-color
• Monochrome
Copy exposure modes
• Text
• Text/photo
• Photo
• Map
• Dot matrix
Standard paper capacity
3,650 letter sheets in five paper trays
(including bypass tray)
Maximum paper capacity
6,650 sheets with options
Paper supply sizes
•Tray 1: 500-sheet universal cassette,
5.5" x 8.5" to 12" x 18", custom sizes
•Tray 2: 500-sheet universal cassette,
5.5" x 8.5" to 12" x 18", custom sizes
•Tray 3: 1,000 sheets, 5.5" x 8.5" or
8.5" x 11"
•Tray 4: 1,500 sheets, 5.5" x 8.5" or
8.5" x 11"
•Bypass tray: 150 sheets, 4" x 6" to
12" x 18", custom sizes
•Letter-size large capacity cabinet
(optional): 3,000 sheets, 8.5" x 11"
•Large-size large capacity cabinet
(optional): 2,500 sheets letter, legal or
Paper supply weights
• Tray 1: 17 lb bond to 140 lb index
• Tray 2: 17 lb bond to 140 lb index
• Tray 3: 17 lb bond to 140 lb index
• Tray 4: 17 lb bond to 140 lb index
•Bypass tray: 17 lb bond to 100 lb cover
or up to 300 gsm
Power requirements
120 V, 60 Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Base configuration 25.5" x 36" x 45.5"
Base configuration 487.5 lb (including
ADF and imaging units)
Available print/copy functions
•Automatic features AES, AMS, APS,
•Book copy
•Booklet mode
•Copy control
•Energy-save mode
•Job build
•Job programs
•Margin shift
•Electronic sorting
•OHP interleaving
•Preset R/E 4R, 5E
•Sheet insertion
•XY zoom
•Zoom range: 25 to 400 (1%)
Standard print controller
1 GHz
2,048 MB (shared with copier)
Hard disk drive
250 GB (shared with copier)
Page description language
• PCL 6 (XL version 3.0) emulation
• PostScript 3 emulation
• XPS (XML paper specification)
• PCL: 80 fonts
• PostScript 3 emulation: 137 fonts
• 10Base-T/100Base -T/1000Base-T
• High speed USB 2.0 local PC interface
Print drivers
Windows® 2003, Windows XP/XP64,
Windows Vista® 32/64, Windows Server®
2000/2003 x64, Windows 2008/2008 x64
Server, Mac OS® 9.0 or later, Mac OS X
10.x/10.5 or later
Standard network scanning
Scan speed
• 300 dpi: up to 78 opm color and B/W
•600 dpi: up to 65 opm B/W, 55 opm color
Scan resolution
200 dpi, 300 dpi, 400 dpi, 600 dpi
Scan file formats
FTP, LPR/LPD, RAW Socket, SMBover,
NTP, SSL, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk®, Bonjour®,
IPsec, DNS, DynamicDNS, LLMNR,
TIFF, PDF, compact PDF, JPEG, XPS,
compact XPS
Scan destinations
• Scan-to-email
• Scan-to-FTP
• Scan-to-SMB (desktop)
• Scan-to-HDD (box)
• Scan-to-USB memory
• Network TWAIN
Transmission speed
Less than 2 seconds per page with JBIG
Additional fax functions
• Abbreviated dial: up to 2,000
• One-touch dial: up to 400
• Auto memory reception
• Duplex transmission/reception
• Memory/quick dial
• Group dialing (up to 500 destinations)
• PC-faxing
• Image rotation
• Private transmission/reception
Additional options
• Letter-size large capacity tray
• Large-size large capacity tray
• 100-sheet staple finisher*
• 50-sheet staple finisher**
• Z-fold unit*
• Post-sheet inserter*
• Saddle stitch unit
• Banner tray
• 2nd line fax kit
• Fiery image controller
• Data security kit
• Card reader
• Biometric authentication
• Integrated web browser
* Océ VarioLink 5522c/6522c only
**Océ VarioLink 4522c only
Optional Fax
• Super G3 compatibility
• 33.6 Kbps modem speed
• F-Code support
Beyond the Ordinary
Printing for
Océ helps the people who make our world. Companies everywhere
use Océ technical documentation systems in manufacturing,
architecture, engineering and construction. Each week, high-speed
Océ printing systems produce millions of transaction documents
such as bank statements and utility bills. And in offices around
the world, people use Océ professional document systems to keep
the wheels of business and government turning. Océ is also at work
in publishing on demand, newspaper production and wide format
color for spectacular display graphics. It all helps our professional
customers go ‘Beyond the Ordinary’ in printing and document
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STAR partner, Océ
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that this product
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STAR guidelines of
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