the iSniper Brochure

the iSniper Brochure
Currency Counter / Discriminator
Advanced Intelligent single pocket currency counter,
Reliable Discriminator with excellent Counterfeit Detection.
Using Full IR CIS sensors, it can recognize value and count of EURO,
USD, and also local currencies.
Using UV, MG, IR sensors, it has excellent counterfeit detection feature.
Easy Maintenance for cleaning sensors and removing notes if necessary
by opening the front cover.
Characteristics: Description: Characteristics: Description:
Available currencies: EURO, USD, LOCAL(OPTION) Countable Note Thickness: 0.06 ~ 0.12mm
Speed: Ns 1 со en e ur Countable Note Size: W: 100 ~193mm, H: 50 ~ 100 mm
mere Тя сони Dimensions: 296(W) x 235(L) x 280(H) mm
Stacker capacity: 200 notes Weight: 10 Kg
Feed system: Roller friction type Power supply: PE AC 110V ~ 240V,
Display: 3.1 inch Graphic LCD (192 x 128 dot)
Denomination detection: Full image sensor Power consumption: Standby 20W, Max 75W
Up to 5 currencies including USD & EURO for Value counting and Piece counting capacity
Full Line IR CIS Sensor
3D Size Detection
Detection Easy Maintenance
» Metal Thread Code Reading » Remote Display (Option)
> Magnetic Pattern Recognition » Remote Control through PC communication
» Ultraviolet Detection » Easy error code display
D IR feature Verification and Detection » Display piece count, total value
» Display Denomination information
» Enhanced Low noise technology
» Easy software upgrade using USB
» User friendly wide LCD display
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