PowerMic II - Nuance

PowerMic II - Nuance
Product SHEET
PowerMic™ II
Speech Recognition Hand Microphone for Use with
Dragon® Medical 10, PowerScribe® for Radiology, and Enterprise Express®
The Dictaphone PowerMic™ II from Nuance is
specially designed for enhanced physician
productivity, providing ergonomic control of both
standard dictation and speech recognition functions.
The PowerMic II microphone offers simplified, thumb-control
operation for dictating, navigating, reviewing, and editing
speech recognition generated documentation.
USB connectivity for easy plug-and-play
installation as well as eliminating the need for
sound card-enabled PCs.
Integrated Barcode Scanner (optional model)
for entering MRN, accession number, or other
barcode-driven data, with audible feedback
upon successful barcode scan.
Full Dictation Control
The PowerMic II advances physician PC dictation to a new
Using the PowerMic II, users can rapidly navigate
level, making it easier and faster to control voice recording,
report template fields, then record and use “voice
navigate and select fields in on-screen templates and
fill-in” capabilities to insert recognized text into report
standard reports, and move throughout recognized text
template fields. By combining an ergonomic hand
reports for review and editing.
microphone with PC mouse functions, physicians will
In addition to providing complete dictation control, the
PowerMic II incorporates full-function, Microsoft® compatible,
gain new levels of dictation speed, ease-of-use, and
PC-Mouse capabilities into the microphone, to reduce the
need for care givers to continually move between the microphone, mouse, and keyboard.
Flush, angled microphone
element for user comfort
and optimal recording
Transcribe Button to
recognize speech or send
dictation to a transcriptionist
automatically, when physician
self-completion is not utilized.
Primary Dictation Controls Record, Rewind, Play, Fast Forward, Enter/Select
“Track-Point” Button and Left/Right “Mouse”
Button to control the onscreen cursor, navigate
and select functions.
Tab-Backwards for speeding
navigation through voice-driven
templates and form fill-ins.
Technical Specifications
Operating System
Windows® 2000, Windows XP,
Windows Vista® and Citrix®
USB version(s)
USB Specification Revision 1.1
USB HID Class 1.1
USB Audio Class 1.0
USB Class Specification for DFU 1.0
USB HID Point of Sale 1.02
Frequency Response
20 - 16,000 Hz
500 - 5,000 Hz
Power Consumption
Current: 150mA +/-10%
Power: 0.75VA +/-10%
CPU Minimum
Pentium® III
Compliance Certifications
EN 60950-1:2001 “Information
Technology Equipment—Safety—
Part 1: General Requirements”
EMC Emissions
EN 55022:1998/A1:2000/A2:2003
Class B ITE emissions requirements (EU)
FCC 47 CFR Part 15 Class B emissions
requirements (USA)
ICES-003 Issue 3 Class B Digital
Apparatus emissions requirements
AS/NZS CISPR 22:2002 Class B ITE
emissions requirements (Australia)
EMC Immunity
EN 55024:1998/A1:2001/A2:2003
ITE- immunity characteristics
CE Compliant
RoHs Compliant
For more product information please visit Nuance Healthcare
at www.nuance.com/healthcare or call 866-748-9537.
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ONE Wayside Road
866 748 9537
Burlington, MA 01803
The PowerMic II Includes:
9’ USB Cable
Installation & Quick Reference Guide
PowerMic™ II | Speech Recognition Hand Microphone
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