Bantam e-Station EAC14x “Multi Battery

Bantam e-Station EAC14x “Multi Battery
Bantam e-Station
EAC14x “Multi Battery”
Connection board Instructions.
WARNING: Incorrect connection to e-Station BC-6
charger and/or e-Station PB-6 balancer will damage the
charger or balancer. You must follow these instructions
carefully to ensure proper connections. Please read these
instructions carefully. If you have any questions please
contact your dealer or RC Accessory, Inc. Please refer to
the picture as additional reference for the connections.
The EAC14x “Multi Battery” connection board allows
you to charge or balance 2 x 3S lithium packs or up to 3
x 2S packs. The EAC14x connection board links the
battery packs together serially via the balance tap.
Looking at the EAC14x board, you will see markings
designating the battery connection. These are marked as
B1, B2 and B3.
B1 = Battery 1
B2 = Battery 2
B3 = Battery 3
Please follow the following instructions
very carefully.
Instructions for connecting EAC14x
“Multi Battery” Connection board to
Bantam e-Station BC-6 charger and
e-Station PB-6 Balancer.
This example will be connecting 2 3S packs to the
EAC14x “Multi Battery” connection board.
1). Plug the EAC14x connection wire set that was
included in your package into the EAC14x board with
the BLACK WIRE Negative lead at Pin 1 on the BC-6
Charger or PB-6 Balancer. Do not connect this to the
EAC14x board at this time.
2). Connect battery 1 balance tap to socket B1.
3). Connect battery 2 balance tap to socket B2.
4). Using a Deans or Ultra Plug Serial cable, look for the
black negative wire. See picture. THE NEGATIVE
5). Connect battery 2 to the RED POSITIVE LEAD on
the Deans or Ultra Plug Serial cable.
6). Connect the remaining end into the EAC14x “Multi
Battery” connection board.
For e-Station PB-6 balancer: When you make the last
connection to the balancer you should see all 6 lights
flash several times. This indicates the number of cells
that the balancer has detected. All the lights will flash or
cycle except 1 which is the low cell. All cells will be
balanced to the low cell. See PB-6 instructions for more
For e-Station BC-6 charger: Now you must connect
the Output of the charger to the Deans or Ultra Plug
Rev 1.5 Mar 08
Serial cable using a Deans or Ultra Plug charge cable.
This completes the connection to the charger.
Select the Balance Charge program on the BC-6
Charger. Select your charge rate, up to 1C. Now select
your number of cells. REMEMBER THIS IS A SERIAL
SELECT 6S. Press and hold START and the cell
confirmation should show 6 cells. Press START again
and the charging process will begin. Press the <INC>
key to see the individual cells. Cells 1-3 will be
BATTERY 1 and cells 4-6 will be BATTERY 2.
Notes about serial charging. The 2 batteries MUST be
very close in voltage when the charge process begins.
The two batteries should be of the same brand, style, C
rating, and capacity. DO NOT SERIAL CHARGE
The amount of time required to charge the two batteries
will be determined by how far off the balance among the
cells. If the two packs are very close in voltage, no
additional time would be required. If they are too far
apart, the e-Station BC-6 will see this as a 6S pack that is
severely out of balance and in the CV portion of the
charge will take a long time to bring back into balance.
In these cases, you may have to reset the Safety Timer
on the BC-6 charger to a higher time cut off. See BC-6
manuals for details.
RC Accessory, Inc makes no claim or warranty in the
use of the EAC14x “Multi Battery” connection board.
Misuse of this device can cause charger/balancer and
battery damage with the potential for fire. RC
Accessory, Inc will not be liable for any damages by
the use of this product in any manner, foreseeable or
not, as well as any loss of property or income. RC
Accessory, Inc fully recommends and endorses the
use of a fire retardant charging enclosure such as the
Liposack. This device is not a toy and should be
treated with care and respect.
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All Rights Reserved
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