I need ice.

I need ice.
I need ice.
That’s why I choose Manitowoc.
America’s #1 Selling Ice Machine
Manitowoc® Ice has built its reputation on
developing the most innovative and reliable ice
solutions for the foodservice industry. Solutions
you’ll find nowhere else. And, with one of the
largest ENERGY STAR portfolios in the industry,
our ice machines are not only dependable they
are energy efficient. No one knows ice better than
Manitowoc, that’s why we have become America’s
number one selling ice machine.
Recognized as an industry leader, Manitowoc
ice machines have been singled out with
numerous awards of distinction. For the past
11 consecutive years our ice machines have been
voted Best in Class based on a survey conducted
by Foodservice Equipment & Supplies (FE&S)
magazine involving the operator, consultant
and dealer communities within the foodservice
industry. When it comes to engineering and
design, the Indigo was recently recognized with
a gold level Dealer Design Award from The News
Magazine whose readers include the refrigeration
service contractors. And, for technology and
innovation, the Indigo received the restaurant
industry’s coveted National Restaurant Association
(NRA) KI Innovations Award.
We offer one of the largest portfolios of ice
machines in the foodservice industry. Flaker,
nugget, cuber and gourmet ice machines, from
100 lbs. (45 kg) of ice to 3,000 lbs. (1,361 kg) per
day, whatever your ice needs are, we have the
solution. With a Manitowoc ice machine, greattasting ice will be waiting for you when you need
it the most.
Great tasting ice –
where and when you need it.
What’s your ice type?
Manitowoc offers the largest variety of ice shapes
in the widest range of production capacities. When
deciding which ice machine to choose, there are two
major factors to consider: which ice shape you need
and how much ice you require per day. Manitowoc
offers Half Dice, Dice, Regular, Tubular, Nugget, Flake,
Crushed and Gourmet ice in production capacities
ranging from 53 lbs. (24 kg) to 3,300 lbs. (1,497 kg)
of ice per day.
With so many choices available, we’ve made
the process easier with our online ice machine
calculator. Available 24/7 on the Manitowoc Ice
website, the calculator makes it fast and easy to
narrow down your ice machine selection.
Go to www.manitowocice.com/icecalc
Ta b l e o f Co n t e n t s
Ice Types.....................................................5
Indigo Series....................................... 6-7
Cube Ice Machines......................... 8-9
Nugget Ice Machines......................10
Flake Ice Machines............................11
Crushed Ice............................................12
Gourmet Ice..........................................12
Specialty Markets...............................13
Ice Storage & Dispensers..............14
Remote Condensing
Options & Accessories....................16
Sizing & Usage Guide......................17
Installation Hints................................17
Warranty & Certifications..............19
America’s #1 Selling Ice Machine
At Manitowoc® Ice we strive to be a responsible manufacturer, industry leader,
and employer, not only for this generation, but for future generations. All
Manitowoc ice machines use environmentally friendly non-CFC refrigerants. We
routinely engage our customers, industry partners, employees, strategic suppliers,
domestic and international government agencies and associations, and the
communities that we serve around the world.
Less Energy. Less Water.
Manitowoc Ice Machines earn the ENERGY STAR®
Commercial ice machines that have earned the ENERGY STAR are on average
15% more energy efficient and 10% more water efficient than standard models.
Manitowoc Ice leads the way with dozens of qualifying ice machines that meet
and exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines.
Visit www.manitowocice.com/energystar for a complete list of Manitowoc’s
ENERGY STAR-qualified ice machines.
The EnerLogic™ program helps operators conserve energy and maximize
profits. Look for our EnerLogic™ mark and you’ll know you’re getting the
most from every energy dollar spent on Manitowoc foodservice equipment.
This program incorporates a combination of third-party standards, including
meeting or exceeding California Energy Commission rebate standards, or
meeting criteria outlined by the Federal Energy Management Program,
including those that:
• Incorporate new energy-saving technology
• Involve renewable energy
• Demonstrate water efficiency and/or
• Feature sustainable design and operations
Manitowoc® Ice has received for the 11th consecutive year, the
designation of “Overall Best in Class” in the Ice Makers category by
foodservice equipment dealers and consultants in a survey sponsored by
Foodservice Equipment and Supplies magazine. The annual survey conducted
to gather industry data gives professional recognition to foodservice
equipment manufacturers who best satisfy the needs of dealers and
consultants in areas of product quality and support.
Hard, clear ice cube
with unique “rhomboid”
shape 3/8" x 1-1/8" x 7/8"
(0.95 x 2.86 x 2.22 cm) in
dimension, 96 cubes per
pound of ice, maximum
cooling with nearly 100%
ice to water ratio.
Hard, clear ice cube
with unique “rhomboid”
shape 7/8" x 7/8" x 7/8"
(2.22 x 2.22 x 2.22 cm) in
dimension, 48 cubes per
pound of ice, maximum
cooling with nearly 100%
ice to water ratio.
Hard, clear ice cube with
unique “rhomboid” shape
1-1/8" x 1-1/8" x 7/8"
(2.86 x 2.86 x 2.22 cm) in
dimension, 32 cubes per
pound of ice, maximum
cooling with nearly 100%
ice to water ratio.
Easy to chew but hard
enough to be dispensed
without hand scooping,
3/8" (.95 cm) to 1/2"
(1.27 cm) in width and
length on average.
Small, soft pieces of
ice with a 73% ice to
water ratio. Perfect for
displaying products and
hand scooping
into drinks.
Softer texture with good
cooling. Cylindrical
shaped nugget with 5/8"
(1.59 cm) diameter and
average length of 1"
(2.54 cm) with 90% ice to
water ratio.
Manitowoc dice or half
dice cubes crushed into
small pieces using a
Manitowoc ice machine
and a Servend® beverage
dispenser equipped with
icepic™ ice crusher.
Hard, clear, individual
ice cube with unique
octagon shape 1-3/8" x
1-3/8" (3.49 x 3.49 cm)
in dimension, maximum
cooling with nearly 100%
ice to water ratio.
Indigo Series: Intelligent thinking inside the box
Building the perfect ice machine wasn’t easy, but inside-the-box thinking is just what you’d expect from
America’s number one selling brand of ice machine. We’ve combined intuition and innovation for the
perfect ice machine. We call it Indigo™, you’ll call it “ice assurance”, because you’ll never have to worry
about ice again.
Half Dice
The award-winning Indigo uses technology to simplify everything about the ice
making process. State-of-the-art diagnostics provide constant and reliable monitoring
of refrigeration systems. In turn, that information is used to improve energy management, set proper ice production levels, streamline cleaning processes, ease food safety
concerns, maintain ice quality, and quickly display up-to-date service information.
EasyRead™ Display
Intelligent Diagnostics
A simple display that
communicates status and
information in plain words.
Alerts you of errors before
running out of ice.
Active Clean
Designed for easy cleanability
and to stay cleaner longer.
Ice Assurance
Revolutionary features prevent
unscheduled down-time.
Energy Management
Service & Support
Customized programs
provide ice more efficiently.
Machine data for faster and
more accurate service calls.
Automatic Cleaning System
(AuCS®) eliminates routine
maintenance. AuCS counts the
number of ice-making cycles and,
at a frequency you select, initiates
a cleaning or sanitizing cycle...
2-, 4-, or 12-week settings. Available
for most models.
Bin Level Control lets
you program your ice
production by bin fill level
to save energy or just to
ensure fresh ice is always
available. Built-in LED light
illuminates bin.
Scan this barcode with your
smart phone for a direct link to
The optional LuminIce™ Growth Inhibitor creates “active air” by recirculating the air inside the ice machine
foodzone components to inhibit the growth of yeast, bacteria, and other common micro-organisms.
The LuminIce space-saving design
fits inside the ice machine so existing
exterior clearances are not impacted.
In addition, power for the unit is
supplied through the ice machine’s
internal electrical supply so outlet
space is conserved.
With LuminIce
Without LuminIce
The LuminIce device runs quietly 24 hours a day keeping your ice machine cleaner
and helping to relieve the stress and pain of frequent cleanings due to challenging
foodservice environments where yeast, flour, and other contaminants create an
environment favorable to growth. Reduced cleanings ultimately saves labor time,
cost, and machine downtime during the cleaning process.
America’s #1 Selling Ice Machine
Ice machines available in 22” (55.9 cm), 30” (76.2 cm) & large capacity modular and undercounter.
Half Dice
Manitowoc cube ice machines are available in modular and undercounter
models with ice production levels from 60 lbs (27 kg) to 3,300 lbs (1,497 kg) per
day. Undercounter ice machines fit underneath counters and contain both an
ice maker and a storage bin. Modulars are ice makers which are paired with a
separate bin or dispenser for ice storage. Maximum cooling with nearly 100% ice
to water ratio, cube ice machines are perfect for maximum cooling, slow melt, and
quick production.
Compact QM and Q ice machines are ideal for smaller-volume ice
production, limited-use needs, or as back-ups for larger machines.
• Designed to fit beneath counters or in restricted floor space.
• Ideal for coffee shops, stadium boxes, office break areas.
• Front air intake and exhaust.
• Easy Installation - just water, drain and power to install.
• Featuring Manitowoc’s proven, proprietary vertical evaporator technology.
• Exclusive Patented Cleaning Technology cleans or sanitizes in under 24 minutes.
• Q-170 and Q-210 air models are ENERGY STAR®-qualified.
(50 cm) widE
(66 cm) widE
(76.2 cm) widE
(55.9 cm) widE
(76.2 cm) widE
115V/60Hz, 230V/60Hz and 230V/50Hz versions available. Half Dice and Regular Cubes are not available on QM products.
The 22” (55.9 cm) wide modular cube ice machines save on valuable floor space.
• Indigo™ Series technology including Intelligent Diagnostics and EasyRead display.
• Ice production up to 485 lbs. (220 kgs).
• Match to the 22” (55.9 cm) wide ice storage bin, floor-standing ice dispenser or
adapt to numerous countertop ice/beverage dispenser models.
The 30” (76.2 cm) wide modular ice machine is our most popular size for
mounting on storage bins, countertop dispensers or floor-standing dispensers.
• Indigo™ Series technology including Intelligent Diagnostics and EasyRead display.
• Medium to high production ice needs in a minimal amount of floor space.
• Ideal for restaurants, hotels, motels, and a wide variety of commercial applications.
• Available with air, water, or remote air-cooled condensing system.
• Modular ice storage bins allow customers to select the ice capacity bin best suited
to their application.
Need even more ice? Manitowoc offers the 48” (121.9 cm) large
capacity modular cube ice machine.
• Perfect for fast-food outlets, full-service restaurants, institutional kitchens, cafeterias,
and other foodservice operations requiring continuous, large-volume ice production.
• Available with air, water or remote air-cooled condensing system.
• Choose companion 48” (121.9 cm) wide B-970 ice storage bin or adapt to larger
capacity F-1650 storage bin.
The Ultimate
in Ice Production
Manitowoc’s S-3300
ice machine, nicknamed
Quadzilla, is capable
of producing over
1.5 tons (1.3 metric
tons) of ice per day.
(121.9 cm) WIDE
115V/60Hz, 230V/60Hz and 230V/50Hz versions available.
America’s #1 Selling Ice Machine
Ice machines available in countertop and modular.
Great things happen when you combine the popularity of nugget ice with the quality
and reliability of Manitowoc. Manitowoc’s nugget ice provides a soft, chewable texture
while maintaining maximum cooling ability.
Manitowoc offers tubular nugget ice in RN Series modular ice machines with up to
1,200 lbs. (544 kg) of daily ice production. With longer pieces and 90% ice quality,
tubular nugget is ideal for dispensing applications reducing the potential for congealing
ice and minimizing drink dilution. High capacity dispensing make these ideal for
convenience stores and restaurant settings.
Manitowoc offers its bite-sized nugget ice in the RNS Series ice machines with up to
306 lbs. (139 kg) of daily ice production. Small nuggets of ice make these ice machines
perfect for dispensing, carbonated beverages, smoothies, and healthcare applications.
Easy to Chewz
Manitowoc’s nugget ice
offers the ideal chewable
ice to water ratio of
90% which allows for a
chewable texture with
good cooling.
20” & 29”
(50.8 & 73.66 cm) widE
(55.9 cm) widE
(76.2 cm) widE
(55.9 cm) widE
RN-1000 on Servend
SV250 Dispenser
When it comes to food preservation, a cool presentation can lead to cold, hard
profits. Not only does your product need to look good and stay fresh, the ice needs
to look good too. Manitowoc flake ice machines offer quick cooling, moldable flakes.
All day, every day. Small, soft pieces of ice gently form around objects and hold in
place without tipping or spilling. Perfect for food and beverage presentation, hand
scooping into drinks or cold therapy. Manitowoc offers flake ice in undercounters,
modulars, remotes and racks models with daily ice production ranging from
150 (68 kg) to 2,600 lbs. (1,179 kg).
Ice machines available in undercounter and modular.
Perfect Presentation
Manitowoc’s flake ice
offers the ideal ice to
water ratio of 73%
allowing the ice to form
around objects without
bruising or damage.
(50.8 cm) widE
(73.66 cm) widE
(55.9 cm) widE
(76.2 cm) widE
(93.98 cm) widE
(76.2 cm) widE
115V/60Hz, 230V/60Hz and 230V/50Hz versions available on select models.
America’s #1 Selling Ice Machine
Ice available in combination with Servend® icepic™ beverage dispensers.
Manitowoc dice or half dice cubes crushed into small pieces using a
Manitowoc ice machine and a Servend® beverage dispenser equipped
with icepic™ ice crusher. Provides a selection of crushed or cubed ice
from a single ice maker/ice-beverage dispenser combination. Maximum
cooling with nearly 100% ice to water ratio.
i-322 ice machine on Servend®
MDH-302 beverage dispenser
Ice available in the compact SM-50 ice machine.
Perfect Premium Beverage Companion with its crystal-like appearance. The SM-50 is a
compact, small capacity ice machine designed for use in undercounter settings next to
traditional cabinetry. It is the ideal ice machine for the boardroom, conference rooms,
or kitchen lunch areas. The unit is designed to be installed into a standard 15” (38 cm)
cabinet opening or can be free-standing. Features include a multi-function control
panel with unique “delay-start mode”, lighted and over-sized bin opening, and a built-in
innovative water filtration system. Produces individual octagon shaped cubes.
EC2 daily ice
production from
18 to 80 kgs with
storage up
to 44 kgs.
These machines are offered
in a variety of cube sizes and
capacities. Perfect
for cafés, bars and restaurants in
countries where demand for ice in
beverages is reduced.
Scale ice is extremely hard and
EC2* ice machines are
designed specifically to
meet the needs of Europe
and Asia foodservice
markets with improved performance, consistent
production capacity and higher levels of ice
production. The unique, eight-sided gourmet
individual cube keeps the drinks colder for longer
periods of time. In addition, energy consumption
has been reduced by 30%. Plug and Play
installation and a front panel toggle switch make
it easy to clean and fill ice machine.
Gourmet Spray*
cold industrial flake ice with
sizes ranging from 1.5 mm
to 3 mm
in thickness. Scale ice is perfect
for industrial applications,
food processing and display
At Manitowoc® Ice we strive to offer innovative product designs that help our
customers operate in both a more environmentally friendly and more profitable
manner. R290 is a refrigerant grade propane*, which is naturally occurring with no
ozone depletion potential and extremely low global warming potential. Manitowoc
currently offers R290 coolant on select 50 Hz ice machines including QP-210,
QP-270, IP-320 and IP-500.
Specialty Markets
Correctional models are available for Series 300
through 1800 in both air and water-cooled models.
Correctional models have no removable plastic on
the outside of the machine, stainless steel top, back
and front panels, and tamper-proof screws for both
front panel and back cover which require a special
tool for removal.
Niche markets require engineering modifications of
standard models to satisfy special customer needs.
These products include marine model ice cube
machines and companion ice storage bins available
in Series 600, 850, 1000, 1400, and 1800 (watercooled models). Marine models have a stainless steel
exterior, internal frame and bulkhead to address
corrosion concerns.
*Not available in North America
America’s #1 Selling Ice Machine
Ice Storage Bins and Dispensers
Find the perfect ice machine pairing with Manitowoc’s
wide variety of ice storage bins and dispensers.
Water and Soda Dispensers
Manitowoc’s sister company,
Servend, offers a complete
countertop self-service ice and
beverage model offering.
B-Style Ice Storage Bins
Available in 22” (55.9 cm) and
30” (76.2 cm) widths.
Featuring one-piece corrosion-free
composite-resin base, impact-resistant
polyethylene bin liner, soft durameter
trim that helps silence bin closing,
internal scoop holder and protectant
bumper guards.
Modular Ice Machines
Available in 22” (55.9 cm),
30” (76.2 cm) and
48” (121.9 cm) widths.
SPA and SFA Series
Ice Dispensers
Available in 22” (55.9 cm) and
30” (76.2 cm) widths.
Featuring high-volume dispensing
with patented “push-for-ice” rocking
chute dispense mechanism and
paddle wheel technology.
F-Style Large Capacity
Ice Storage Bins
Available in 30” (76.2 cm), 48” (121.9 cm)
and 60” (152.4 cm) widths.
Equipped with ice gate for increased
employee safety, easier ice removal, and
reduced spillage. The 30” (76.2 cm) model
is one of the smallest footprint large
capacity storage bins available.
Ice Storage Bin and Cart System
Includes two 240 lb. (109 kg)
capacity carts with lids.
Ice/Beverage Series
An Ice Machine Designed Specifically for Beverage Dispensers
Half Dice
With a narrow depth of only 14" (35.56 cm) deep versus
standard models that are 23" (58.42 cm) deep, the
Manitowoc Ice/Beverage Series provides the operator with
easy access to the inside of the dispenser for cleaning,
sanitizing, and maintenance. This unique capability is
made possible by Manitowoc’s patented CVD technology
which results in an extremely compact design and allows
the machine to operate with virtually no noise or heat
exhaust. It also provides a large open front access area
that permits convenient manual loading of ice in the ice
dispenser should the need arise. The Ice/Beverage unit will
not obstruct sight lines and can be installed or retrofitted
to virtually any commercial beverage dispenser.
This compact Ice/Beverage Series ice machine is available
in high volume ice production capacities to satisfy nearly
every beverage dispenser application at quick service
restaurants, convenience stores, recreational
or educational foodservice operations.
Ice/Beverage Series 1090C ice machine
on Servend SV-250 beverage dispenser
Ice/Beverage Nugget Dispensing
COMING in 2012
RN-0408A nugget ice machine on
Servend® SV-250 beverage dispenser
America’s #1 Selling Ice Machine
Remote Condensing Options
The Quietest Ice
Machine Ever Made
Up to 75% quieter than a
self-contained or standard
remote ice machine.
Manitowoc QuietQube ice
machines use an exclusive
technology that puts the
compressor and condenser fan
motor on the roof. Our patented
CVD technology® uses cool vapor
rather than hot gas to harvest
ice. It not only makes QuietQube
ice machines the quietest ever; it
makes them more reliable, more
efficient, and provides high levels
of ice production too. Available in
cube, flake and nugget models.
Vertical Discharge
Remote Condensers
Remote air-cooled condenser
systems improve efficiency,
increase ice production, and
conserve energy. Remote
systems for Series 500, 600,
850, 1000, 1400 and 1800 ice
machines consist of ice maker,
bin, remote condenser, and
interconnecting refrigerant
lines. (Each ordered separately.)
Options & Accessories
Arctic Pure® Water Filter
Ice Bagger
Ideal for all ice bagging
retailers. Convenient,
time-saving, no-mess
operation. Sits on bin
door frame. Bracket
adapts to left or right
side location. Only 28.75”
(73 cm) high, 10.25”
(26 cm) wide, and
13” (33 cm) deep.
Conditions incoming water,
reduces machine cleaning
frequency and service costs,
maximizes equipment
performance, and improves
ice quality. Features include
replaceable filters and compact
size. All systems carry a 3‑year
parts-and-labor warranty
(excluding filter cartridge).
Ice Usage Guide
In any business, ice needs are rarely
uniform. For example, more ice is
needed in summer than in winter
and on weekends than on weekdays.
Size your Manitowoc ice machine and
storage bin to meet your peak needs.
Avoid sizing a new ice machine solely on the
performance of your present equipment. The age and
mechanical condition of your present ice machine
may mislead you in determining the production
capacity you need. Remember, surrounding air and
incoming water temperatures affect the quantity of
ice a machine produces.
Determine what these temperatures will be during
times of peak usage, then verify your selection from
the machine’s production chart. The Ice Usage Guide
will help you calculate your production requirements
based on your peak needs. After calculating
how much ice you expect to need, add 20% to
accommodate future business growth. Taking the
time to correctly size ice making equipment assures
ample ice supply during peak periods.
Approximate Ice Cube Needs Per Day
Restaurant.............1-1/2 lbs .68 kgs per person
Cocktail....................3 lbs 1.4 kgs per person/seat
Water Glass...........4 oz 118 ml per 10 oz 296 ml glass
Salad Bar.................30 lbs 13.6 kgs per cubic foot
Fast Food...............5 oz 148 ml per 7-10 oz 207-296 ml drink
8 oz 237 ml per 12-16 oz 355-473 ml drink
12 oz 355 ml per 18-24 oz 532-710 ml drink
Guest Ice...............5 lbs 2.7 kgs per room
Restaurant............1-1/2 lbs .68 kgs per person/seat
Cocktail..................3 lbs 1.4 kgs per person/seat
Catering.................1 lb .45 kgs per person
Convenience Store
Beverage...............6 oz 177 ml per 12 oz 355 ml drink
10 oz 296 ml per 20 oz 591 ml drink
16 oz 473 ml per 32 oz 946 ml drink
Cold Plate.............50% more ice per day
Packaged Ice......lbs per bag x bags sold per day
Cafeteria................1 lb .45 kgs per person
Patient Ice............SN12: Up to 20 beds
Beverage Service
Drinks......................40% ice per drink x number
of drinks served on peak day
For proper sizing assistance, scan this barcode for instant access to
our online ice machine calculator or visit our website at
Installation Hints
Be sure components will fit through doorways, down
halls, and into the installation space. Once installed, most
ice machines must have at least 5” (12.7 cm) to 8”
(20.3 cm) of clearance above, behind and on both sides.
Locate the ice machine in an area where the ambient
air temperature stays between 35°F (1.67°C) and 110°F
Electrical and water connections must be within 6’
(183 cm) of the ice machine. Connections must meet
local, state, and national codes.
Plumbing Requirements
• Ice machine must be connected to cold water supply.
• Water temperature: minimum 33°F (.56°C), maximum
90°F (32.22°C).
• Ice making water pressure: minimum 20 psi, maximum
80 psi.
• Condenser water pressure (water-cooled models):
minimum 20 psi, maximum 150 psi.
• Use separate drain lines for ice machine and storage bin.
• Ice machine drain tubing: 1/2” (1.27 cm) minimum I.D.
• Bin drain tubing 3/4” (1.9 cm) minimum I.D.
• Ice-making water drain and bin drain must be vented to
the atmosphere. Do not vent condenser drain on watercooled models.
America’s #1 Selling Ice Machine
You’ve purchased the best ice machine available – keep it that way.
Manitowoc® Ice offers unmatched customer
satisfaction with our turn-key installation and startup programs and a worldwide network of dedicated
expert service technicians. Our programs ensure that
your ice machine is installed and started properly,
your staff is thoroughly trained on its operation, and
customized maintenance programs are available.
These programs provide a superior ownership
experience and help to extend product longevity.
Our exceptional aftermarket support is built on
these foundations:
Global Factory Authorized Service provides
experienced technicians and quick access
to localized and extensive parts distribution
network , assuring a “First Time Fix” service call.
Manitowoc’s exclusive Turn-Key Installation
Program with global service network and factorytrained installers gets equipment up and running
in no time.
Customer support through planned
maintenance programs and extended service
contracts keeps equipment running at optimum
Timely auditing of service support systems to
maintain high-caliber service standards.
Warranty service done by Manitowoc Factory
Authorized Service representatives.
World-class training centers around the world
ensure knowledgeable service technicians.
Unparalleled e-Tools and online training
resources for round-the-clock support.
Global Service call centers provide direct contact
with Manitowoc during regular business hours
allowing you to talk with a real person.
We don’t turn our backs on our equipment once it
leaves the showroom. Our customer-centric service
programs provide reliable, responsive, and superior
service throughout the lifecycle of your equipment.
From installation, to general maintenance, our
comprehensive after-market service support gives
you one less thing to worry about.
Manitowoc provides a comprehensive parts-andlabor warranty to repair or replace any defective
part or assembly under normal use and care, For
complete details, please refer to the individual
warranty statements that accompany our products.
Quality Assurance
Before crating and shipment, every
Manitowoc ice cube machine is
operated for a minimum of two
ice-making cycles. During this
Cube Ice Machine
• 5-year parts-and-labor coverage on
Indigo, S, Q, QQ and IB‑model ice
machine evaporators.
testing, inspectors record the serial
• 5-year parts and 3-year labor coverage
on Indigo, S, Q, QQ and IB‑model ice
machine compressor.
times as part of their final inspection.
• 3-year parts-and-labor coverage on all
dispensers, storage bins, and Indigo, S,
Q, QQ and IB-model ice cube machines.
number, air and water temperatures,
humidity, freeze times, and harvest
Ongoing reviews of this test data
assure that Manitowoc ice machines
consistently meet the highest
standards of quality.
QM Series Ice Machine
• 3-year parts-and-labor coverage on all
SM Series Ice Machine
• 3-year parts-and-labor coverage on all
RF/RFS/RN/RNS Ice Machines
• 3-year parts.
• 2-year labor.
• Compressor parts for 5 years and labor
for 2 years.
RNS Countertop Series Ice Machine
• 2-year parts-and-labor coverage on all
• Compressor parts for 5 years and labor
for 2 years.
ISO 9001:2008
Quality System Certified
Quality is the #1 consideration
at Manitowoc. Our companywide commitment to quality
makes us especially proud of our certification to
ISO 9001:2008 quality standards and our position as
North America’s first ISO-certified manufacturer of ice
All Ice Machines
• 1-year parts-and-labor
UL STD 563
CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 120
America’s #1 Selling Ice Machine
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bringing value to foodservice operators by equipping them with highly individualized real-world answers that enhance
menus, service, profits and efficiency.
Manitowoc Foodservice offers low-rate, fast approval financing on all our leading brands through Manitowoc Finance.
Preserve capital, simplify budgeting and get the equipment you need, today.
Manitowoc Foodservice products are backed nationwide by STAR Service. This network of service agents provides fast
response with factory-trained experts to assure your equipment will be fixed right the first time. STAR Service agents
guarantee their work and use genuine OEM parts for best equipment performance and longer life.
To learn how Manitowoc Foodservice and its leading brands can equip you, visit our global web site at
www.manitowocfoodservice.com then find the regional or local resources available to you.
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